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2002-03-07 Zenocom to use CSR BlueCore for Bluetooth modules
South Korea-based WLAN and Bluetooth solutions company Zenocom, has selected CSR's single-chip Bluetooth solution named BlueCore for its latest Bluetooth Class 1 module called the BlueLink01.
2002-08-21 Uniwill's Bluetooth modules integrate CSR BlueCore
Uniwill Computer Corp. has launched a Class 1 Bluetooth module using Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore chip.
2002-05-15 Uniwill adopts CSR BlueCore solution
Uniwill Computer Corp. has designed and developed a range of Bluetooth modules, network access points and dongles based on Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore single-chip Bluetooth solution.
2005-06-22 Samsung SGH-E720 handset adopts CSR BlueCore silicon
Samsung has chosen Bluetooth technology provider CSR Plc's BlueCore silicon to Bluetooth-enable its latest GSM mobile handset, the SGH-E720.
2005-10-12 CSR's BlueCore enables MP3 streaming in Samsung handsets
CSR plc of the UK has announced that Samsung has selected its BlueCore silicon and software stack for Bluetooth connectivity in Samsung's GSM handsets. The SGH-E750 and SGH-E760 use BlueCore3-ROM and proprietary software to offer connectivity with other Bluetooth devices. The handsets are also capable of streaming MP3 music via Bluetooth to the latest line of Bluetooth stereo headsets such as the SBH100 from Samsung. The SBH100 headset also uses BlueCore and enables handsfree voice calls.
2007-02-02 CSR enhances BlueCore with new extensions
CSR has added a noise cancellation and hands-free audio processing software extension to its BlueCore-Multimedia platform.
2007-02-06 CSR adds apt-X audio quality to BlueCore
CSR has announced the addition of a new compression technology to its DSP-based BlueCore5-Multimedia platform, which promises customers improved wireless audio quality.
2003-09-08 Bluetooth embedded serial ports have BlueCore solution
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore solution will be incorporated into Taiyo Yuden's Bluetooth embedded serial port modules.
2002-03-26 BlueCore-PC-SDK: Single-chip Bluetooth software
This application note discusses the BlueCore-PC software development kit designed to extend the MicroSira or Casira development kits.
2006-12-04 Software expands Bluetooth PC peripherals market
CSR has launched a software solution designed to transform wireless PC peripherals from a premium after-market purchase to a mass market standard, bundled with new PCs.
2008-06-05 Single chip houses cornucopia of wireless tech
The seventh generation BlueCore silicon from CSR is here.
2002-11-07 MSI module to feature CSR Bluetooth solution
Micro-Star Int. Co. Ltd has adopted Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore chip for its latest wireless module which combines both Bluetooth and WLAN protocol 802.11b.
2002-09-06 Industrial Bluetooth module has 100m range
The C1B Class 1 Bluetooth radio module from Wilcoxon Research Inc. features a sensitivity of -85dBm and is designed for 100m range industrial applications.
2004-05-28 Epcos launches SAW filters for Bluetooth apps
The B7766 SAW filters from Epcos are offered as an alternative to multilayer ceramic filters for mobile phones and Bluetooth apps.
2003-06-25 CSR, Barcoda to Bluetooth-enable Microvision scanner
Cambridge Silicon Radio and Baracoda have signed an exclusive supply agreement with Microvision Inc. that will enable the latter to globally distribute a new Bluetooth-enabled bar code scanner.
2003-12-05 CSR to Bluetooth-enable CC&C printer adapter
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) announced that its BlueCore silicon has been selected by CC&C Technologies Inc.
2004-01-12 CSR solution adopted in Navman GPS navigation system
The BlueCore Bluetooth silicon from CSR has been selected by Navman for its GPS 4400 in-vehicle system.
2002-04-02 CSR software embeds Bluetooth into non-Windows devices
The BlueCore Host Software allows designers to embed Bluetooth capability into a range of devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs, not running on Windows OS.
2003-08-13 CSR proxy firmware enhances Bluetooth-based devices
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) has announced that it has added Human Interface Device (HID) proxy capabilities to BlueCore-based USB devices.
2002-02-13 CSR offers hardware, software bundle for embedded Bluetooth products
Cambridge Silicon Radio has released a combined Bluetooth single-chip hardware and software solution that allows designers to embed Bluetooth into a range of devices not running on Window-based OS, such as mobile phones, PDAs, games and access points.
2003-06-19 CSR fuels BMW in-car Bluetooth systems
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that car maker BMW will be using its BlueCore technology to bring Bluetooth to the road.
2004-01-21 CSR Bluetooth-enables Bellwave phone
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) announced that Bellwave Co. Ltd, a mobile phone and data module design company in South Korea, has selected CSR's BlueCore silicon.
2003-09-19 CSR Bluetooth-enables Apple notebooks
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that Apple has selected CSR BlueCore chips with AFH features to Bluetooth-enable its line of PowerBook G4 notebooks.
2003-12-11 CSR Bluetooth technology adopted by Saab
Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) announced that its BlueCore Bluetooth silicon is being used by Saab to supply Bluetooth wireless technology to its 9-3 models.
2002-08-14 CSR Bluetooth solution powers Uniwill voice box
Uniwill Computer Corp. has launched a Bluetooth voice box featuring Cambridge Silicon Radio's (CSR) BlueCore single-chip Bluetooth solution.
2003-05-08 CSR Bluetooth selected for BridgeCo wireless speakers
Cambridge Silicon Radio has shipped its BlueCore wireless technology to BridgeCo AG, to be used on its wireless speaker designs.
2003-07-23 CSR Bluetooth powers Microsoft prototype PC
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced that its BlueCore single-chip solution has been selected by Microsoft Corp.
2003-04-22 CSR Bluetooth host software includes HCI source code
Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced the release of the BlueCore Host Software-HCI Bluetooth host software.
2004-03-09 Bluetooth v1.2 end-product qualified with CSR silicon
CSR announced that a notebook PC using its BlueCore silicon has qualified to version 1.2 of the Bluetooth specification.
2002-08-27 Bluetooth rolls toward deployment in cars
Bluetooth radio moved a step closer to automotive production as one supplier rolled out an automotive-grade Bluetooth chip and carmakers said they have shifted their wireless network efforts into high gear.
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