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2004-01-15 Zowie bridge rectifiers rated at 1A
Zowie Technology has expanded its line of sintered glass passivated junction bridge rectifiers with the release of the MBC02 to MBC12 rectifiers
2008-05-30 Vishay releases enhanced rectifier series
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduces a new series of enhanced high-current-density PowerBridge rectifiers with current ratings of 10-25A and maximum peak reverse voltage ratings of 600-1,000V.
2006-04-26 Schottky bridge rectifiers tout small package
Central Semiconductor said the CBRHDSH1-40L and CBRHDSH2-40 devices are the industry's smallest Schottky bridge rectifiers
2001-09-19 Rectifier bridges and dual rectifiers
This application note discusses how to easily redirect or steer current flow in one direction with the use of rectifier bridges or center-tap dual rectifiers
2002-04-09 IR bridge rectifier targets heavy-duty industrial apps
Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, the 200MT40KB three-phase bridge rectifier provides 400V and 200A of output currentclaimed by the company to be 25 percent more than competing products.
2002-03-14 Gulf-e bridge rectifiers have 50V to 1kV peak reverse voltage
The KBPC series of single-phase silicon bridge rectifiers provide a peak reverse voltage from 50V to 1kV, and is offered in three versionsKBPC10, KBPC15, and KBPC25with molded plastic bodies and plated leads
2003-07-22 Good-Ark rectifier has 5V peak reverse voltage
Suzhou Good-Ark Electronic Co. Ltd has released the DF08 bridge rectifier that has a peak overload rating of 50A.
2003-06-25 Good-Ark bridge rectifier has 50A overload rating
Suzhou Good-Ark Electronic Co. Ltd has released the 2W005 bridge rectifier that has a peak overload rating of 50A.
2009-03-09 CCFL backlight half-bridge topology based on L6574 and STD7NS20
A 12V or 24V DC voltage is provided for the backlighting inverter to drive the CCFL. To improve the efficiency and performance of the total system both for the AC/DC power supply and inverter, STMicroelectronics has introduced a high-voltage ballast-driver IC L6574 that provides the half-bridge solution for CCFL backlighting
2012-03-28 Bridge rectifier for space critical apps
Fairchild's MDBxS series has a package height of 1.45mm (max) and can be used in mobile device battery chargers and power adapters, as well as Power-over-Ethernet devices.
2010-02-03 100V Schottky rectifier saves board space
From Central Semiconductor comes a Schottky bridge rectifier packaged in a HD DIP case to offer a 50 percent reduction in board space compared to four individual Schottky rectifiers in a SMA package.
2006-03-14 Synchronous rectifier IC boosts flyback, resonant half-bridge designs
International Rectifier touts its SmartRectifier chipset, which comprises the IR1167 with external HEXFET MOSFETs, as the first high-efficiency solution that's viable from the standpoint of technology and cost
2010-12-21 NVIDIA cGPU, Intel Sandy Bridge in 200 new products
Over 200 PC models will feature NVIDIA GeForce GPUs with Sandy Bridge CPUs by 2011
2004-02-24 IR half-bridge inverter suits appliance motor drive apps
International Rectifier has introduced its IR3101 integrated half-bridge inverter for appliance motor drive applications.
2005-05-25 IR half-bridge FredFET simplifies design of inverter motor drives
International Rectifier unveiled a half-bridge FredFET with gate driver IC that does not require a heatsink for electronic motor drive applications up to 180W.
2003-06-27 Fully Protected H-Bridge IR 3220 Architecture and Typical Application
This application note describes the architecture and application of the IR3220 high side switch.
2006-06-27 DC/DC controller, rectifier work as a chipset
Vishay released a new 500kHz half-bridge DC/DC controller and synchronous rectifier driver that work together as a chipset to enable more efficient power supplies.
2011-01-25 Clare unveils 100V diode bridge chips
Clare Inc. released its first 100V diode bridge chips, the CPC7556 and CPC7557, manufactured with Clare's high-voltage SOI technology
2013-05-03 Base Rectifier Module boasts average current rating of 632A
IXYS UK Westcode has launched a new higher voltage rectifier diode in a dual isolated base module that complements the company's 3.6kV thyristor and thyristor/diode dual modules
2010-09-22 Barrier rectifier raises efficiency of LED drivers
Diodes Inc. recently introduced their SBR1U400P1 super barrier rectifier which is designed to increase the efficiency of off-line LED drivers
2009-10-07 Automotive half-bridge driver self-oscillates
The automotive-qualified control IC features an integrated soft-start capacitor, small footprint.
2010-09-20 8-pin resonant half-bridge control ICs lower cost, save power
International Rectifier's 8-pin resonant half-bridge control IC designed for high power efficiency systems
2015-10-01 Bridge gap between USB and traditional interfaces
In this article, we examine how integrated isolation and power bridge the gap between USB and traditional industrial interfaces
2002-07-29 Jinan Gude rectifiers have 105A maximum reverse voltage
The KBL, KBU, and WOB series of silicon bridge rectifiers provide an average forward voltage of 1.1V and a maximum reverse voltage of 105A
2006-11-10 SmartRectifier IC targets home entertainment apps
International Rectifier has introduced the IR1166 SmartRectifier IC for AC-DC power converters used in home, computer and audio applications
2006-04-17 SmartRectifier IC tailored for digital computing systems
International Rectifier introduced the IR1167 SmartRectifier IC for AC/DC power converters for digital computing and home entertainment systems
2006-07-06 Ref design optimizes six-channel, Class D audio amp
International Rectifier's IRAUDAMP3 Class D audio reference design is a six-channel, 120W half-bridge Class D audio power amplifier.
2013-01-31 Rectifiers from IR promise to ease design, cut cost
The IR1169 SmartRectifier ICs are geared for flyback, forward and half-bridge converters used in AC-DC adapter, PC, server and telecom SMPS applications
2009-10-20 Rectifiers boast complete SMPS solution
Diodes' high-current rectifiers with an ultralow forward voltage (VF) drop are targeted for power supplies in consumer and industrial ultraslim, end-user products.
2005-12-21 Power MOSFETs offers 30% part count reduction
IR's new 75V and 100V HEXFET power MOSFETs enable a part count reduction of 30% or more in secondary synchronous rectification, full-bridge topology power supplies
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