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2009-05-06 Using the Mini-FlexBus external bus interface for ColdFire microcontrollers
This application note describes how to set up and use the Mini-FlexBus on the MCF5225x and shows some implementation examples.
2001-05-15 TMS320C6000 expansion bus interface to PCI bus through PLX PCI9080 bridge chip
This application note describes how to interface Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP expansion bus to the PCI bus using the PCI9080 bridge chip from PLX Technologies.
2002-06-13 STMicro Flash memories target LPC bus interface
STMicroelectronics has introduced a family of Flash memories targeted at the industry-standard low pin-count bus interface used in computer motherboard architectures.
2001-04-25 PCILynx 1394 to PCI bus interface TSB12LV21BPGF
This application note describes the PCILynx ASIC that uses TI's TGC3000T ASIC technology and controls the transfer of 1394 data packets between devices operating in a PCI bus environment and devices operating in an IEEE 1394 bus environment.
2006-02-08 PC104/MVB bus interface facilitates railway communication
Eurotech released a new PC/104 Add-on module, which is an MVB interface board specifically developed to be used as a gateway between a PC104 system and the MVB bus.
2004-12-14 MPC5200 local plus bus interface
This app note gives a brief explanation how to use this interface.
2007-08-27 Mobile hydraulic sensor touts CAN bus interface
MTS Systems' Sensors Division has developed a compact position sensor, based on the company's Temposonics technology, with a CANbus interface.
2001-10-12 ISA bus interface for D.Module.C31eco
This application note describes how to use D.Module's user programmable CPLD to implement a straightforward interface to the industry-standard ISA bus.
2013-04-05 I2C bus interface ready for Philips v 3.0 spec
The DI2CMS provides an interface between a microprocessor or microcontroller and an I2C bus and works as a master or a slave transmitter/receiverdepending on a working mode, determined by the MCU.
2011-02-17 I2C bus interface 3 reception in single-master mode
Here's an example of reading data from EEPROM using the SH7262/SH7264 microcomputers I2C bus interface 3 reception in single-master mode.
2010-04-29 I?C isolator eases bidirectional bus interface
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTC4310 hot swappable I?C isolator that provides bidirectional communication between two I?C busses whose grounds are isolated from one another.
2002-10-07 ERNI bus interface connector features die-cast housing
The ERbic MAX Profibus IDC Switch bus interface connector features a die-cast metal housing for strict EMC requirements.
2005-12-15 Bridging chip upgrades bus interface designs to PCI Express
PLX Technology's latest bridge chip, dubbed PEX 8311, is designed to upgrade standard processor, DSP and FPGA bus interface designs to PCI Express.
1999-12-06 System testability using standard logic
This paper presents some examples that illustrate the expanded test capabilities available in the earlier bus-interface products ? the SCOPE test octals.
2004-12-08 ST MCU with CAN, LIN interfaces in TQFP32 package
ST announced volume production of its ST72F561 8bit MCU, which integrates CAN and LIN bus interfaces, plus 60KB of flash memory.
2009-05-15 Serial bus specification
The shared 3-wire serial interface is a common interface developed for Intersil optical products, including LDD, PDIC and PMIC, or other receiving devices on the OPU.
2000-12-01 Ringed bus technology puts twist on switching networks
Switch fabric is a fast, concurrent and transparent mechanism for transferring data from multiple sources to multiple destinations within a network via high-speed point-to-point links.
2001-07-02 Real-World USB2.0 Questions And Answers
This paper reviews the basic differences between 1394 and USB2.0 devices at the electrical signaling level and how that compares to production test system capabilities in the factory today.
2008-06-16 Real-time clock extends standby time of handhelds
NXP Semiconductors claims the industry's best low-power performance real-time clock chips with SPI bus interface, the PCF2123.
2003-06-12 Rambus interfaces to be tested on Agilent system
Rambus Inc. has selected Agilent Technologies Inc.'s 93000 SOC Series test system to characterize Rambus' latest interfaces, codenamed Yellowstone and Redwood.
2009-07-15 PMC packs four CAN bus interfaces
MEN Micro Inc. is offering the P506 Quad CAN bus interface PMC, operating at 32bit/33MHz, which provides four independent, galvanically-isolated CAN interface channels on a single card.
2003-09-16 Multiprocessing with real-time operating systems
The article focuses on a specific type of multiprocessor system, the tightly coupled SMP, and how it is supported by a typical RTOS.
2006-06-02 Interrupt usage on FlexRay CC
This application note describes the initialization and usage of FlexRay communication controller interrupts at the Fujitsu evaluation board FLEXRAY-FPGA-EVA-KIT-369.
2004-06-21 Interfacing the DS2156 UTOPIA II bus to Dallas demo kits
This app note describes how to use the DS2156 UTOPIA II bus interface on the Dallas Semiconductor DS2156DK development kit.
2001-10-12 Interfacing slow peripherals to D.Modules via SPI
This application note describes the use of an SPI interface implemented in D.Module's user-programmable CPLD to connect slow-speed peripherals.
2010-04-27 I?C buffer ICs minimize bus idle time
Intersil Corp. has introduced a new series of two-wire bidirectional I?C buffers that minimizes bus idle time and propagation delay, increasing maximum overall system speed.
2009-12-11 Host, device apps get SATA IP solution
This article describes the serial ATA (SATA) complete IP solution for both host and device applications.
2007-11-09 FPGA simulators produce CameraLink images
GiDEL has announced their new PROC_CamSim product that can automatically generate CameraLink images during image and vision system development without the use of real cameras.
2003-01-28 ERNI CAN switch features die cast metal housing
ERNI has introduced an ERbic MAX CAN switch that features a die cast metal housing, enabling it to operate in rough environments.
2001-10-05 DIP065 user's manual
This application note presents an intensive discussion of the DIP065 CAN serial interface module. It explains DIP065 hardware and functional requirements, protocol formats, device functions, etc.
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