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2014-10-07 Post-holiday buzz: Read all the news you've missed
Here are the electronics news you may have missed during last week's holidays.
2009-06-04 Media phone buzz hits Computex
ARC International is pushing media phones at this year's Computex, adding fuel to a heavily charged level of hype and excitement at one of the largest high-tech trade shows in Asia
2007-01-17 Market buzz: Intel to set up key plant in China
Market sources claim that Intel Corp. will put up a major manufacturing plant in China that will manufacture 65nm multicore processors.
2007-02-13 Market buzz: FITI to buy shares in HPO, AOT
Foxsemicon Integrated Technology (FITI), an affiliate of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd, will buy 300 million shares from LED chip manufacturer High Power Opto Inc. to expand business in the LED market.
2007-05-02 Market buzz: Apple to buy 500 million Samsung NAND flash chips
Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. have been discussing plans for volume purchase of NAND flash chips that will be used in all iPods and iPhones from June to December 2007.
2002-03-25 Hum and buzz in unbalanced interconnect systems
This application note discusses the causes of hum and buzz in unbalanced audio systems and offers tips on how to minimize them.
2009-07-24 How to minimize mobile phone GSM buzz
This article identifies some of the mechanisms that can cause GSM buzz and identifies proven, practical solutions.
2008-04-18 DRM debate spins more buzz
The battle over DRM resumed at ESC when a Hollywood studio proponent of DRM went head-to-head with an attorney who demanded unfettered consumer rights to use and share copyrighted video.
2008-12-10 Buzz: Xilinx taps Samsung for 40nm production
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd's foundry business has reportedly bagged the 40nm business of fabless FPGA vendor Xilinx Inc. according to financial management company Robert W Baird & Co.
2009-02-13 Buzz: Will UMC join IBM 'fab club'?
Rumors at the International Solid State Circuits Conference and other events claim that Taiwan foundry vendor United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) is mulling over plans to join IBM's "fab club."
2009-01-07 Buzz: Will Samsung increase DRAM prices?
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is mulling a plan to raise its DRAM prices, while Taiwan's suppliers have cut production, according to an analyst.
2008-09-09 Buzz: Will Samsung buy SanDisk?
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is reportedly considering acquiring flash memory maker SanDisk Corp.
2009-02-16 Buzz: UWB shakeout claims Tzero
Sources confirm that UWB startup TZero Technologies has shut down operations, becoming yet another fatality in the much-anticipated UWB shakeout that commenced in Q4 08.
2010-01-08 Buzz: TSMC buys Nikon 193nm litho scanner
In a surprise move, TSMC has procured a new 193nm immersion lithography scanner from rival Nikon Corp., according to sources.
2007-12-21 Buzz: Three Japan firms in talks on OLED dev't
Japan companies Matsushita Electric Industrial, Canon and Hitachi are reportedly discussing a multibillion-dollar deal regarding thin panels for TV and other electronics.
2008-02-20 Buzz: Taiwan's Compal to relocate plants to Vietnam
Reports are circulating that Taiwan's Compal Electronics is stepping up to move its production lines from China to Vietnam due to new labor laws and tax incentives in the latter.
2008-07-07 Buzz: Sanyo sets up Li-ion battery plant in Hyogo
Sanyo Electric Co. will build a factory to manufacture rechargeable Li-ion batteries in Minamiawaji, Hyogo Prefecture, according to a report from The Japan Times.
2010-03-11 Buzz: Samsung to go gate-last for 22nm
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is reportedly looking at gate-last technology as an alternative in high-k dielectrics, according to sources.
2008-06-24 Buzz: Samsung to build IC plant in Philippines
South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is considering investing $1 billion in a semiconductor plant in the Philippines, according to a Reuters report.
2008-06-09 Buzz: Samsung LCD TV center to rise in China
Samsung announced that it might build another LCD facility in China to meet the country's growing demand for LCD TV sets, according to a report from
2008-08-12 Buzz: Qimonda, Elpida mull manufacturing JV
A Qimonda AG spokesperson acknowledged media reports that the Infineon memory spin-off is in talks with Japan's Elpida Memory Inc. over possible joint manufacturing activities.
2009-06-01 Buzz: Qimonda loses potential China investor
Qimonda AG's chances to continue an entity sunk to almost zero after the last remaining potential investor has dismissed its interest.
2010-01-12 Buzz: NXP puts TriMedia on sale
NXP Semiconductors is looking for buyers to take over TriMediathe company's once most coveted VLIW multimedia processor, EE Times has learned.
2008-03-03 Buzz: Nvidia to acquire AMD?
Despite the long string of potential problems, analysts and industry observers insist that the idea of Nvidia acquiring AMD has significant merit.
2009-09-09 Buzz: Micron to bid for Numonyx?
Rumor has it that Micron Technology Inc. is mulling over plans to buy Numonyx B.V.
2010-02-09 Buzz: Micron eyes Numonyx takeover
Word on the street is that Micron is still seeking to enter the NOR flash market and is mulling plans to buy Numonyx B.V.
2010-01-07 Buzz: Is UAE taking over Hynix?
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is considering buying a stake in South Korea's Hynix Semiconductor Inc., according to a report.
2009-11-05 Buzz: Is Nvidia working on x86 processor?
The rumors are again surfacing that Nvidia Corp. may enter the x86-based microprocessor market.
2008-08-22 Buzz: Intel to drive stereo 3D to TVs
Though details remain unclear, early reviews hold that Intel has taken a "great leap ahead" in extending its x86 jewel into consumer electronics.
2009-02-10 Buzz: Intel to close China plant
Chip giant Intel Corp. reportedly plans to close its IC packaging plant in Shanghai, Chinaa move that would eliminate 2,000 jobs.
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