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What is a boost converter?
A boost converter is a step-up DC/DC converter, that is, its output DC voltage is higher than its input DC voltage. It refers to a class of switching-mode power supply (SMPS) that generally has two semiconductor switches (a diode and a transistor) and at least one energy storage element, such as an inductor. Filters made of capacitors are usually added to the output of the converter to reduce output voltage ripple.
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2003-03-27 Zetex boost converter delivers up to 28V output
The ZXLB1600 boost converter from Zetex Semiconductors accepts inputs between 1.6V and 5.5V and delivers an adjustable output up to 28V.
2003-03-07 Vishay boost converter provides >380W/in? power density
Vishay Intertechnology has released a pair of FunctionPAK synchronous dc/dc boost converters that provide a power density >380W/in&sup3
2005-01-21 Vishay boost converter a 'versatile solution'
Vishay expanded its FunctionPAK family of single-package dc-to-dc converters with a new synchronous boost converter that works with efficiencies of up to 95 percent.
2005-06-10 Using the TPS61042 white-light LED driver as a boost converter
Although designed to be a white-light LED driver, the TPS61042 can be configured as a discontinuous, hysteretically controlled boost converter with a 500-mA peak switch current.
2007-04-23 Ultrathin boost converter delivers 87% efficiency
Fairchild's FAN5336 high-frequency integrated boost converter in UMLP package allows designers to achieve an 87-percent system efficiency, low EMI and board space savings in a wide range of small LCD bias supply and white LED backlight designs.
2010-04-06 Triple-output converter keeps regulated voltage
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTC3859 triple-output, low-quiescent current synchronous DC/DC controller that maintains all output voltages in regulation during automotive cold crank conditions.
2007-07-25 Tiny boost converter offers high current, auto power save
austriamicrosystems now offers a synchronous step-up DC/DC converter that delivers high-output currents and high efficiency of 96 percent in a small TDFN 10-pin package
2008-01-08 Tiny 5V/30mA boost converter saves 20% board space
Fairchild Semiconductor has launched what it touts to be the smallest 5V/30mA boost converter in a low profile, compact 1.21mm x 1.21mm WL-CSP package, saving over 20 percent board space.
2002-11-26 TI dc/dc converter feature 95 percent efficiency
The company's TPS61107 synchronous step-up dc/dc converter features an LDO linear regulator, which extends battery life significantly
2003-04-04 TI boost converters deliver up to 1A output
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced the availability of a family of synchronous boost converters that feature integrated FETs
2006-12-18 Synchronous converter delivers up to 600mA
Linear Technology has announced the LTC3530, a synchronous buck-boost converter that delivers up to 600mA of output current to a regulated output voltage with inputs above, below or equal to the output.
2008-02-21 Synchronous boost regulator comes with output disconnect, LDO
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC3537, a 2.2MHz current mode synchronous boost DC/DC converter with integrated output disconnects plus an LDO.
2004-11-15 STMicro boost converter drives white LED with high efficiency
STM disclosed that they have developed a special part to drive the white LEDs that are becoming popular for color LCD backlighting or portable devices.
2013-08-14 SSL LED driver integrates boost, flyback converters
The iW3623 from Dialog Semiconductor offers a universal 100-277VAC input range and output power up to 45W.
2003-12-31 Sipex boost converter drives up to 8 serial LEDs
Sipex Corp. has expanded its portfolio of power management products with the release of the SP6691 that is designed for use in battery powered devices.
2005-06-14 Simple design of an ultra-low-ripple dc/dc boost converter with TPS60100 charge pump
This app note discusses battery-powered equipment that uses dc/dc step-up converters to generate supply voltages for internal circuits that require higher voltages than the available battery voltage
2014-10-28 Practical feedback loop analysis for boost converter
The boost converter belongs to the family of indirect energy transfer converters. This application note describes how to select the placement of poles and zeros with several rules.
2011-07-04 Power Tip: Higher-voltage LEDs boost light bulb efficiency
Find out why higher voltage is a better choice, and how to achieve it.
2014-06-03 Power tip: High-to-low in synchronous boost
There are only a few publications describing the switching waveforms in a synchronous boost regulator. This article explains why the boost labours to handle the high-to-low transition
2008-03-26 Power converter targets small-, medium-sized TFT LCDs
Linear Technology has announced an integrated BIAS and white LED power converter solution for small- to medium-sized (3 inches to 7 inches) TFT LCD panels
2003-05-26 Positive to Negative Buck-Boost Converter Using LM267X SIMPLE SWITCHER Regulators
This application note discusses the design of a polarity inverting converter, using LM267X Simple Switcher Regulators
2000-11-30 Positive to negative buck-boost converter using LM267X simple switcher regulators
This application note discusses the design of a polarity-inverting converter using National Semiconductor's 3G Simple Switcher LM267X Series of regulators
2012-05-30 Polyphase synchronous boost controller cuts out heat sink
The H- and MP-grade versions of Linear Technology's LTC3787 high power two-phase single output synchronous step-up DC/DC controller can produce 24V at 10A output from 12V input at up to 97 percent efficiency.
2011-07-26 Piezo haptic driver features 105V boost switch
TI's piezo haptic driver for mobile consumer and industrial designs features an integrated 105V boost converter, power diode and 50C200V peak-to-peak fully differential amplifier.
2016-04-06 PCB layouts for buck, boost, SEPIC power stages
Non-isolated power stages are the basic building blocks of power systems. In this article, we investigate the buck, boost and single-ended primary inductor converter power stages.
2005-10-25 New dual step-up DC/DC converter from Linear Tech
Linear Technology released the LT3466-1 dual step-up DC/DC converter, which is a white LED driver and boost converter in a low profile 3-by-3mm DFN package.
2003-05-26 National's LM2623 Boost Converter - A Simple Technology Twist Produces the Industry's Most Versatile Supply
This application note illustrates the benefits of working with National's LM2623 Boost Converter.
2004-02-06 Multiphase synchronous boost converter suits portable apps
Growing features in handheld devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras and other portable devices, demand higher load current and circuit density.
2004-04-22 Multi-phase synchronous-boost converter solutions for portable applications
This paper discusses the advantages of multiphase synchronous boost topology, and addresses issues in low inrush current, output disconnect during shutdown, as well as short-circuit protection
2004-07-26 Microsemi boost converter comes in thin 5-pin package
Microsemi released a miniature LED driver for powering LEDs in handheld display apps such as wireless phones, pagers, digital cameras, GPS receivers and PDAs.
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