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2016-02-19 Voltage regulators support up to 1.5MHz switching frequency
Infineon Technologies rolled out its SupIRBuck voltage regulators that feature an integrated PWM controller, MOSFETs and bootstrap diode, as well as PMBus control
2007-06-18 USB battery charger with buck converters roll
Linear Technology Corp. unveils the LTC3559, an efficient, multifunction power management solution for handheld applications.
2007-06-26 Tiny buck regulator ups system thermal performance
Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN2106 is the first product in a new family of TinyBuck DC/DC buck regulators that integrate an advanced analog IC, MOSFETs and a boot diode into an ultracompact MLP housing.
2008-04-07 Tiny buck regulator touts 2.4MHz switching frequency
Linear Technology has rolled the LTC3523/-2, a combination of a 600mA (ISW) synchronous boost and a 400mA (IOUT) synchronous buck regulator in a 3mm x 3mm QFN-16 package
2008-02-29 Step-down regulators suit digital consumer apps
Semtech has introduced three step-down (buck) regulators, the SC4525A and SC4524A/B, with high-input voltage and programmable frequency needed for networking and digital consumer applications.
2008-01-30 Starting up a buck regulator with a voltage present at VOUT
The problem described in this application note is that of a buck regulator's inability to startup when there is a voltage already present at the regulator's output (VOUT
2007-07-25 Regulators tout ultrafast transient performance
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC23050/1, two ultra-fast transient performance and high efficiency 4MHz, 500mA synchronous buck regulators assembled in a tiny 2mm x 2mm MLF package.
2007-02-06 Regulators offer flexibility for DC/DC designs
The six new regulators from National feature a unique combination of high performance, flexibility and ease-of-use for DC/DC power supply designs
2007-11-19 Regulators debut with self-synchronization
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a line of buck switching regulators that are said to be the first in the industry to feature high power density and self-synchronization.
2004-10-04 Regulators combine optimal performance, small package
National released a family of switching buck regulators that combine small-outline packaging with one of the industry's best performance for the highest power density.
2008-02-08 Powering FPGAs using LM201xx PowerWise synchronous buck regulators
The LM201xx PowerWise synchronous buck regulators are full-featured products, capable of delivering up to 5A of continuous output current.
2010-06-09 POL regulators manage standby, full current demands
Semtech Corp.'s SC173 and SC174 POL regulators help designers meet the demanding green power requirements by efficiently managing both standby and full current demands
2002-07-01 ON Semi buck converter delivers up to 91 percent efficiency
The NCP1500 dual-mode PWM buck converter from ON Semiconductor features a linear mode that the company claims reduces noise and quiescent current at low current levels, and a PWM mode that delivers up to 91 percent efficiency for heavy loads
2005-09-16 National Semi rolls 'first 75V, 2.5A integrated buck regulator
Designed for easing industrial, automotive and telecom designs, the LM5005 from National Semiconductor is touted to be the industry's first 75V, 2.5A integrated buck regulator
2010-09-27 MOSFET buck regulators for high power density DC-DC apps
Micrel recently rolled out its SuperSwitcher II family of integrated MOSFET buck regulators for high power density DC-DC applications.
2013-03-14 Micrel's buck regulator boasts triple 2Amp-per-Output
The MIC23450 and the MIC23451 both provide superior light-load efficiency which allows system designers to reduce the amount of power consumed during light-load conditions.
2006-10-12 IR intros high-voltage buck regulator control IC
International Rectifier has introduced a high-voltage, high-frequency buck regulator control IC for AC/DC offline, non-isolated applications requiring multiple LED circuits or requiring DC/DC color-mixing capabilities
2005-10-04 Intersil's two new core regulators based on R3 technology
Intersil introduced the ISL6260B multiphase core regulator and ISL6262 two-phase core regulator with integrated drivers.
2003-02-24 Integration eases buck regulator design
The company's Five Little Foot plus Driver power semiconductors are designed to simplify the use of n-channel MOSFETs in high-frequency buck regulators.
2011-02-28 High-current buck regulators claim 97% efficiency
National Semiconductor's LM21212-1 and LM21215 high-current synchronous buck regulators are suited for FPGAs, ASICs and microprocessors used in wireless, networking and optical communications infrastructure.
2012-03-28 Evaluating LMR24210/20 buck regulators
Learn about an evaluation board designed to provide the design engineer with a fully functional power converter to evaluate the LMR24210/20 series of buck regulators.
2008-06-03 Energy-efficient buck regulators suit portable apps
Freescale Semiconductor has expanded its analog portfolio with the MC34726/27 DC/DC buck regulators optimized for space-constrained battery-powered applications.
2008-03-14 Dual DC/DC buck regulators with dual low-noise linear regulators
The LM26480 is a multi-function, programmable power management unit, optimized for low power digital applications.
2001-09-19 Design procedure for microprocessor buck regulators
This application note is intended to help designers of computer motherboards and other circuits using Linfinity's LX166x family of buck regulator controllers
2002-09-11 Datel dc/dc converters address nonisolated regulators
Datel's LSN D12 series of nonisolated dc/dc converters provide 1V to 5V output at 10A from an isolated, nominal 12V input.
2007-05-01 Control high step-down ratios in buck regulators
A recently developed version of current-mode control known as Emulated Current-Mode Control (ECM) drastically improves the ability to operate with very high step-down ratios while maintaining good noise immunity.
2011-07-28 Buck regulators,?LDOs occupy 69mm2 board area
Analog Devices has unveiled its ADP5024 and ADP5034 regulators/LDOs that features 3MHz and 1.2A step down regulators
2011-12-14 Buck regulators work from 3.1-32V
Linear Tech's DC/DC converters deliver regulated output voltage on the secondary side, adjustable from 2.5-12V (LTM8047) and 1.2-12V (LTM8048).
2011-10-14 Buck regulators tout 4.5-16V input voltage range
Summit's 10A and 20A DC/DC products have built-in MOSFETs and claim to deliver 96 percent efficiency.
2006-08-10 Buck regulators tout 'industry-leading' power density
National Semiconductor expanded its PWM converter portfolio with a new family of buck regulators offering industry-leading power density.
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