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2013-12-30 GCC build tools options for Cortex-M0+/M4 Core
Know the options that can be used with the CodeWarrior tools for optimal performance on the Cortex-M0+ and M4 cores
2014-01-02 Exploring DSC build tools options
Read about the options that can be used with the DSC build tools for optimal performance.
2006-03-16 ESL design tools come up short
ESL and DFM tools need to pack far more capabilities than they do today if they are to represent the EDA industry's best opportunities for growth
2000-09-01 Web-based EDA tools come to Asia
We can shop for clothing and record albums over the Internet; we can order food, and even have love affairs! Why not design ICs? This was the underlying theme at the recently concluded Design Automation Conference (DAC 2000) in Los Angeles. Look, for example, at the thinking process harnessed by Barcelona Design Systems.
2005-02-08 V6 automation tools speed SoC, embedded system design
Tensilica announced its V6 suite of automation tools, which significantly speed the design of major blocks in SoC design
2005-06-10 Tundra aids designers to build high performance comm. systems
Tundra's new Tsi564A serial RapidIO switch promises to deliver the performance, power and configurability that enable embedded designers to build reliable, high performance communications systems
2004-12-01 Tools alone don't make industry
The EDA industry is still struggling with flat revenues and declining bookings. What's going on?
2007-02-14 Stellaris LM3S811 kit rolls with IAR devt tools
Luminary Micro has announced the immediate availability of its Stellaris LM3S811 evaluation kit paired with the IAR Embedded WorkBench KickStart Edition development tools
2014-01-20 Startup helps people build creatively with electronics
Alumna Ayah Bdeir's startup littleBits sells connectable electronic modules that are integrated with electronic functions that snap together with magnets for do-it-yourself (DIY) prototyping.
2005-09-15 Software tools tackle AMD's trio of Geode NX processors
The OCDemon family of design, debugging, and programming software for corresponding hardware from Macraigor Systems LLC has been expanded to include support for Advanced Micro Devices' trio of Geode NX processors.
2002-07-01 RTL, gate-level tools fill out floor plan flow
IC tool startup InTime Software launches an RTL and a gate-level floor planner to complement its architectural-level floor planner.
2005-08-01 RF IC tools still seeking paths to silicon
Complicated by multiple modulation schemes, RF tools have become proficient at simulating behavior on an architectural level
2005-02-09 Patriot Scientific upgrades development tools
Patriot Scientific announced that it has completed a major upgrade to its development tools
2013-05-07 NXP acquires MCU tools specialist Code Red Technologies
Recognised for its development tools, Code Red's purchase will aid NXP's goals of furthering their development of software which will run on ARM's 32bit microcontrollers
2007-05-02 Nanotech to build 'clean' economy
As products made with nanometer-scale materials and devices spread, a report from the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies suggests to utilize nanotechnology to reduce pollution, conserve resources and build a "clean" economy
2003-09-01 Management tools remove the guesswork from DSP power
New control capabilities take the guesswork out of DSP power design, enabling developers to build new systems that consume less power while offering greater functionality
2004-05-19 Lighthouse introduces synthesis tools for Verilog test
Promising to reduce testbench development time by up to 80 percent, startup Lighthouse Design Automation Inc. will introduce tools that synthesize Verilog testbenches from high-level specifications
2008-08-01 Is it too much trouble to learn new tools
We become emotionally fixated on a certain solution to the exclusion of all others. We could do it right. We could take the time to learn the new tool, the new technique and the new approach. We could do a little planning rather than doing the usual. We could use a little finesse, but we don't. It's too much trouble.
2003-05-27 Interra certifies EDA tools
Interra Systems Inc. has announced an EDA tools certification program to help tool vendors and SoC/ASIC designers comply with emerging standards
2004-10-08 Intel software tools help developers on platforms supporting EM64T
Intel announced new software tools to help developers design, analyze and optimize apps running on Intel-based platforms supporting its EM64T
2008-02-04 IBM seeks standard to link chip models with tools
An IBM executive has called for standards to link chip models with simulation tools in an effort to lower design costs and shorten time-to-market
2005-04-12 IBM exec calls for system-level tools
Design automation needs to provide an integrated approach to system-level design, said John Darringer, manager for system-level design at IBM's T.J. Watson research center, in a keynote speech at the Electronic Design Processes (EDP) workshop.
2015-04-28 Guide for better PCB fabrication: Tools you need to know
In this roundup, we feature some of the prominent methods of making your own circuit boards that will help to alleviate some of the issues that entail the manufacturing process.
2004-06-01 Full-wave analysis tools target 2GHz
Optimal releases a series of tools for 3D full-wave signal integrity simulation, analysis and verification for high-speed IC, package and PC-board designs
2011-02-08 Enea, Timesys to collaborate on multicore, Linux tools
Enea and Timesys Corp. are collaborating to accelerate the adoption of Linux in both standalone and heterogeneous multicore applications.
2006-10-19 Emdoor, Honestar to deliver ARM RealView tools in China
Emdoor Electronic Technology and Honestar Technologies announced that they will distribute ARM RealView development tools in China
2014-12-23 Embedded software development tools: A third approach
Learn why there are so many options for embedded development tools, and know the selection strategy that works. Also, find out whether free tools are worth having or you really need to pay real money
2006-08-01 Eclipse-based development tools go full circle
With the launch of the Eclipse platform, one of the most effective projects in the history of the free software movement revolutionized the industry.
2005-03-16 Don't pay much for mixed-signal tools
Cost-effective analog tools work well with advanced digital tools. They will let you get better payback on your next SoC project and integrate into your design flow at just the right points
2005-08-16 Development tools impact MP3 player market
New designs and features are being pushed into retail channels to reach full potential in the digital music business.
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