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2008-12-22 PLX to acquire Oxford Semiconductor
PLX Technology Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all of the outstanding shares of capital stock of Oxford Semiconductor Inc., a privately held fabless provider of silicon and software
2005-06-08 Platform strategy fuels Wind River rebound
Ken Klein, who took over as chief executive officer of Wind River Systems Inc. 18 months ago, kicked off the company's users' conference here last month in slightly contrarian fashion
2006-08-01 Platform group's goal: Unify Linux for handsets
Handset makers Motorola, NEC, Samsung Electronics and Panasonic have joined with telecom operators NTT Docomo and Vodafone in a bid to create a reference implementation built around a consistent set of Linux APIs for use by manufacturers and tool developers.
2010-08-26 Physical verification tool licensing program eases 65nm transition
Magma Design Automation Inc. releases introduces an initiative to facilitate designers' adoption of the design tolls for 65nm and below.
2003-09-08 Philips to invest up to $300M in India
Philips Electronics announced it would expand its operations in India with new investments totaling as much as $300M.
2002-02-14 Philips snags 51 percent stake in VoIP vendor
In a move to fill the final hole in its broadband silicon and software solutions portfolio, Philips Semiconductors has made a $25 million equity investment in Ishoni Networks
2003-06-23 PDF Solutions acquisitions add yield management tools
Seeking to expand its services model into tools, yield improvement company PDF Solutions announced two strategic purchases.
2011-04-15 Path to cloud won't be easy
High-tech companies are eager to hop on the cloud bandwagon, but Accenture warns that cloud services would require multiple business and operating models, and new kinds of customer relationships
2004-11-01 Partnerships key to EDA success in Asia
Partnerships will have to be formed and nurtured, and EDA companies will have to be more involved in the actual design process to improve their tools.
2010-06-09 Panasonic drives 3D dev't via innovation center
Panasonic Corp. has established a Panasonic 3D Innovation Center in Japan to accelerate the development of its 3D business
2002-05-20 Palmisano affirms IBM's need to cut jobs, costs
IBM Corp. will improve productivity and reduce head count to cut costs, IBM president and CEO Sam Palmisano told analysts last week.
2003-02-21 Packet Design spin-offs take unusual steps
Packet Design LLC has taken unusual steps with two spin-offs announced this week.
2002-02-15 Outlook bleak for India's electronics manufacturers
Just as India's software industry is preparing to offer hardware design services, its electronic hardware manufacturing is in a shambles
2005-07-01 OS helps developers get to market on time
Off-the-shelf software is more than merely providing code--it's helping harried developers get to market on time
2009-04-22 Oracle-Sun merger stirs questions on Java's future
Oracle Corp.'s proposed $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems marks a strange step back to the future of computer industry that raises questions about the outlook for Sun's hardware, Java software and the database giant itself
2006-11-29 OptimalTest promises better yields through test management
OptimalTest has launched what it touts as the optimal test software suite for maximizing IC yields through managed test results
2008-08-21 Opinion: Convergence advances open-source efforts
The debate between closed and open software development advocates have been boiling in the electronics and high-tech industries for decades
2009-02-25 Online simulation tool trims design time
Maxim Integrated and Transim Technology have launched the Maxim's EE-Sim Design Center, a virtual design environment that allows engineers to create and simulate complex circuits online in a matter of mere minutes, reducing design time.
2010-06-01 OLPC taps Marvell Moby for XO tablet PCs
One Laptop per Child (OLPC) and Marvell Technology have teamed up to jointly develop a family of next-generation OLPC XO tablet computers based on the Marvell Moby reference design.
2006-03-24 Nvidia to acquire 3D graphics company
Nvidia has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Hybrid Graphics, a Finland-based developer of embedded 2D and 3D graphics software for handheld devices
2006-06-16 Nucleus Plus RTOS supports H.264 standard
Mentor teamed up with Global Edge Software to offer multimedia application developers H.264 technology for the Nucleus PLUS RTOS
2005-04-21 North America to have fewer developers than Asia-Pacific
North America is expected to have fewer software developers than the Asia-Pacific region beginning in 2006, due primarily from automation techniques and increasing productivity in North America and the trend among companies to move jobs to low-wage countries, a market research firm said Tuesday
2009-10-07 Nortel puts GSM/GSM-R unit on sale
Nortel Networks Corp. announced plans to sell by "open auction" substantially all of its global GSM/GSM-R business
2004-05-13 Nortel enters edge router sector
Nortel is ready to battle Cisco, Alcatel, Juniper and Laurel on the metro edge with the release of a MPLS edge router that provides switching capabilities.
2012-02-22 Nokia's Boston office takes apps to a new level
Nokia is said to be putting faith into Navteq, a navigation-software provider the company acquired for $8.1 billion in 2007. So far Navteq hasn't played any part in Nokia's overall strategy
2002-03-04 Nokia presses open platform strategy
Nokia will license the source code of smart-phone software it has designed internally. Leading the charge for open technology, Nokia said it will offer its Series 60 software and the rest of "an open smart-phone platform" to competing cell phone manufacturers
2016-04-13 NI enhances asset monitoring with new IIoT platform
NI unveiled a software solution for online condition monitoring that acquires and analyses sensory information, allows maintenance specialists to visualise data, and simplify the deployment of large of monitoring systems
2006-04-21 Nextreaming joins 'global campaign' against Qualcomm
Nextreaming, a developer of embedded multimedia software for mobile handsets, filed a complaint with Korea's Fair Trade Commission against Qualcomm
2010-01-26 Next-gen digital media to embrace cloud computing
Apple, Disney and a broad coalition of companies are developing cloud-based services that analysts say will usher in the next phase of the digital media era.
2003-09-02 New OSCI board strives for SystemC approval
The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) wants to cement itself as a viable language for large silicon platforms and SoCs.
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