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2002-01-14 MAS LDO regulator delivers 305V output noise sans bypass capacitor
The MAS9162 low dropout (LDO) regulator is rated at 80mA and exhibits a 305Vrms output noise level, even without a bypass capacitor.
2009-03-11 Choosing and using bypass capacitors
Bypass capacitors are found in every working piece of electronic equipment. The methods for choosing bypass capacitors typically follow decisions of tradition instead of optimizing for any particular circuit. This application note aims to bring the design aspect back to this seemingly simple component
2005-10-20 Bypass or decouple your way to power supply noise reduction (Part 2
Understand better the dynamics of power distribution.
2005-10-20 Bypass or decouple your way to power supply noise reduction
Understand better the dynamics of power distribution.
2002-05-13 ATC multilayer capacitor have &gt10,000 Q-factor
The 700E series NPO porcelain multilayer capacitors provide a Q-factor >10,000, and can be used for bypass, coupling, tuning, impedance matching, and dc blocking applications in HF/RF power amplifiers, transmitters, antennas, and MRI coils
2007-11-23 500mA LDO features ceramic capacitor compatibility
New Japan Radio's NJM2835 is a 500mA output LDO featuring ceramic capacitor compatibility, high precision output, high ripple rejection ratio, low noise and maximum input voltage of 20V
2012-07-27 Power tip: Avoid common multilayer ceramic capacitor issues
Learn about the potential pitfalls with ceramic capacitors and know how to avoid them.
2002-12-04 Wanming ceramic capacitors withstand 2.5x rated voltage
The company has released a line of low-frequency ceramic capacitors that are able to withstand up to 2.5 times their voltage rating.
2003-03-05 Wanming ceramic capacitors have 4mm profile
Xiamen Wanming Ceramic Co. Ltd's line of ceramic capacitors is available with Y5V or Y5P dielectric material.
2009-08-12 Voltage reference ICs deliver high accuracy
ON Semi's new family of reference ICs enable precision performance in test equipment and portable DAQs.
2002-07-30 Vishay capacitors rated up to 1kVdc
The MKT1820 series of metallized polyester film capacitors is available with voltage ratings of 63, 100, 250, 400, 630Vdc, and 1kVdc.
2012-05-22 Various ways of controlling EMC
Hardware engineers should deal with electromagnetic compatibility during the pc board design phase to ensure a system free of EMC faults.
2006-10-16 Techniques in designing high-performance amplifiers
Learn the factors that make amps oscillate and the general guidelines in designing high-speed amps.
2002-05-09 Switching supply 'bias' circuit
This application note describes how the BIAS supply could be implemented as a "bias" supply for primary system power supplies.
2003-02-11 PPF caps withstand 1.4 times their rated voltage
The MPC series of polypropylene film capacitors from Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co. Ltd can withstand 1.4 times its rated voltage for 5s
2014-09-05 Power tip: How to get more power from a flyback
Interleaving a flyback allows you to save cost by using fewer parts or to reduce the ripple voltage of the power supply. Plus, it raises the effective switching frequency of the power supply.
2003-04-11 Jenn Fu film capacitors exhibit low self inductance
The MEC series of film capacitors from Jenn Fu Electronics Corp. exhibit low self inductance and is suitable for filtering and bypass apps
2002-09-27 Europtronic film capacitors exhibit 30-gigaohm insulation resistance
The FMPE series of film capacitors has a dielectric strength of 1.5 times its rated voltage and an insulation resistance >30 gigaohms if the capacitance is <0.335F or >10 gigaohms if capacitance is >0.335F.
2003-04-08 Chien Wei PPF capacitors rated to 630Vdc
The MPR series of metallized polypropylene film capacitors from Chien Wei Electronics Co. Ltd is available with capacitance values running up to 0.1?F.
2003-01-09 ATC RF chip capacitors withstand 625Vdc for 5s
The 600F series of RF and microwave chip capacitors from American Technical Ceramics Corp. is rated at 250Vdc and can withstand 625Vdc for 5s.
2002-05-03 ATC multilayer capacitors suitable for HF apps
The 920C series of multilayer ceramic capacitors from American Technical Ceramics Corp. provide a rugged hermetic package suitable for bypass, coupling, and dc blocking applications in circuits containing HF amplifiers and SMPS filters
2003-05-28 AC Line Rated Disc Capacitors
This application note describes characteristics and applications of the company's ac line-rated disc capacitors.
2002-07-01 Vishay chip capacitors are pad-compatible with MIL-PRF-55365/4
The CC/EC series of solid tantalum chip capacitors from Vishay Intertechnolgy Inc. measure 2.54-by-1.27-by-1.27mm, and are pad-compatible with the MIL-PRF-55365/4 standard (CWR06/CWR09) standard.
2002-04-17 Murata capacitors target HRF power apps
Murata Electronics North America has launched a High Performance RF Power (HPP) capacitor series in response to demand from the capital equipment market for the processing of semiconductor wafers that use HRF power electronics
2003-10-30 Megatone polypropylene caps operate to 85C
Suitable for use in coupling, bypass, RF filtering, and solid-state apps where size is critical, the MPR and PPN types of polypropylene capacitors from Megatone Electronics Corp. feature high stability
1999-02-01 Improving the performance of an ADC
Several factors contribute to the corruption of the data output of a high performance ADC. Employing proper grounding techniques and selecting the right op amp to drive the ADC, among other solutions, can ensure a squeaky-clean ADC output.
2006-08-11 Ceramic capacitors with reduced board mounting area
AVX has introduced a new single-layer ceramic capacitor series that features X7R characteristics and a dielectric constant of 60,000
2003-10-13 Vishay rolls out film caps, optocoupler, transformers
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released its new line of products that include thin-film chip and wire capacitors, optocoupler, and current-sensing transformers.
2003-09-26 Shengye caps withstand high current, high voltage
Shengye Electrical Co. Ltd's CBB41 switching power filter capacitors feature epoxy resin sealing, and copper chip terminals.
2005-04-21 Moisture-resistant RF capacitors
AVX 's new SQ series of high performance RF/Microwave capacitors have been designed for matching, bypass, coupling, feedback and DC block functions in various apps
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