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2002-07-02 Zener diodes exhibit tight breakdown voltage tolerance
The UDZ series of Zener diodes is Diodes Inc.'s first product line that utilizes proprietary high precision Zener diode process developed by subsidiary FabTech Inc.
2008-05-20 Voltage suppressors protect against 400W surges
ST's SMM4F family of unidirectional Transil voltage surge-suppression diodes protects against 400W 10/1000?S surges and has an ultracompact footprint of 3.8mm x 1mm
2014-02-06 Voltage reference fundamentals
Learn about the basic DC voltage source or a voltage reference, as well as some discrete designs
2003-01-06 Vishay suppressor extends breakdown voltage to 540V
The company has expanded its TVS family of products with the addition of models that are rated for breakdown voltages of up to 540V
2011-09-02 Triple voltage CMOS process targets mixed-signal apps
MagnaChip's offering features CMOS transistors that have 7V maximum gate voltage and 10V maximum drain voltage
2013-11-28 Tantalum capacitors boast high breakdown voltage
Known as F-Tech, KEMET's tantalum manufacturing technology features techniques for optimizing chemical purity to eliminate hidden dielectric defects that could lead to capacitor failure.
2011-07-25 Tantalum capacitor touts 125V voltage rating
AVX's tantalum polymer capacitors feature a conductive polymer electrode that reduces ignition failure mode and provide excellent ESR stability over temperature.
2012-05-15 New GaN process improves high voltage power device efficiency
RFMD's rGaN-HV process technology tips up to 900V device breakdown, high peak current capability and ultra-fast switching times for GaN power switches and diodes
2002-09-23 Littelfuse voltage suppressors have 440V breakdown voltage
Littelfuse's 1.5KE series of axial transient voltage suppressors offers a breakdown voltage range from 6.8V to 440V, making it suitable for use in the protection of I/O interfaces.
2015-03-04 High-voltage pulse generators make use of SiC MOSFETs
ROHM's SiC MOSFET, allowing for further miniaturisation and greater performance, marks its first application in new ultra high-voltage pulse generators made by Fukushima SiC Applied Engineering Inc
2009-08-28 High voltage RF MOSFET targets ISM markets
Microsemi Corp. has expanded its portfolio with a two chip push-pull matched pair transistor product.
2007-12-21 GaN transistor touts ultrahigh breakdown voltage
A GaN power transistor with ultrahigh breakdown voltage and low on-state resistance has been announced by Panasonic for high-voltage and low-loss power switching applications.
2008-05-30 ESBT power switch extends voltage rating
STMicroelectronics has introduced the STC03DE220HV ESBT power switch, which enables engineers to improve efficiency, cost, component count and size in auxiliary switched-mode power supplies for single- and three-phase applications.
2008-11-26 aBCD process tech cuts voltage transistor pitch
MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd has announced the availability of its 0.18?m and 0.35?m advanced bipolar CMOS-DMOS (aBCD) process technologies for foundry customers.
2002-12-19 Zarlink offers high-voltage process for foundry work
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. has introduced a commercial foundry service for producing analog chips based on its high-performance, high-voltage process
2002-09-02 Maxim photodiode supply protects APD during breakdown
The MAX1932 APD bias supply protects APD devices during avalanche breakdown through an accurate, high-side current sensing
2013-08-02 High-voltage power amplifier for dielectric applications
Trek's Model 20/20C-HS high-speed, high-voltage amplifier provides high speed of response with slew rate greater than 800V/us and output current to 60mA peak AC
2001-04-20 High-voltage MOSFET behavior in soft-switching converters: Analysis and reliability improvements
This application note analyzes the MOSFET's behavior in high-power and high-input voltage, zero-voltage switching (ZVS) converters, and presents an original theory of the MOSFET breakdown.
2000-12-11 High voltage, high current, non-destructive FBSOA testing
This application note provides specifications for a test instrument, which can be used to perform non-destructive testing of the Second Breakdown (S.B.) limits of the Forward Bias Safe Operating Area (FBSOA) curve
2011-09-27 Vishay introduces bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) protection diode
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. announces the launch of VCUT05D1-SD0, a BiSy diode offering minimal capacitance of 10pF for signal and data line protection from voltage in electronic devices
2009-02-17 Tower, Triune to collaborate on power management platform
Tower Semiconductor Ltd and Triune Systems LLC have announced an agreement to collaborate on developing what they claim as the "most complete" power management platform in the industry.
2005-04-25 Rad Hard TVS devices tackle harsh environment apps
Based on a multilayer varistor (MLV) concept and zinc oxide material systems, AVX has developed a new series of radiation resistant transient voltage suppressors (TVS) for military and harsh environment apps
2013-03-20 Implement two-stage protection in GbE applications
Optimal and affordable circuit protection for sensitive GbE-based equipment is now possible.
2014-06-02 Identify electrically overstressed LEDs (Part 3)
Here's a continuation of the discussion on the conditions that can induce electrical overstress and catastrophic failure. It focuses on the different types of failure mechanisms.
2008-12-12 ESD protection diodes flaunt tiny footprint
STMicroelectronics has developed a new series of ESD protection diodes that are 67 percent smaller than previous-generation and can withstand the toughest IEC61000-4-2 ESD test pulse.
2004-12-17 Vishay unveils new package type for rectifier, TVS products
Vishay disclosed that it has launched a new package type for its rectifier and transient voltage suppressor products
2009-11-16 TVS offers 200A forward surge current
The new transient voltage suppressor from Vishay Intertechnology offers a 27 percent smaller footprint than SMC devices
2012-01-16 Surge stopper touts unlimited overvoltage protection
The LTC4366 operates from 9V to greater than 500V and features a rugged floating topology with user adjustable maximum output.
2007-07-18 Pickering Interfaces fields two LXI matrix switching solutions
Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of LXI-compliant switching products with the introduction of the 60-310 high voltage matrix and the 60-510 LXI low thermal EMF matrix
2002-04-02 Fluke insulation resistance tester measures up to 1 teraohm
The Fluke 1550 MegOhmMeter from Fluke Corp. performs insulation resistance testing of up to 1 teraohm, with output voltgaes of 500V, 1kV, 2.5kV, and 5kV, making the device suitable for use in installation testing, and maintenance and commissioning.
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