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2009-05-27 Using an I/O port to implement IIC communication
A method is introduced showing how a Holtek 8bit RISC microcontroller and related software can be used to implement a bus controller
2008-05-02 Using a timer and I/O pins to interface 8051 MCUs with I?C serial EEPROMs
This application note is part of a series that provide source code to help the user implement the protocol with minimal effort.
2011-04-08 Software implementation of PMBus over I2C for TMS320F2803x
Here's a software implementation of the PMBus protocol over the inter-integrated circuit hardware on TMS320F28035 Piccolo MCUs.
2005-01-06 Siliconix unveils Pb-free replacements to UCC56xx SCSI terminators
A new family of SCSI bus terminators that provides flexible solutions for all SCSI bus operational modes from SCSI-1 to SPI-4 was announced by Siliconix
2006-01-23 Serial analyzer doubles as exerciser, EEPROM programmer
Corelis' new I2C bus analyzer packs a JTAG controller that supports data rates up to 5Mbps
2002-11-11 QuickLogic PCI bridge integrates 200,000 FPGA gates
The QL5632 PCI bridge IC integrates hard-wired, 32-bit, 33MHz master and target PCI controllers with a configurable DMA controller and FIFOs
2013-08-08 Peripheral hub as backbone of efficient SoC design
Know the ways to integrate digital, analogue, routing, and interconnect sub-systems into an ARM-based SoC embedded system.
2012-12-11 NVMe paves the way for SSDs in the enterprise
Scalable host controller interface for PCIe SSDs provides an optimised register interface, end-to-end data protection and performance across multiple cores.
2002-11-29 MT9171/72 DNIC application circuits
This article presents the design of the MT9171/72 dnic application circuits.
2008-03-18 MCU integrates SMSC MediaLB interface
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has started to implement SMCS's Media Local Bus technology in the latest member of its 32bit MB91460 MCU product series
2005-09-01 Keys to new car sensor
As electronic content in cars increases, low-cost, reliable sensing systems become even more important.
2002-04-01 IFR Systems dc supplies target industrial test
IFR Systems' line of variable-switching regulated dc power supplies, the Kikusui PAM Series, has eight models in 2kW and 4kW versions that the company says provide a new level of price and performance to the burn-in, life testing and bulk power markets.
2006-02-28 Host adapter manages SPI communications
Total Phase announced the release of the Cheetah SPI host adapter, which is capable of SPI master signaling at up to 40MHz
2011-11-01 FPD-Link III SerDes with bidirectional control channel for I2C
Here's an application note that tackles the communication between devices using the FPD-Link III SerDes with a bidirectional control channel using I2C.
2013-08-23 Evaluating your design's high-speed interconnects
Here's a look at hybrid EM simulation for designing and modelling connectors for multi-gigabit applications.
2015-02-25 Ethernet evolves for the connected car era
This article will explore the requirements of tomorrow's automotive networks and how the new 2-wire Ethernet PHYs currently under development will meet them.
2002-10-10 Board-and-chip combo touts performance
Intel Corp.'s NetStructure ZT 5524 System Master Processor Board features high performance with low heat dissipation
1999-04-08 Embedded standard products optimize bandwidth-hungry applications
This paper provides a case study of an FPGA-based application that utilizes the PCI bus as a means of transferring audio data between consumer audio devices and PC-based audio editing software. The goal of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysis of how the QuickPCI product is ideal for this application
2005-09-20 New PCI controller from Acal is microprocessor independent
Acal Semiconductors' new PCI controller can serve as an easily configured bus target, enabling data transfer at modest rates
2013-04-02 Designing liquid-level measurement system
Learn about the DS1WM synthesisable 1-Wire bus master that can be implemented as a function block of an ASIC or FPGA.
2008-09-01 Using the PIC devices' SSP and MSSP modules for slave I?C communication
The purpose of this application note is to provide the reader with a better understanding of the I?C protocol and to show how devices with these modules are used as a slave device on an I&178;C bus
2009-02-09 Using HI-TECH C and a timer to interface mid-range PIC MCUs with UNI/O serial EEPROMs
This application note is intended to serve as a reference for interfacing Microchip's mid-range family of PIC MCUs with Microchip's UNI/O bus 11XXXXX family of serial EEPROM devices
2008-12-16 Using C to interface Texas Instruments' MSP430XXXX MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs
This application note offers designers a set of examples for the read and write functions for the Microchip SPI Serial EEPROM using GPIO pins to simulate the SPI bus
2015-01-13 Total IP sol'n for MIPI SoundWire aimed at mobile devices
Arasan's MIPI SoundWire IP solution is fully configurable for a number of options such as data ports, SoundWire bus lanes and audio sample widths to meet a range of audio applications
2009-01-07 Processor blade packs Intel Xeon, memory controller hub
From Adlink Technology comes the cPCI-6920 series, the PICMG 2.0 compliant 6U CompactPCI dual-processor blade featuring two quad-core/dual-core Intel Xeon processors, server class Intel 5100 chipset, four SO-RDIMM sockets for up to 16Gbyte DDR2-667 registered ECC memory and 1066MHz front side bus
2008-08-27 PMBus implementation using the MSP430 USCI
This TI application note provides an example application for the Power Management Bus (PMBus) protocol implementation using the MSP430 as a master PMBus device.
2009-11-12 Optimizing OCP slave memory behavior
Verification IP for open-core protocol (OCP) is generally used to achieve one of two main verification objectivesat the module level to test OCP components and their interfaces, or at the bus fabric level when some or all of the components may be replaced by the verification IP to test the behavior of a system
2002-10-21 National ships single-chip I/O controllers for Pentium 4s
The bus-based PC87372 and PC87373 I/O controllers are designed to meet the needs of Intel Pentium 4 systems and integrate the required system control functions into a 128-pin QFP
2006-01-19 Multi-channel DAQ board uses switched-cap over-sampling A/Ds
Radstone's VME bus data-acquisition card is replete with analog signal conversion and conditioning based on a pair of Analog Devices AD9260 data converter chips
2011-01-12 Module connects controllers via Profibus
The Brad SST PB3 remote module for Process Field Bus from Molex is a stand-alone hardware platform that enables fast and easy connectivity to any Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix controller
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