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2002-07-01 LSI Logic bus adapters interoperable with Brocade fabric switch
LSI Logic Corp.'s Fibre Channel HBAs, the dual-channel LSI44929O and quad-channel ITI7004G2-LC, have been verified by Brocade Communications Systems Inc. as interoperable with its latest SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch and Brocade-based SAN infrastructure
2011-11-11 Fault insertion channel can switch up to 2.5kVA
The 40-199 provides 10 fault insertion channels that can be connected to either (or both) fault bus connections
2005-02-25 Ethernet switch combines low power dissipation, small size
Parvus unveiled the Switch104, a rugged 5-port PC/104 Fast Ethernet switching hub featuring low power dissipation and highly reliable extended-temperature operation up to 85C.
2003-09-03 ERNI releases new field bus connector catalog
The company has published an updated edition of its catalog covering a wide range of Erbic field bus connectors for ProfiBus, CanBus, and SafetyBus
2003-01-28 ERNI CAN switch features die cast metal housing
ERNI has introduced an ERbic MAX CAN switch that features a die cast metal housing, enabling it to operate in rough environments
2002-10-07 ERNI bus interface connector features die-cast housing
The ERbic MAX Profibus IDC Switch bus interface connector features a die-cast metal housing for strict EMC requirements.
2010-05-18 Dimmer switch tailored for quantum computing
NIST has developed a "dimmer switch" for a superconducting circuit linking a quantum bit and a quantum bus.
2004-03-16 Co-design strategies tame PC system bus
The design of high-speed buses is only possible through the use of the proper EDA tools and effective methods, such as DOE, to co-design the entire bus
2011-10-26 Bus buffers provide high noise margins, stuck bus recovery
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4313 and LTC4315, hot swap I2C bus buffers that provide high noise margins, level shifting, and stuck bus recovery
2002-10-18 Anachip USB power switch has 1?s response time
The AP1212 two-channel USB power switch from Anachip Corp. supports USB ports with at least 500mA, and has a typical response time of 1?s
2000-11-29 All-purpose analog switch design hints
This application note discusses how Pericom's PI5A100/101 and PI5A3XXA CMOS switch families can be used to switch digital bus data, analog signals, and in low-power applications.
2010-11-30 750MHz crosspoint switch for high-speed signals
These switches from Analog Devices include eight independent output buffers that can be placed into a high impedance state for paralleling crosspoint outputs to prevent off channels from loading the output bus
2001-05-16 1394: Still the best bus for network backbones
If imitation is the highest form of flattery, those who advocate the 1394 multimedia standard ought to feel proud. Every time a group or company touts a new specification, it claims the new spec will do what 1394 already does.
2002-11-13 Using the ispGDX in a MPC8260 60x bus environment
This application note is intended to show how ispGDX can be used to interface the MPC8260 with an external master and a number of slaves.
2006-03-03 TI extends SMBus multiplexer/switch offering
Texas Instruments unveiled three new 4-bit bidirectional translating (level shifting) I2C and SMBus multiplexers and switches.
2002-08-29 Wintegra, Tundra collaborate to shorten design cycles
Wintegra Inc. and Tundra Semiconductor have entered into an agreement to enhance the performances of Wintegra's WinPath Access Packet Processor and the Tundra PowerSpan II, a PowerPC-to-PCI bus switch.
2000-11-28 SDRAM modules using Pericom's products
This application note shows how Pericom's products, such as buffers, clock drivers and bus switches, can be used in any SDRAM/DRAM memory module
2002-05-14 Pericom unveils interface solutions for DDR DIMMs
Pericom Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled its next-generation interface solution for PC2700 DDR DIMM devices used in servers, workstations, and high-end PCs.
2002-06-17 ON Semi expands FST logic devices
ON Semiconductor has expanded its 74FST family of logic devices with the addition of eight new products, each available in SOIC, QSOP, and TSSOP casing options.
2002-03-26 Fairchild incorporates Tru-Translation to FST switches
Faichild Semiconductor has announced that it has incorporated Tru-Translation circuitry into its high-bit count FST bus switches for interfacing 5V inputs to 3.3V outputs
2006-02-08 Analog switches housed in chipscale package
Pericom Semiconductor's new family of analog switches for mobile terminal applications are said to feature chipscale packaging, very low on-resistance and wide voltage ranges.
2005-12-19 Analog switches feature CSP, very low ON-resistance
Pericom introduced a new family of advanced analog switches created for mobile terminal applications which feature CSP, very low ON-resistance, and wide voltage ranges.
1998-11-01 Zero-delay logic addresses PC design challenges
Modular PC designs require the use of additional logic that adds to signal delay and power consumption. One can avoid this problem and satisfy isolation, translation, and multiplexing requirements using zero-delay bus switches
2006-06-08 Wireless USB SiP includes development kit
Staccato Communications is debuting a reference design kit for developers of Certified Wireless USB HWA and DWA designs.
2015-06-02 USB technology in a battery-powered IoT era
Here's a look at how the USB standard has evolved to a state-of-the-art technology that allows even small battery-powered devices for the IoT to communicate with anything.
2009-05-07 USB switches tout improved power dissipation
Diodes Inc. has launched the AP21x6 family of dual USB power switches that offers reduced footprint, improved switch on-resistance and better power dissipation than similar devices in the market
2006-05-15 UCLA engineers announce semicon spin-wave research findings
Engineers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science are announcing what they tout as a critical new breakthrough in semiconductor spin-wave research.
2005-06-10 Tundra aids designers to build high performance comm. systems
Tundra's new Tsi564A serial RapidIO switch promises to deliver the performance, power and configurability that enable embedded designers to build reliable, high performance communications systems
2011-08-19 Transceiver offers up to 14.025GBd signaling rates
Avago's 16Gb fiber channel transceiver is ideal for 16Gb fiber channel switches, routers, host bus adapters, RAID controllers, tape drives and video switching
2003-08-15 The MT8980 and the MT8981 digital crosspoint switches
This application note describes the MT8980 and MT8981 digital crosspoint switches and lists down their architecture, applications and capabilities.
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