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2011-08-18 Blog to release previews of Windows 8
Microsoft has launched a blog to give updates and preview features of its Windows 8 OS.
2007-07-09 Blog buzz: Is iPhone Nano in Apple's game plan?
Apple's patent application on July 5 sparked speculation among bloggers that the computer maker may be planning an iPhone light that would focus only on voice communications and music.
2008-10-10 WiMAX Goes Live; Now Comes the Hard Part
It's official: the fledging WiMAX broadband network is finally getting rolling, with companies such as Lenovo, Toshiba and Nokia announcing a number of products (or extensions of previous products) that will take advantage of the competitor to cellular and home data-delivery markets.
2009-02-09 Will energy costs revive home automation?
As the cost of energy continues to increase and it will continue technologies will emerge to manage and conserve power.
2009-02-13 What's in store for P1801 (Unified Power Format)?
A common industry standard for low power design and verification will satisfy what customers have needed all along.
2009-02-16 USB 3.0 Speedsnow and later
The performance of any standard is based not on just the standard, but the implementation. It's always execution that matters.
2009-02-04 The role of semiconductors in energy conservation
The most interesting thing is that underlying all of those technologies (and many others) are the semiconductors that provide the computational engines, the sensing and signal conditioning as well as the power conversion.
2009-01-28 The myth of width: When wide screens don't work
The displays of the world are getting wider. For those of us who work, this is not progress.
2009-01-29 The bad stuff impacting DDR timing budgets and ways to avoid 'em
Why bother with a DDR "PHY" when some SSTL I/O's with potentially a DLL or PLL slapped together with glue logic will do the trick of interfacing to an SDRAM?
2009-02-10 The 5th commandment for effective standards
Number 5 is: Realize There Is No Neutral Party.
2009-02-19 Rapid prototyping & core vs. context
For many companies, the answer is that prototype design has become context and the smart move is to work with a trusted partner for prototype development, enabling key engineering and management talent to engage on core activities.
2009-01-26 Netbooks: good for consumers, bad for the tech economy?
The netbook phenomenon is a good example of what's happening in the broader marketplace: Spendthrift consumers are looking for ways to cut back, and retailers and manufacturers are sometimes having to settle for lower profits as a result.
2009-02-17 LEDs spreading light all around
With the display markets moving ahead, the natural next step is to have solid state lighting help save energy in day-to-day lighting applications.
2009-01-27 Is Sony a bellwether for Japan Inc.?
The worry for investors is that the problems Sony faces aren't unique to the Japanese tech giant.
2009-02-20 Is mindshare shifting from CPU to GPU? Intel to Nvidia?
Will the world's PC consumers in the future believe Nvidia-style graphics is the true core of the PC or Intel's CPU-plus-reasonably-good-GPU vision?
2009-02-06 Is it possible to build a $20 laptop?
Like the OLPC's XO laptop, the Sakshat has lofty goals. But several reports have raised the obvious question: Is it possible to build a laptop for that price?
2009-01-19 Is Asia winning a race to patent ideas in the U.S.?
The world's most innovative companies go to great lengths to guard their trade secrets. But do companies with the most patents have the inside track on the best ideas?
2009-02-18 Inventing the future
The semiconductor revolution has reinvented and transformed entire industries, like computing and communications. Doing the same in the energy, automotive, health care and environmental industries will have equally profound and positive consequences.
2009-01-30 Designing power for the masses
TI has the technology for great efficiency in our power designs from 10 % load to 100 % load. The challenge is to design a part that will meet the needs between 0 and 10%.
2009-02-05 Creating a resource efficient home
If I were designing a new resource efficient home right now here are the things I would focus on.
2008-10-14 Building ultra-reliable automotive systems - Part 1
With increasing frequency, automotive manufacturers regularly inquire about using FPGAs in high-reliability systems.
2009-01-23 Batteries not included
There appears to be only one thing impeding our transition from fossil fuelsthe right energy storage technology.
2006-07-05 Analyst: Office 2007 holdup could indicate Vista delay
Microsoft's announcement that Office 2007 would be delayed into "early 2007" caused some analysts to wonder if the move presaged another postponement of Windows Vista.
2009-02-11 An uncertain way to make better chips
It's normally the perennial goal of chipmakers to ensure precision in their microprocessors. But a while ago researchers figured out that, in some cases, allowing for a little uncertainty could actually help achieve better performance.
2007-10-04 Sun combines storage, server teams
Sun president and CEO Jonathan Schwartz revealed in his blog that the company will combine its Storage and Server product teams to create a converged group called the Systems team.
2007-08-03 Intel pulls out racially offensive ad
Intel had to pull out its latest Core 2 Duo print ad following several blog comments that found the ad racially offensive.
2008-02-06 Google exec: Microsoft's Yahoo bid 'troubling'
Responding to news of Microsoft's bid for Yahoo, David Drummond, chief legal officer of Google, wrote in his blog that the deal "raises troubling questions."
2013-02-01 Young engineers want role models
The next generation of engineers wants more role models, a society more tolerant of female professionals and all the messy imperfections of people who like to pull things apart.
2005-08-15 WLAN on the move: 802.11xyz
The 802.11 standard (a.k.a. Wi-Fi) may play an even larger role in the future as it continues to evolve.
2014-05-27 Wireless tech lends power to battery-run electronics
element14 Community's Wireless Power Challenge has yielded projects exploring wireless technology to serve as wireless power base to charge battery-operated devices and other electronic appliances.
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