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2005-01-12 Yamaichi offer alternative for thin coaxial cables
Yamaichi Electronics introduced a new generation of high-speed connectors and cables.
2015-10-30 VNA test cables support operation up to 40GHz
The ruggedised VNA test cables from Pasternack have a maximum phase change of 5 at 40GHz with typical calibration procedures, geared for harsh test lab use and production testing.
2005-06-28 Video-over-IP streamer cuts cables with Power-over-Ethernet
An enhanced version of Bluegill, an MPEG-4 IP video streamer from Cradle Technologies, adds Power-over-Ethernet, RS-485 control of pan, tilt and zoom, and enhanced alarm sensor and relay control.
2008-06-30 Video Serdes IC chases away data control cables
Intersil Corp.'s ISL34340 Serdes interface transports 27 bits of video data and bi-directional I2C into a single high-speed LVDS cable of up to 10m long.
2001-04-06 Using HOTLink with long copper cables
This application note discusses the primary considerations, which include signal propagation, attenuation/dispersion and equalization, in using Cypress Semiconductor's HOTLink data communication devices with long copper cables.
2009-02-25 USB converter cables back RS-422, RS-485
Future Technology Devices International has released two serial interface converter cables that incorporate transceivers to facilitate connecting RS-422 or RS-485 based peripherals to a PC's USB port.
2011-08-10 USB cables transfer data up to 30Mbit/s
FTDI has added two cables to its USB to digital level serial interface portfolio that have 3.3Vÿlogic level interfaces and operate at -40C to 85C.
2000-09-27 Update on connectivity: Cables & connectors (physical interface: past, present and 1394b future)
The heart of the multimedia bus is the physical connector and various 4-pin and 6-pin alternatives have been discussed now for years. This paper reviews the physical interconnect, now and with the new 1394b types of interface that are coming along as the speed and distance of 1394 increases.
2013-07-26 Ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables
The microwave coaxial cables from Molex yield stable electrical performance with minimal impedance and insertion loss variation in dynamic applications and deliver up to 88 per cent VOP.
2005-10-10 Tyco rolls RoHS-compliant cables
Tyco Electronics' latest RoHS-compliant offering is its MADISON CABLE brand of Pb-free and heavy-metal-free cables.
2008-03-18 Tool detects faults in optical submarine cables
Anritsu has introduced the MW90010A Coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) that uses coherent detection scheme to produce improved dynamic range and sensitivity over previous generation devices.
2015-11-20 Test active optical cables during design, production
Testing and analysis done at critical junctures during the design process can further reduce costs by optimising the design for high yield given specified manufacturing tolerances.
2004-01-16 Sinbon cables feature 3.5mm(?) jacket
Sinbon Electronics has announced the availability of its SB-34 mini coaxial cables that features a jacket dimension of 3.5mm(?) and insulation resistance of 50 megohms.
2002-02-28 Shanghai Cable power cables pass product appraisal
Shanghai Cable Works' 132kV crosslink polythene insulation power cables have passed the appraisal conducted by the Holland Int. Test Center.
2002-01-21 Qufu Cable begins production of OPGW cables
Luneng Taishan Qufu Cable Co. Ltd has started manufacturing OPGW (Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire) with an annual capacity of 3,000km.
2009-05-12 PROFINET cables trim on-site installation time
Harting has released a new range of hybrid PROFINET cables which combine PROFINET data and 24V power distribution in a single cable for ease of installation and enhanced reliability.
2002-04-04 Pirelli single-mode fiber-optic cables operate at 850nm
Claimed by the company to be the industry's first single-mode fiber-optic cable to operate at 850nm, the FineLight Giga and Base optical fibers enable system providers to build fiber-based networks that meet the requirements of both multi-mode and single-mode operation.
2003-01-23 Pirelli mini-cables maximize duct utilization
Pirelli Telecom's mini-cable system delivers between 12 and 72 fibers per cable.
2004-01-14 New Epoch coaxial cables have aluminum mylar shields
Changzhou New Epoch Enterprises Co. Ltd (E) has released its CFETT-D general or RG-type coaxial cables that come with aluminum mylar longitudinal shields.
2003-11-24 Neostar Cat.6 cables handle up to 1Gb transfer rate
The Cat.6 patch cables from Neostar Technology are designed to handle up to 1Gb data transfer rate, and are backward compatible with Cat.5 and Cat.5e types.
2010-01-20 Mini DisplayPort cables support 8.64Gbit/s bandwidth
The active cables support the full 8.64Gbit/s bandwidth HBR of DisplayPort 1.1a, through up to 50 meters of copper cable.
2012-07-04 Microwave coax cables push signal speeds
The microwave coaxial cables are available with either a low loss solid core fluoropolymer resin dielectric or a ultralow loss fluoropolymer resin layer applied over dual monofilaments for increased signal speed.
2005-08-16 Microwave cables resist temperatures in excess of 900C
Precision Measurements disclosed that they have developed metal jacketed microwave cables using high purity silicon dioxide, which resists temperatures in excess of 900c.
2013-04-19 MediSpec cables boast optimum signal transmission
Molex's MediSpec high-density micro-ribbon cables use ribbonized parallel wires bonded together using fluoropolymer technology into an organised and dense package.
2004-06-01 Master Hill fiber-optic cables have 0.2dB loss
The new plastic fiber-optic cables from Master Hill Electric are designed for interconnects between advanced audio equipment.
2003-08-26 LSI Logic's four kits include Tripp Lite cables
LSI Logic has announced an enhancement to its channel product portfolio by introducing new product packaging and expanding the number of kitted products offered with cables.
2007-10-03 Low-loss material, chip combine for better cables
Data center systems will benefit from cables which use a new low-loss dielectric material and a signal conditioning chip to reduce power requirement and interconnect latency.
2009-01-13 Longer distance HDMI cables emerge
Monster Cable Products Inc. and Gennum Corp. teamed up to bring three long distance cables, and ultrahigh-speed and high-speed products for HDMI connectivity using the ActiveConnect technology.
2002-05-29 Krone offers 10Gbps multimode fiber-optic cables
Krone Inc. has introduced the 505m Ultra multimode fiber-optic cable specifically designed for enterprise networks.
2002-08-13 Krone distribution frame packs more fiber-optic cables
The ODS1000 optical distribution frame from Krone is claimed by the company to pack 240 percent more fiber-optic cables than competing products.
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