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2002-04-17 Toshiba Bluetooth baseband LSI manages Bluetooth protocol stack
The TC356510 Bluetooth baseband LSI from Toshiba Corp. manages the execution of the Bluetooth protocol stack that controls the wireless communication and profiles, allowing the CPU to be fully-dedicated to the application software
2002-06-12 TI Bluetooth solution integrates RF, baseband processor
The BRF6100 Bluetooth solution from Texas Instruments Inc. integrates a digital RF processor, Bluetooth baseband processor, and an antenna switch into a 6-by-6mm package.
2003-01-21 STMicro chipset targets Bluetooth HID
STMicroelectronics' Bluetooth HID chipset and software allows mobile keyboards to work with STBs and mobile phones
2003-03-18 Silicon Wave releases integrated Bluetooth v1.1 radio processor
The company's UltimateBlue 3000 radio processor features a direct conversion radio modem with an ARM7TDMI processor core
2004-09-10 NewLogic baseband processor with modular way design
NewLogic released its new BOOST Bluetooth baseband processor, designed in a modular way, which enables it to be easily integrated into SoCs.
2002-05-03 Motorola adds Bluetooth baseband to Dragonball processor
Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector is launching a version of its DragonBall MX1 microprocessor that integrates a Bluetooth baseband hardware accelerator
2002-04-29 Ericsson rolls Bluetooth kit for mobile handsets
Ericsson Technology Licensing has launched the Bluetooth Mobile Phone Suite allowing handset makers to use the set of building blocks to integrate Bluetooth communications capabilities into even low-cost mobile phones
2002-09-10 CSR Bluetooth solutions eliminate external memory
Cambridge Silicon Radio has launched two new BlueCore2 Bluetooth solution devices that are claimed to be the smallest solution to date and eliminate the need for external nonvolatile memory
2008-06-12 65nm Bluetooth 2.1 chip touts up to 40% power savings
Broadcom's next-generation Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR single-chip solution promises significant performance upgrades and enhanced features, including lower power consumption, smaller chip size and improved radio performance
2007-07-10 UWB chipset handles Wireless USB, Bluetooth, WiMedia
Alereon has started to sample the first UWB chipsets able to meet all regulatory requirements worldwide for applications based on Certified Wireless USB, Bluetooth and WiMedia
2003-02-19 UMTS processor supports 384Kbps transmission
PrairieComm Inc. has announced the availability of the PCI5110 multimode integrated baseband processor, which achieves UMTS data calls at up to 384Kbps
2002-11-21 Tenovis products to use Silicon Wave Bluetooth
Tenovis has selected Silicon Wave Inc.'s Bluetooth radio modem and baseband processor with integrated protocol software stack for its telephony handsets and access points.
2001-04-01 Startup set to roll Bluetooth module-on-a-chip
A CMOS device said to pack nearly all the components needed to build a Bluetooth module has been launched by a year-old Silicon Valley startup
2003-03-12 Silicon Wave unveils Bluetooth radio processor
Silicon Wave has started sampling its single chip CMOS Bluetooth radio processor that is targeted for portable and cellphone apps
2003-06-18 Silicon Wave Bluetooth die provides high-density integration
Silicon Wave's UltimateBlue 3000 radio processor and the SiW1712 radio modem are available as standalone bare die products
2004-06-10 Renesas completes baseband controller development
Renesas Technology Corp. has completed development of its Bluetooth baseband controller (SH7660) utilizing CEVA Inc.'s Xpert-Blue Bluetooth platform, and was awarded Bluetooth 1.2 certification by the industry's Bluetooth Qualification Program
2012-09-12 Quadcore, LTE expected for iPhone 5, audio processor dropped
Experts believe Apple needs to catch up with the likes of its Android rivals who are already shipping handsets with quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processors and support LTE.
2002-03-20 National Bluetooth WPAN module measures 10.1-by-14-by-1.9mm
Claimed to be the industry's smallest complete Bluetooth module, the LMX9814 Bluetooth WPAN device measures just 10.1-by-14-by1.9mm, making it suitable for use in mobile phones, PDAs, and laptops, as well as desktop PCs, printer, and scanners
2002-04-11 Motorola Dragonball processor supports Palm OS 5
Motorola has announced that its Dragonball MX1 processor with multimedia applications and full Bluetooth wireless technology capabilities is extending support to the Palm OS 5
2010-09-15 Laser nav sensor integrates BT 2.1, stand-alone baseband processor
Avago Technologies announced production availability of its ADNS-7630 Bluetooth (BT) 2.1 LaserStream System-on-Chip (SoC) navigation sensor for wireless mouse applications
2002-05-22 Inpaq Bluetooth module measures 25-by-12.5-by-2.2mm
Inpaq Technology Co. Ltd's BTM02C2XX-X Class 2 Bluetooth module integrates a 2.4GHz radio transceiver and baseband processor into a 25-by-12.5-by-2.2mm package
2006-02-16 Infineon's baseband processor suits 3.5G cellphones
Infineon announced sample availability of its latest baseband processor for 3.5G multimedia cellphones as well as its second generation platform for ultra-low-cost handsets
2002-03-12 Fujitsu Bluetooth baseband ICs provide on-board Flash memory
Based on Parthus' BlueStream core, the MB86C00 and MBG011 Bluetooth baseband ICs comply with the Bluetooth 1.1 specification and are targeted for hands-free cellular phones and other mobile wireless applications
2002-06-18 Ericsson Bluetooth MCM is 70 percent smaller
Ericsson Microelectronics' ROK104001 Bluetooth multichip module is 70 percent smaller than its predecessor and is designed to speed time-to-market by enabling designers to implement qualified and tested alternatives to chipset solutions
2007-06-28 Dual-baseband phone calls multiple standards
The LG SH-100 is a multitasking handset that can operate on an array of networking standards, including W-CDMA, EGPRS, CDMA2000 1x and 1x EV-DO while featuring a data rate of 1.8Mps.
2006-02-27 Chip integrates Bluetooth, FM receiver
Broadcom announced the BCM2048, a new device that integrates a Bluetooth radio and baseband processor along with an FM stereo radio receiver into a single chip.
2010-01-12 Broadcom, Foxlink cut Bluetooth mice price
The Foxlink mouse design uses Broadcom's new SoC solution to significantly reduce the cost of wireless mice.
2002-02-22 Broadcom launches WLAN ICs, Bluetooth headset
The company has launched the BCM2051 direct-conversion radio, the BCM430x baseband processors, and the BCM2013 Bluetooth headset to complement its mobile communication and computing platform
2005-02-21 Broadcom launches chip for Bluetooth mice and keyboard
Broadcom announced a new Bluetooth chip the company said increases battery life and cost savings for Bluetooth wireless keyboards and mice
2003-06-12 Broadcom Bluetooth IC targets portable, wireless apps
Broadcom Corp. has announced the availability of the BCM2040 single-chip wireless keyboard and mouse that is based on the Bluetooth technology
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