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2005-05-18 Trinamic offers a plug-and-play evaluation kit for brushless DC motor control
Brushless DC motors are the fastest growing segment of the motion control market. TRINAMIC launches a new Evaluation Kit based on the TMCM-160, a highly integrated and economic module for intelligent Brushless DC (BLCD) motor driving.
2000-12-13 Three piece solution for brushless motor controller design
This application note presents a design procedure for the construction of a Brushless Motor Controller by using a three-product solution, which consists of the MPM3003 three-phase power module, the MC33035 linear controller chip and the MC33039 companion IC.
2004-02-26 STMicro MCU features on-chip motor control peripheral
STMicro has released its ST7MC family of MCUs for the control of three-phase induction and permanent magnet brushless motors
2009-12-18 Sensorless 3-phase brushless motor control with the PIC16FXXX
This application note describes enhancements and how they are used to create a sensorless motor control solution with an 8MHz PIC16FXXX device with seamless operation from 100rpm to over 90,000rpm
2004-04-19 PMD rolls out control IC for brushless motors
Performance Motion Devices has released the first member of its new line of motor control ICs
2000-05-16 One-horsepower off-line brushless permanent motor drive
This application note describes the MOSFET dc brushless motor control applications.
2000-12-05 One-horsepower off-line brushless permanent magnet motor driver
This application note presents the design of a 1hp off-line brushless permanent magnet (BPM) motor drive board using opto-isolators and a special MOSFET turn-off IC for level translation.
2005-03-04 NJR unveils new DC brushless motor pre-driver IC
The new single-phase DC brushless motor pre-driver IC from NJR incorporates Lock Detect/Auto Protection circuit and totem-pole pre- drivers for external power MOSFET.
2005-07-13 NJR rolls new motor pre-driver IC
New Japan Radio's latest 2-phase DC brushless motor pre-driver IC includes lock detect/auto release, totem-pole pre-drivers for external power MOSFET, and supply chopping control circuit (PWM_IN / PWM_OUT).
2005-07-12 NJR rolls new motor control IC
New Japan Radio's NJM2627 device is a 3-phase DC brushless motor control pre-driver IC with an operating voltage between 4.5V and 18V.
2000-05-15 Multiphase motor commutation TPU function (COMM
This application note describes the commutation (COMM) TPU function. The COMM uses multiple TPU channels to produce the drive enable signals necessary for commutating brushless motors
2006-02-03 Motor driver IC takes a turn down brushless avenue
Apex Microtechnology has released a motor driver IC for dc brushless motors that's said to be both powerful and versatile.
2006-02-08 Motor design promotes quiet, high-speed operation
Featuring a ceramic air bearing design, Sanyo's PM series micro motor provides high speed and quiet operation at high temperatures
2009-11-11 More brushless DC motors enter cars
Despite a 20 percent drop in worldwide sales of motors used in automotive apps, brushless DC motors fell only 6 percent
2015-05-29 MCUs from Renesas simplify BLDC motor control designs
The RL78/G1F devices promise to deliver precision operation at faster rotational speeds with high accuracy for energy-efficient home appliances and electric power tools.
2013-04-30 Market for DC brushless motors in car apps to grow
IMS Research forecasted that DC brushless motor shipments are expected to increase by 52 per cent from 2012 to 2017 to reach more than 462 million units.
2005-03-04 Low-Z driver ICs boost multiphase, motor designs
Four new high-speed, low-impedance n-channel MOSFET driver ICs from Siliconix are intended to improve high-current, single- and multiphase dc-dc switching power supply designs.
2008-10-01 Implementing a brushless DC motor controller on an IGLOO FPGA
The main objective of the design is to commutate a three-phase BLDC motor which has Hall sensor feedback
2011-09-13 Gate drivers target 3-phase motor drive apps
TI's new brushless motor pre-driver ICs include 1.5A step-down voltage regulators that operate from 3.5 to 60V.
2011-06-29 Firmware eases motor drive design
STMicroelectronics introduces the STM32 FOC PMSM SDK v3.0 motor-control firmware library that supports the STM32 Value Line series and the STM32 Performance Line High-Density series
2008-10-23 Feature-packed BLDC motor ICs trim overall system cost
Atmel Corp. has released ATA6833 and ATA6834 highly integrated driver ICs for brushless DC (BLDC) motor applications such as fuel pumps, turbo chargers, or exhaust gas recirculation.
2011-11-07 Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 1
Learn about this method that takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection of current and duty-cycle sensing
2005-11-10 Build high-end motor controllers effortlessly
Performance Motion Devices Inc.'s brushless motor control IC developer's kit allows designers to build high-performance stand-alone motor controllers.
2005-04-22 Brushless motors offer cost-effective motion control
The new IM23x Intelligent motors represent flexible, easy to use and compact products based on Technosoft's latest MotionChip DSP Control Technology.
2006-10-02 Brushless motors gain ground
Two years ago, brushless motors were more expensive than brush motors. But thanks to advances in design and materials, brushless motors have experienced a drop in pricing
2008-09-23 Brushless motor delivers faster sensing programmability
Crouzet North America, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies, has introduced the Motomate brushless motor with easy programmability.
2002-06-22 Apex dc motor controllers measure 50.8-by-111.76mm
The BC series of brushless dc motor controllers from Apex Microtechnology Corp. provide three-phase full-bridge operation, with two or four quadrant PWM, and selectable 600 or 1200 commutation.
2011-10-03 8bit MCUs target motor control apps
The MB95630 series from Fujitsu Semiconductor uses a DC brushless motor controller and an analog voltage comparator.
2006-10-24 3-phase motor drivers integrate PWM capability
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. is announcing three high-voltage three-phase motor drivers with built-in power management circuits for direct current brushless motors, air conditioner fans and pump motors.
2005-10-05 ZiLOG flash MCUs eye BLDC, AC induction motor control apps
ZiLOG launched its Z8 Encore! MC family, a new generation of flash MCUs targeted at sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) and AC Induction motor control applications.
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