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What is buck converter?
A buck converter is a step-down DC/DC converter, that is, its output DC voltage is lower than its input DC voltage. It refers to a class of switching-mode power supply (SMPS) that generally has two semiconductor switches (a diode and a transistor) and at least one energy storage element, such as a capacitor.
As opposed to a voltage divider circuit, buck converters do not waste as much energythey can be up to 95 per cent efficient for ICsand are self-regulating (see voltage regulator).
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2008-02-18 Why select a digital power converter
What impact, if any, is there for designers wishing to use digital power converter modules in place of existing analog designs
2002-06-17 Vishay buck converters deliver >100W/inch3 power density
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced the release of its FunctionPAK series of synchronous buck dc/dc converters that measures a maximum 14.7-by-12.2-by-3mm and delivers a power density of >100W/in3
2008-04-07 Tiny buck regulator touts 2.4MHz switching frequency
Linear Technology has rolled the LTC3523/-2, a combination of a 600mA (ISW) synchronous boost and a 400mA (IOUT) synchronous buck regulator in a 3mm x 3mm QFN-16 package
2007-07-30 Tiny buck converter powers up to seven LEDs
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. the CAT4201 buck converter in a TSOT-23 package optimized for driving up to seven high-brightness LEDs.
2015-03-06 TI introduces newest Fly-Buck converter for high-power apps
Texas Instruments introduced the industry's first 65V synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with Fly-Buck capability, which is ideal for industrial, smart grid and automotive applications.
2014-08-04 TI delivers triple-output synchronous buck converters
TPS65261 and TPS65262 feature 4.5V to 18V input supply voltage range for intermediate bus voltages operating off 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V power buses or batteries.
2012-06-01 Synchronous buck converter tips 90% efficiency
Linear Technology's 65V LTC3630 synchronous buck converter delivers up to 500mA of continuous output current from a 16-lead thermally enhanced 3 x 5mm DFN or MSOP package.
2013-03-14 Step-down converter targets car, industrial apps
TI's 650mA LM25017, 300mA LM25018 and 100mA LM25019 Fly-Buck converters feature constant on-time control architecture that claim to cut PCB space
2003-06-20 Stabilize the Buck Converter with Transconductance Amplifier
This application note discusses methods to stabilize a buck converter using International Rectifier's transconductance amplifiers.
2015-02-03 Simplify compensation with LED buck regulator
Find out how to compensate the control loop in a peak current-mode controller to ensure stability when you are regulating current rather than the output voltage.
2005-06-16 Simple synchronous buck converter design - MCP1612
This app note contains all of the information needed to design a synchronous buck converter using the MCP1612
2003-05-11 Selecting Inductors for Buck Converters
This application note provides design information to help select and off-the-shelf inductor for any continuous-mode buck converter application.
2005-06-13 Runtime power control for DSPs using the TPS62000 buck converter
This article describes how to reduce core power consumption of a DSP or microprocessor using runtime power control (RPC).
2007-11-22 Quad-channel buck converter has dual output
Linear Technology announces the LTC3562, a quad channel, high efficiency, 2.25 MHz, synchronous buck converter that can deliver dual 600mA and dual 400mA continuous outputs from a 3mm x 3mm QFN package.
2005-06-14 Power supply solutions for TI DSPs using synchronous buck converters
This app note describes simple power solutions for TI'sTMS320C6000 and TMS320VC54xx DSP applications using synchronous buck converter controllers, such as the TPS56100, TPS5210, TPS56xx, and TPS5602
2007-12-21 Power conversion solution eases buck converter design
International Rectifier has introduced the iP1206, a fully optimized solution for synchronous buck applications including telecom and networking equipment
2016-04-06 PCB layouts for buck, boost, SEPIC power stages
Non-isolated power stages are the basic building blocks of power systems. In this article, we investigate the buck, boost and single-ended primary inductor converter power stages.
2008-11-10 Output inductor selection for the AAT115X series buck converter
This application note summarizes the method for selecting the output inductor for AnalogicTech's AAT115X series of DC/DC inductor-based buck converters
2008-01-22 Output capacitor selection for the AAT115X series buck converter
Regardless of the applicationfrom cellphones to WLAN cardsheight, size and efficiency are important features for components used with AAT115X converters. With this in mind, the recommended output capacitor for the AAT115X family of buck converters is presented in this Application Note. The design procedure for determining the capacitor value and calculating stresses is also examined
2005-06-13 Optimal design for an interleaved synchronous buck converter under highslew- rate, load-current transient conditions
This app note discusses the core voltages and currents of next-generation, high performance
2002-07-01 ON Semi buck converter delivers up to 91 percent efficiency
The NCP1500 dual-mode PWM buck converter from ON Semiconductor features a linear mode that the company claims reduces noise and quiescent current at low current levels, and a PWM mode that delivers up to 91 percent efficiency for heavy loads.
2008-08-15 Offline buck converter with tapped inductor offers improved performance
For electronic equipment requiring non-isolated, offline, low power outputs, the simple buck converter appears ideal but large differential input-to-output voltage can be problematic.
2007-05-07 Non-isolated positive output buck AC/DC converter
This application note describes the way, how to easily design the simple, non isolated AC/DC converter for powering low voltage control part of mains applications with triac, or SCR power switch
2006-06-19 Multifunction IC packs battery charger, buck converter
Linear has introduced a multifunction IC featuring a standalone linear battery charger and a highly-efficient synchronous buck converter
2007-12-14 MOSFET/Schottky device up DC/DC converter efficiency
Vishay's new power MOSFET and Schottky diode device is said to improve operational efficiency by up to 6 percent in DC/DC conversion applications
2006-06-02 modulation mode, PFM mode, synchronous rectifiers, SYNC pin, DC/DC buck converter, DC/DC converter, Monolithic DC/DC, Intersil Corp.
This document describes the setup procedure for the ISL8010EVAL1 Rev A board.
2007-09-26 Minimizing FET losses for a high input rail buck converter
At lower input voltages it is often possible to use the same HS and LS FETs, yet for higher input voltages the selection criteria for these FETs are different.
2010-02-16 MC13783 buck and boost inductor sizing
This application note aims to provide a method of choosing the size of the inductors for the optimized switching regulators vs. the current consumption of the application.
2007-06-19 Low-cost, complete power solution for powered devices includes 12V buck converter
The MAX5953A provides a simple and inexpensive, yet complete, nonisolated power solution for a powered device in a PoE system.
2015-12-16 Low quiescent current with buck converters at high temp
This article discusses the contributors to no-load-input current in addition to the Iq of the converter itself, and the associated temperature dependency
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