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2005-08-18 Trompeter's mini BNC connector delivers 40% greater density
Trompeter Electronics has developed a new 90, miniature BNC connector that is said to deliver 40 percent greater density.
2002-11-26 T1/E1/J1 Dual Connector Interface
This application note list down the cable and connector types that can be used for T1, J1, and E1 systems
2002-08-27 RF series adds twin BNC model
The V-Bite RF edge board connector series from Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. now includes a twin BNC connector for video applications.
2004-11-08 Insert BNC connectors function to 6GHz
Insert Ent. announced the availability of its DB series of BNC connectors that are for use in WLANs, GSM, GPRS and CDMA mobile phones, PDAs and notebook PCs
2005-02-10 Dual-stack BNC connector saves board space
Regal Electronics has added a new metal body dual-stack BNC connector to its product portfolio.
2005-04-12 Dual BNC connector comes with panel grounding
Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. has added a dual BNC metal body connector to its line of X-2 connectors and accessories for RF, video and broadcast transmission.
2008-05-30 Type N connector supports outdoor RF apps
Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. has added a sealed female Type N connector to its proprietary line of RoHS-compliant V-Bite RF edgeboard connectors
2005-08-11 Trompeter's new BNC plug ensures reliable DS3 connections
Trompeter, a division of Stratos International, has introduced its latest improvement to its line of true 75? DS3 coaxial BNC plugs
2003-09-18 Year Round coaxial connector lasts to 100 cycles
The 5BN-01C and 7BN-01C BNC termination plug with chain from Year Round Technology Corp. features a phosphor bronze contact and zinc alloy body
2013-10-17 Pasternack uncloaks latest series of ZMA adapters
The coaxial adapters support operation up to 18GHz and are available in 3-Lug and 4-Lug keyed attachment designs to ensure proper system connections are made.
2002-03-01 Electrode cable
This application note illustrates the techniques for reterminating a structured electrode cable.
2005-04-19 Adapter eliminates costly cable re-termination
Trompeter's new UADF20M250 adapter, a BNC jack to M-BNC plug adapter for 75-ohm cabling, is said to eliminate the cost of cable re-termination for new M-BNC installations
2002-01-16 RF Connectors rolls out Part 15-compliant reverse-thread connectors
The company has introduced a line of coaxial connectors and adapters that has been designed to meet FCC Part 15 regulations through the incorporation of reverse- or left-handed threads.
2002-11-22 Choice coaxial connectors work up to 6GHz
The Choice-43 F coaxial connectors of Changzhou Choice Electronic Material Fty operate up to a frequency of 6GHz and are rated at 250V, 1.5A.
2002-03-26 Bomar edge connectors operate at 2.3 GHz
The newest member of Bomar Interconnect Products line of V-Bite RF edgeboard connectors is said to be a true 75-ohm F-type connector that provides up to a -40.3dB return loss at 2.3GHz
2002-01-24 Bo-Jiang moves into new plant in Tainan
RF connector manufacturer Bo-Jiang Technology Co. Ltd has transferred to a new 2,030-square-meter plant in Tainan, Taiwan
2003-06-06 Apex coaxial connectors rated to 500Vac
The B-126A-BNGT BNC-R coaxial connectors from Apex Precision Technology can withstand up to 1.5kVac for 1min
2014-02-17 Altium adds support for Rosenberger connectors
Altium expands support for its range of PCB component libraries, which now covers Rosenberger connectors.
2006-01-11 RF connectors deliver fast connectivity, secure termination
Tyco launched a series of RoHS-compliant RF coaxial connectors for commercial apps such as instrumentation, medical equipment, industrial process and control, transportation, and CCTV monitoring.
2007-04-16 Vibration transmitter eases displacement monitoring
Wilcoxon Research has introduced its iT230 vibration transmitter with a displacement output for online monitoring of machinery case vibrations.
2005-09-05 USB protocol analyzer runs on PCs
Saelig's new USB bus analyzer featrues a small (5.9-by-4.7-by-2.6-inch) and light (less than 2lb) package that works with a PC as an analyzer, communicating across USB 2.0's 480Mbps connection.
2006-02-28 USB data-acq modules synchronously sample multiple analog signals
Data Translation's DT9832 series of simultaneous analog input multifunction data acquisition modules for USB 2.0 offers 2 or 4 channels of simultaneous, 16bit analog measurement at ultra high throughput speeds up to 2MHz per channel.
2006-01-09 Tektronix delivers improved probe setup
Tektronix's new TekVPI probes provide intelligent bi-directional oscilloscope/probe communications, which result in a simplified user experience.
2005-03-14 NI offers portable DAQ system
National Instruments released two new versions of its DAQPad-6015 plug-and-play, multifunction data acquisition device for USB.
2005-07-21 40MHz network analyzer from OMICRON uses USB-equipped PC
The Bode 100 instrument from OMICRON electronics promises to operate even with a modest 500MHz Pentium box.
2015-02-18 Through-hole PCB manufacturing isn't dead yet
Through-hole assembly is a slow process that eats up many resources, a turn-off for contract manufacturers. A contract manufacturer, however, sees this as a reason why PCB manufacturing is here to stay.
2005-09-21 Terminal lets you drive RF signal generator
Based on a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, Signal Forge's new signal generator handles FM, AM and arbitrary modulation.
2004-08-18 Gage digital capture card converts PC to logic analyzer
Equipped with an onboard FPGA, Gage Applied Technologies' plug-and-play CompuScope 3200C looks like a pretty nifty plug-in.
2013-06-20 Circular micro, nano connectors for portable electronics
Omnetics' circular connectors use a spring-pin system that is also used in both nano-connectors and micro-connectors that are QPL approved for MIL-DTL-32139 and MIL-DTL-83513 specifications.
2008-08-04 All-metal RF connectors deliver high cable retention
Bomar has launched the Killer Compression Connectors series of all-metal connectors. The all-metal construction protects the internal connection of cables while ensuring high cable retention.
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