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2007-09-03 Software verbally guides cable, wire harness assembly
CAMI Research has enhanced its AutoBuild software to provide guided assembly with speech for cable and wire harness manufacturing
2004-11-30 Nomadic tester makes short work of statistical analysis on Ethernet networks
Agilent's new nomadic performance analyzer lets users readily run pre-defined performance test suites.
2007-09-13 LAN cable tester software promises proper certification
Agilent has released a new software version of its handheld LAN cable tester, WireScope Pro, which ensures proper certification of structured cabling in the presence of PoE mid-span devices.
2003-07-15 Fonitech releases LAN cable tester unit
Fonitech Industrial has released a LAN cable tester that is applicable to RJ45/RJ11/BNC/USB connectors.
2003-09-16 Fault finder: Identifying cable problems with VCT
As VCT technology is integrated into the physical layer of the network, IT managers and end-users can swiftly identify the failing mechanism and identify the problem.
2016-04-27 Ethernet transceivers support up to 5Gbit/s over Cat5e cable
The Marvell Alaska 88E2010/40 Ethernet transceivers promise a cost efficient, small form factor and low power dissipation to allow the use of the most common types of installed Cat5e Ethernet cabling.
2008-05-19 Cable tester includes voice control function
CAMI Research has released new software for its CableEye cable and wire harness tester that allows production engineers to use synthetic speech and voice recognition for hands-free operation.
2008-01-03 Cable tester has multi-language capability
CAMI Research has developed CableEye, a PC-based cable and harness test system with multi-language capability
2008-03-25 Cable tester has API for control via external programs
CAMI Research has added an API software library to its Cable Eye cable and wire harness tester that enables control of the tester by an external program.
2002-02-14 Shenzhen Optoscape CATV tester exhibits 0.4dB accuracy
The Optical Power Meter CATV tester features an accuracy within 0.4dB and a measurement range of -26dBm to 26dBm, enabling it to measure high power levels in AM CATV networks and fiber amplifiers
2008-08-11 Light tester simplifies cable assembly connection
CAMI Research has introduced a computer-assisted technique for assembling circular connectors used in aerospace and other high-reliability applications.
2009-02-25 Impact of cable losses
Cables used in a high-speed tester can impact the overall performance of the tester and will ultimately limit its performance. Due to the high cost that can be associated with these cables, low-cost cables are normally used in these high-speed systems
2008-07-01 Handheld tester deals with MoCA-based home networks
Spirent Communications plc has introduced the Tech-X Flex, a handheld network and service quality tester, to identify and troubleshoot IP video services in the home
2007-09-11 Handheld cable, antenna tester suits wireless service maintenance
Agilent Technologies Inc. has launched the N9330A cost-effective, easy-to-use handheld, battery-operated cable and antenna tester for field engineers and technicians.
2002-04-02 Fluke insulation resistance tester measures up to 1 teraohm
The Fluke 1550 MegOhmMeter from Fluke Corp. performs insulation resistance testing of up to 1 teraohm, with output voltgaes of 500V, 1kV, 2.5kV, and 5kV, making the device suitable for use in installation testing, and maintenance and commissioning.
2006-06-13 Azimuth unveils 'first' tester for 802.11n devices
Azimuth's latest product is touted to be an industry-first functional tester for draft 802.11n-based products
2007-05-15 Portable tester identifies ONTs on FTTx F2 fibers
AFL Telecommunications has introduced the OFI-FTTx, a rugged, handheld optical fiber identifier designed to identify the presence or absence of an ONT on FTTx F2 fibers.
2005-05-02 Nomadic fiber-optics tester supplants multiple instruments
The T9080s from Anritsu are compact optical time-domain reflectometers that are designed for metro area FTTx access network testing.
2006-09-28 Agilent unveils integrated tester for HDMI 1.3
Agilent Technologies has announced an integrated sink, source and cable test approach for the new HDMI 1.3 standard
2007-01-23 Aeroflex claims 'ultimate' field radio tester
Promising portability, long battery life and high performance, Aeroflex dubs its new radio test set, the Aeroflex 3500, as the ultimate in field service testing.
2008-01-16 JDSU offers structured cabling test products
JDSU will unveil several new task-ready tools for network and enterprise test including the LanScaperPRO network tester, TestifierPRO cable tester and fiber-optic test kits at the Winter BICSI Conference 2008.
2008-03-18 Tool detects faults in optical submarine cables
Anritsu has introduced the MW90010A Coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) that uses coherent detection scheme to produce improved dynamic range and sensitivity over previous generation devices.
2015-11-20 Test active optical cables during design, production
Testing and analysis done at critical junctures during the design process can further reduce costs by optimising the design for high yield given specified manufacturing tolerances.
2005-04-08 Semiconductor analyzer packs integrated CV, IV capability
Agilent is introducing a Windows-based semiconductor device analyzer that integrates CV and IV measurements into a single instrument.
2015-02-17 Choosing what's right for you: Ohmmeter vs TDR
Field-test instrumentation fills the gap between a basic tester and sophisticated engineering units, allowing verification of the basic integrity and performance of copper and optical-fibre cable assemblies.
2014-08-04 Oculus Rift DK2 teardown: Weight, repairability matter
The iFixit teardown revealed that the beta version of DK2 has thinner cables, which contributes to make the device lighter. The improved cable management feature, plus the standard Phillips screws, also makes the kit repair-friendly
2008-08-11 GbE testing tool debuts in palm-size footprint
Sunrise Telecom Inc. announced the SunLite GigE, the world's first palm-size GigE tester. This tool helps telecom and broadband service providers meet the stringent demands of using Ethernet to deliver robust and differentiated services to their business and municipal customers
2007-06-14 PCIe Ethernet chip integrates EEPROM, passives
At Computex 2007, Marvell Technology Group Ltd unveiled the Yukon FE+ 88E8040 controller for mobile and desktop PCs.
2004-09-13 Marvell rolls out GbE controller for server platforms
Marvell released what it claims as the industry's first x4 PCI Express, dual-port Gigabit Ethernet controller for server platforms.
2008-07-01 WiMAX Wave 2 tests commence
Even as WiMAX technology begins riding its first wave of deployment, second-generation equipment design is entering the water. WiMAX developers are targeting what they call Wave 2 development, which aims to increase security and performance in fixed and mobile applications.
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