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2013-07-22 Car wireless market to rise to $1.6B in 2018
IHS forecasted that global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market revenue for wireless technology in cars is set to rise by 41 per cent from 2012 through 2018, up from $1.1 billion last year.
2012-01-23 Capacitive proximity detection paves way for vehicle convenience features
Read about the broad range of automotive comfort applications made possible by the implementation of capacitive proximity sensors.
2005-08-08 CANopen safety chip simplifies safety-related development
Safety-related devices are increasingly being networked together. Expensive safety controllers and safety monitors are available already, but the number of simple and inexpensive safety-related devices is still low. Networked safety technology makes sense only if the peripherals are available at acceptable prices.
2009-07-20 CAN transceiver simplifies system design
Texas Instruments Inc. has developed the ISO1050, claimed to be the first isolated CAN transceiver.
2012-10-18 Can streaming sticks derail smart TV makers?
Several of China's chip companies specialising in multimedia processors which go into sticks have already lined up manufacturers to produce their stick products
2014-07-02 Can PCIe compete and win against Ethernet?
While nothing is on the horizon that will fundamentally change the status quo, PCIe is showing every sign of growing and competing for space once the domain solely of Ethernet.
2009-03-19 Calibrating signal paths in RF/microwave test signals
This application note provides an overview of three approaches that can be used to calibrate RF signal paths and produce accurate, repeatable measurements
2006-09-01 Cadence, Mentor spar in high-speed realm
The EDA rivals find themselves at odds as the quest for a single simulation approach suitable for high-speed designs continues.
2013-10-08 Cable-to-board 3M interconnects allow high-density designs
The series 451 and 452 series interconnect products from 3M targets communications, military/aerospace, industrial production, data centre and high-performance computing applications.
2010-02-05 Cable transceiver supports up to 10.5Gbit/s
Phyworks has introduced the PHY2210 equalizing cable transceiver that enables manufacturers to extend the reach supporting all standard data rates up to 10.5Gbit/s.
2011-12-06 Cable ties function from 0C to 85C
3M has expanded its cable tie portfolio that is now UL listed and plenum rated.
2008-03-25 Cable tester has API for control via external programs
CAMI Research has added an API software library to its Cable Eye cable and wire harness tester that enables control of the tester by an external program.
2008-10-03 Cable connectors transcend expectations
ERNI Electronics has expanded its MaxiBridge cable-to-board connector family to include an enhanced set of positions and configurations
2006-05-15 Cable connector system with 1.27mm pitch
ERNI unveiled a single-row cable connector system with a 1.27mm pitch, targeted at space-saving and flexible board-to-cable connections.
2009-07-08 Cable assemblies suit camera link apps
3M Electronic Solutions Division has launched a family of 0.8mm cable assemblies to provide a broad range of interface solutions for camera link applications.
2005-05-04 Cable assemblies available in standard, semi-custom design
MiniMate (MMSD series) with wire gauges from 20AWG to 30AWG and PowerMate (IPBD series) with wire gauges from 16AWG to 24AWG are now available as standard cable assemblies from Samtec.
2005-09-08 Building an end-to-end architecture that supports fixed mobile convergence
Fixed Mobile Convergence is receiving significant attention from the research community and telecom equipment vendors around the world. Is there an end-to-end architecture that will support FMC?
2015-06-19 Building a burn-in chamber
Do you ever burn-in any of your projects? Do you use a commercial chamber or have you built your own? In this article, we share how we created our own for burning in power supplies.
2008-04-22 Buffers include two HDMI channels to HDTV sets
Supporting the HDMI v1.3 interface standard, the AD8192 and AD8195 buffers of ADI allow designers to add up to two HDMI inputs to the front-panels of their latest flat-screen HDTV models.
2003-05-26 Broadcom transceivers transmit up to 622Mbps
The company has released a custom three-chip serial backplane transceiver chipset for Foundry Networks' metro/service provider router architecture.
2008-12-22 Broadband coaxial switch provides three states
Teledyne Coax Switches has introduced the CAS-37, a 3-state switch and the latest in its line of high-performance broadband coaxial switches.
2005-11-01 Bridging device connects PCIe-based host processors to ASI fabrics
Kestrel, the latest member of StarGen's AXSys switching and software product family, is a PCI Express to Advanced Switching Interconnect bridge designed to connect PCIe-based host processors to ASI fabrics.
2002-12-18 Brady includes Asia Pacific region in long-terms plans
Brady Corp. has begun manufacturing operations in Malaysia at its facility in the Bayan Lepas Industrial Park in Penang.
2008-06-19 Boundary-scan controllers allow functional testing
JTAG has unveiled the latest member of its DataBlaster line of boundary-scan controllers that allow electronics manufacturers to easily combine boundary-scan performance and test coverage with functional validation.
2015-03-20 Boost medical apps efficiency through wireless links
Using FPRF devices, manufacturers can incorporate a cost-effective enhancement to their equipment that will differentiate them from their competitors and improve medical care.
2014-11-28 Boost data rates with clock generators
To meet the intensifying demands for higher data rates, high-speed networking and data centre equipment calls for frequency-flexible clock generator IC solutions to support faster data rates.
2008-04-04 Booming video surveillance market grabs the limelight
Video surveillance is suddenly "the fastest-growing market for [digital] video chip providers." Mobilygen president and CEO Chris Day made that comment shortly after wrapping up a trip to China, where video surveillance applications are proliferating at an alarming rate.
2008-10-30 Bluetooth modules ease integration in embedded designs
Laird Technologies Inc. has added of four new Bluetooth modules to its range of wireless products.
2004-05-20 BiTMICRO PMC offers high capacity, reliability
BiTMICRO's E-Disk PMC solid state storage plug-in module is engineered for use as a boot and/or storage device.
2015-08-05 Binding the world under one tech: Can USB Type C do it?
Armed with MHL and now with SuperMHL technologies, both from Silicon Image, Lattice introduced its superMHL chips designed to work over USB Type C connectors.
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