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2012-02-10 Understanding dynamic BTS/UE signals with wireless link analysis
Here's an application note that tackles link operation, wireless link analysis, a graphical approach to WLA, and dynamic measurements.
2002-09-10 Tektronix BTS tool adds CDMA2000 measurement options
Tektronix Inc. has added options to provide automatic CDMA2000 1x EV-DO measurements and analysis to its NetTek basestation field tool, and simplify, as well as reduce installation times.
2011-03-01 Small cell base station platform eases 3G/4G BTS development
TI and Azcom's TMDXSCBP6616X base station platform focuses on 3G and 4G high speed data systems, supporting multicarrier HSPA+ systems as well as full-rate, 20MHz LTE systems.
2002-12-23 Fordahl TCXOs replace OCXOs in BTS apps
The DFE S4-LH and KH series of miniature TCXO offer stabilities of 0.1ppm over 0C to 70C or 0.2ppm over -40C to 85C.
2014-01-17 FlexWave AIP designed for BTS-to-DAS interface
TE Connectivity's FlexWave active integration panel is designed to provide multi-carrier, multi-protocol connectivity between mobile operator base stations and distributed antenna systems.
2002-05-06 BTS Model 9650: Broadband test systems
This application note describes how Anritsu's Model 9650 Broadband Test System provides a testing features that allow VT1.5 (DS1 payload) testing in applications where the VT1.5 is mapped into an STS-1 electrical interfacing the DS1 payload.
2011-09-30 VGA modules simplify design time, save PCB space
Avago has announced a new set of VGA modules that can simplify design time and save PCB space.
2011-02-15 SoC platform enables simultaneous multiprotocol operation
Designed for simultaneous multiprotocol operation in a distributed multiGB RAN, DAN3400 is the only single-SoC solution for the design of fully integrated high-performance base station and relay equipment.
2002-07-01 New testing strategies for 3G basestation installation
New test strategies aid cellsite technicians in addressing challenges resulting from the advent of IMT-2000 spread-spectrum systems.
2011-01-31 LTE: catalyst for base station market growth
Despite LTE driving deployment of base stations, multi-standard capability is still prerequisite according to In-Stat. WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ base stations will remain as largest revenue segment till 2013.
2004-05-20 LG selects Mindspeed IMA for wireless system
LG Electronics Ltd has chosen Mindspeed Technologies Inc.'s 8-port CX28229 and 4-port CX28225 inverse multiplexing over ATM (IMA) devices for use in its STAREX-IS CDMA2000 wireless base transceiver station (BTS) and basestation controller (BSC).
2006-11-06 Handheld analyzer offers fixed WiMAX test options
Anritsu has introduced fixed WiMAX IEEE-802.16-2004 test options for its existing MT8222A BTS Master RF analyzer, rendering this handheld field equipment ready for measuring WiMAX emitters.
1999-09-09 Distributed antenna systems for in-building mobile signal coverage
This paper discusses the importance of designing antennas for in-building coverage applications. It also presents the discussion on the DAS (Distributed Antenna System) based on both copper and fiber lines.
2001-04-15 Digital control fits power amps for 3G
Delivering new consumer products based on 3G wireless communication standards will require an overhaul of the existing infrastructure, including the network's base transceiver station (BTS) infrastructure.
2003-01-06 Agilent wireless test solutions to reduce 3G deployment
Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced four wireless network solutions designed to improve productivity by reducing 2.5G/3G deployment.
2012-07-20 ZTE, China Mobile HK build LTE-TDD network
As part of the contract, ZTE will provide LTE-TDD solutions to CMHK, including SDR BTS, terminals, network planning, integration and network optimization.
2004-02-20 TranSwitch patented devices power Samsung wireless products
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd's Telecommunication Systems Division has selected TranSwitch Corp.'s patented CellBus technology, as well as CUBIT-Pro and CUBIT-3 switching devices for its W-CDMA and 3G-CDMA wireless platform used in Base Transceiver Stations (BTS).
2011-06-10 LNA series promise improved receiver sensitivity
Avago Technologies introduces two series of LNAs, the MGA-63xP8 LNAs and ALM-11x36 fail-safe bypass LNA modules, offering improved receiver sensitivity for base transceiver stations (BTS) and tower mounted amplifiers (TMA) applications.
2013-03-19 Kaelus rolls out low PIM power management solution
The Kaelus DAS Interface Solution (DIS) unit was designed to provide the power management interface between an in-building RF source (BTS or repeater) and SISO or MIMO DAS head end.
2004-11-23 Dynamic performance requirements for high-performance ADCs and RF components in digital receiver applications
This app note identifies the demands in signal chain components such as high dynamic performance ADCs, variable gain amplifiers, mixers and local oscillators; and details their use in a typical BTS application; and how they meet the stringent requirements for high dynamic performance, high intercept performance and low noise.
2009-03-26 Designing and testing 3GPP W-CDMA base transceiver stations
This application note focuses on the PHY (layer 1) aspects of W-CDMA base transceiver stations (BTS).
2009-07-14 Base station analyzer supports 4G, 2G/3G nets
Anritsu Co. is introducing the BTS Master MT8221B, a handheld base station analyzer that has been developed to support emerging 4G standards and installed 2G/3G networks.
2010-03-03 Analyzer covers 1.4-20MHz LTE bandwidth
Anritsu Co. offers an option that allows its MT8221B BTS Master handheld base station analyzer to accurately and easily measure all defined LTE bandwidths and frequencies.
2005-01-31 Altera Stratix GX devices, Nios processor chosen by Panasonic
Altera Corp. announced that Panasonic Mobile Communications Co. Ltd has selected Stratix GX FPGAs and the Nios embedded processor to deliver critical performance-intensive functions for its next-generation 3.5G network base transceiver station (BTS).
2005-05-24 Agilent's new active mixer combines high-linearity, low-LO
The new low-LO power E-pHEMT MMIC active mixer from Agilent is designed to meet the performance requirements of BTS 3G base station radio cards and other point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave radio link apps.
2012-12-19 2G/3G to 3.9G/4G base station receiver test
Find out how to ease migration from 2G/3G BTS receiver testing to 3.9G and 4G base station testing.
2013-03-19 ZTE spent over $1B for R&D in 2012
Chinese telecom firm ZTE has shelled out more than $4 billion in R&D over the past four years, spending heavily on cross-licensing IP.
2006-06-09 Wintegra adds adaptive clock recovery access suite
Wintegra has announced that it has added adaptive clock recovery to its suite of multi-service access support.
2008-07-01 WiMAX Wave 2 tests commence
Even as WiMAX technology begins riding its first wave of deployment, second-generation equipment design is entering the water. WiMAX developers are targeting what they call Wave 2 development, which aims to increase security and performance in fixed and mobile applications.
2011-03-31 Web-based tracking tool targets multipurpose installations
Anritsu Company introduces Sweep Master, a web-based application designed to improve efficiency and quality when deploying, installing and maintaining wireless networks.
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