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2004-02-27 Klong antenna cables suit mobile transceivers
Klong Electronics has released its MC-ECH and MC-4MT antenna cables that are designed for use with mobile transceivers.
2004-05-26 JiangSu HengTong fiber-optic cables adopt slim steel wires
JiangSu HengTong Photoelectric Stock Co. Ltd has released a new series of fiber-optic cables ideal for applications in high density and complexity of centralized cables such as host apparatus or domain centers of big network systems.
2002-11-04 JDSU fiber-optic jumper cables exhibit 0.2dB max insertion loss
Fujian JDSU CASIX Inc.'s fiber-optic jumper cables exhibit a maximum insertion loss of 0.2dB.
2007-06-29 Intel rolls out cables, spec for clusters
Intel has developed a new class of optical cables and system specification geared towards boosting the growth of computer clusters.
2005-11-09 Industrial Ethernet cables offer more options
Belden CDT Electronics Division expanded its line of DataTuff Category 5e Industrial Ethernet cables with 2-pair and 4-pair versions.
2006-10-25 Industrial cables suit AC motor drives
Belden has expanded its line of IndustrialTuff VFD cables with products that are designed to carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors.
2003-10-01 Hosiwell coaxial cables available to 5m
The Cat.5e and Cat.6 coaxial and patch cords from Hosiwell Technology Co. Ltd features T568B wiring.
2013-05-28 Highly durable RF coaxial cables capable of 26.5GHz
Pasternack's line of SMA and N-Type Test Cables are constructed with extremely durable, machined, stainless steel connectors and come standard with a double-shielded coax and FEP jacket.
2008-09-03 High flex cables fit C-Track, robotic systems
Weidmuller has introduced a line of SAI High Flex cables designed for demanding continuous flexing applications.
2006-03-24 Headers designed for multi-lane SATA/SAS cables
FCI has developed 32-position, vertical and right-angle headers to connect multi-lane serial ATA or SAS cables.
2004-04-23 Futong Showa's data cables secure UL certification
Hangzhou Futong Showa Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd's primary product, data cables, has passed the UL Test and Certification of Flammability Protection with high marks.
2007-05-11 Fiber patch cables roll with low-smoke zero-halogen jacket
Cables To Go added numerous low-smoke zero-halogen configurations to their fiber optic patch cables.
2007-04-19 Fiber optic cables weather outdoor environs
Belden's Brilliance Tactical Fiber Optic Cables have been redesigned to provide for maximum performance in rigorous outdoor applications.
2004-02-16 Exceltek telecom cables have low emission loss
Designed for Bluetooth wireless applications, the RF telecom cables from Exceltek Electronics feature low emission loss.
2002-08-09 Excellence RJ45 accepts round, flat cables
The company's RJ45 modular jack comes with an 8P8C insert allowing it to accept round and flat cables.
2007-02-27 Ethernet connector suits Cat 5, 5e cables
Tyco Electronics has expanded its AMP Circular Plastic Connector product line with the introduction of the Series 45 Ethernet connector designed for Category 5 and 5e cable.
2008-09-17 Equalizer IC enables error-free transmission in copper cables
Phyworks has successfully completed system level interoperability testing of its 10Gbit/s active equalizer in an SFP+ active copper cable assembly.
2002-01-11 Dongguan Stone coaxial cables provide minimal crosstalk
The ST-4 coaxial cables offer low loss and low propagation delay, enabling minimal crosstalk. They are designed primarily for PC and gaming applications.
2003-03-24 Display Werks LCD breaks free from VGA cables
The company has announced the availability of its XC series of LCD flat panel displays designed specifically for the digital signage market.
2002-09-17 Corning fiber-optic cables have 805m cladding diameter
The PureMode Reduced Clad Photonic Fibers portfolio includes a model with an 805m cladding diameter fiber-optic cable suitable for use in SFF EDFAs, next-generation couplers, and compact optical modules.
2003-09-16 CommScope wireless cables utilize smooth-wall cable design
CommScope has released a line of 50 ohm aluminum transmission line cables utilizing its smooth-wall cable design.
2003-08-26 CommScope releases security, fire alarm control cables
CommScope has expanded its security cabling portfolio with the release of a line of security/fire alarm and control cables.
2003-06-18 China government sets minimum prices of fiber-optic cables
The State Development Planning Commission and State Economic and Trade Commission have set minimum prices on fiber-optic cables produced in the mainland.
2005-08-03 Bomar SMB interface eliminates additional cables or connectors
Bomar Interconnect Products has added a SMB interconnect to its proprietary Eliminator coaxial series that also includes a family of F-style connectors.
2004-06-17 BivarOpto rolls out cutter for POF, FLP cables
BivarOpto released a palm-sized fiber cutter that is designed exclusively for cutting or stripping plastic optical fiber and flexible light pipe cabling.
2006-10-27 Belden rolls out new industrial Ethernet cables
Belden has expanded its line of DataTuff Industrial Ethernet cables with the addition of three enhanced 4-pair, Category 5e twisted pair cables.
2002-04-01 Belden offers 50-ohm RF coax cables for wet environments
Belden Inc.'s new line of 50-ohm RF coaxial cables feature gas-injected foamed high-density polyethylene insulation and the company's DuoBond II+ 95 percent tinned copper braid shield with water-blocking gel.
2011-01-17 AS-interfaces offer choice of round or flat cables
Belden adds two AS-Interface modules to its Lumberg Automation product range, featuring either an integrated T-piece functionality or piercing contacts to couple to the actuator/sensor network with round cables or flat cables.
2002-06-19 AGLN selects Alcatel fiber-optic cables for metro infrastructures
AGL Networks has selected Alcatel's fiber-optic cables and complementary optical fiber connectivity solutions, the Enhanced-Single Mode Fiber, for deployment in its network in southeastern U.S.
2008-02-08 Active copper cables operate at 10Gbit/s over 10m
Gore's next-generation extended reach cable assemblies operate at 10Gbit/s per channel over a 10m span of AWG 28 copper cable.
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