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2004-04-22 Sun shuffles Sparc lineup: Drops two, adds two
Under budget and manpower pressures, Sun Microsystems Inc. has redrawn the road map for its Sparc microprocessor, killing two high-profile CPUs slated for 2005 and adding two others.
2014-11-13 Sub-GHz ICs wider wireless range in IoT apps
The wireless ICs boast the highest levels of RF performance, with transmit output power of up to 20dBm, sensitivity of -116dBm and -133dBm, and link budget of 153dB.
2007-12-07 South Korea allots $36.6M for greenhouse research
The South Korean government is expanding its R&D for reducing greenhouse gas, allocating $36.6M in the 2008 budget for related R&D, a 31.5 percent increase over the previous year.
2006-02-23 Singapore pledges tax breaks, tech funding for electronics sector
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong unveiled a 2006 budget that contains several perks for the electronics and high-tech sectors.
2009-08-07 Saving energy: Little things mean a lot
This article shows how Maxim devices can help designers reduce the power budget of typical systems.
2006-01-17 Samsung's profits up, cuts capex in 2006
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd reported its first profit gain in five quarters for the fourth period of 2005, but the company also cut its capital spending budget in 2006.
2010-10-11 RF transceiver ups data rate for smart grids
Semtech's SX1233 ISM-band transceiver combines a bit rate of 600Kbit/s with a link budget of 137dB, ultralow power consumption, adjacent channel rejection with blocking immunity.
2009-12-17 RF transceiver cuts costs, extends battery life
Semtech Corp. is offering a programmable RF transceiver that features a 135dBm link budget that is 10dB more than competing devices.
2007-03-16 Reduce memory subsystem power consumption in handsets
Less attention has been given to memory components despite the fact that the power demands of memoryat least 20 percent of total power budgetare equal to the demands of the application processor. Reducing the power used by memory can significantly extend handsets battery life.
2004-12-28 Procom expands SATA-based NAS filers line
Procom announced that they have developed a new high-capacity, budget-priced model to extend its recently developed line of SATA-based NAS filers.
2007-10-30 Manufacturing glitch delays OLPC laptops
OLPC budget laptops have run into a manufacturing glitch, and the production delay could likely impact the "Give 1 Get 1 program," organizers said last week.
2004-05-06 Magma flow adds power analysis
Magma said a new tool lets designers set a timing budget and implement a design with the proper balance of power, timing and area.
2014-03-25 Japan gov't subsidises battery storage purchases
With a million-dollar budget for the incentive programme, the Japanese METI will offer to pay individuals and entities of up to two-thirds of their purchase price of the battery storage system.
2010-07-01 Introduction to dialysis machines
This tutorial provides an introduction to dialysis machines and discusses FDA regulation and IEC 60601-1 certification, self-test and fault-indication capabilities, form-factor requirements, power-budget constraints, and other critical design considerations.
2006-09-19 Inotera optimistic for DRAM market
Inotera Memories shared that it is optimistic for the DRAM market up to 2008. The company has confirmed its plan of advancing the passage of budget for second-stage capacity expansion at its second 12inch fab.
2007-03-26 Implement effective design data management
The most effective way to implement effective data management is to scale its capabilities progressively to your organization's needs and budget.
2014-10-07 Flexing into future: Optimising touch sensing tech for broader markets
Popular consumer products that use multi-touch are fueling the demand for touch sensing solutions. The challenge is that applications have different requirements, but not all of them can afford the hardware, software and power budget associated with the current designs.
2008-09-29 Fairchild's voltage translator is ultrafast
Fairchild Semiconductor is providing designers a voltage translation solution that minimizes the delay in the timing budget of signal path applications.
2011-07-01 ENIAC funds double, hit $250 million in 2011
The ENIAC Joint Undertaking's 2011 grants total175 million euro, up 100 percent from 2010, and could translate to R&D projects with a total budget of about $570 million (400 million euro).
2008-09-12 Custom PCI timing budgets for Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs
The PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 3.0 (the PCI specification), defines two timing budgets. One timing budget is for use with 33MHz operation, and the other timing budget is for use with 66MHz operation. These two timing budgets define the I/O timing parameters for compliant 33MHz and 66MHz components.
2001-03-21 Crystal oscillator topics
This application note describes the recommended reference inputs for Cypress Semiconductor's PLL-based frequency synthesizers, and concludes with an error budget analysis.
2014-09-30 Creating winning designs for wearables
Know the features and functions that drive a wearable product's energy budget and computational requirements, including the selection of MCUs that meet the product's design requirements.
2013-10-01 Create analogue interfaces for low power design
Here are some techniques for bringing the analogue power budget in sync with the rest of the design.
2009-07-07 Compact 20W power supplies suit volume OEMs
SL Power Electronics is offering a series of compact, 20W single output power supplies designed specifically for the volume commercial OEM who is looking for a reliable power source at a budget price.
2007-02-05 China's Actions Semi eyes more acquisitions
China's Actions Semiconductor is scouring the Chinese landscape, and overseas, looking to scoop up small design firms with a recently approved $80 million budget for acquisitions and investment.
2001-04-01 Chartered cuts spending as foundry market slows
Chartered Semi's budget cut reflects the findings of a new report, which shows demand for wafers is slowing dramatically, impacting Asia's foundries.
2006-09-06 AWR rolls out system-level RF simulation tools
Applied Wave Research has announced its RF Architect system-level simulation tool that provides an RF budget analysis as well as so-called frequency heritage inspection capabilities.
2007-05-11 Agilent, Mentor team on automotive network design
Agilent Technologies announced a partnership with Mentor Graphics, under which Agilent will license certain products in the Mentor Volcano product line to help automotive engineers develop electronic products faster and under budget while meeting quality requirements.
2013-06-05 Address jitter, noise with DDR4 (Part 1)
DDR4 specification provides a way for designers to allocate the system timing and noise budget between the controller, memory interconnect and the DRAM that is difficult, if not impossible to accomplish with other high-speed interfaces.
2015-06-29 9 out of 10 households to have Wi-Fi by 2019
The proliferation of connected devices runs parallel to heavy ISP infrastructure investments designed to provide higher bandwidth speed and the budget to market it to subscribers and prospects.
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