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2012-08-08 Benefits of PLC for smart meter networks
PLC offers the communication reliability necessary to read hundreds of thousands of metering points at an acceptable cost every day.
2014-12-30 Benefits of data acquisition for vehicles
In-vehicle data acquisition can help you diagnose engine problems and improve performance in vehicles. Measurements can help in finding the right trade-off between ease of engine cranking and kickbacks.
2014-10-13 Below sea level: Start-up wants to bring Internet to ocean's depths
Communication under the sea requires a high level of flexibility over physical layer signalling, sensing as well as granular control over timing. But adopting land-based technologies is not possible because electromagnetic waves are rapidly absorbed in water.
2014-07-14 Bell Labs channels 10Gbit/s over copper wires
The speed has been achieved with a broadband-over-copper technology that uses an increased frequency range of up to 500MHz for high-speed data transmission over short distances, targeted to deliver fibre speeds to homes without the trouble of deploying the costly, unsightly fibre optic cabling infrastructure.
2002-03-22 Baycom to install additional production equipment
Fiber-optic cable maker Baycom Opto-electronics Technology Co. Ltd will install additional production equipment this quarter in its bid to increase monthly capacity by 50 to 70 percent.
2005-12-19 Battery powered vector network analyzers go afield
Anritsu's VNA Master MS2024A and VNA Master MS2026A vector network analyzers offer the ability to make 1-port and 2-port magnitude and phase measurements that are as good as what you would get in the lab.
2007-10-17 Bad Apple, Greenpeace says of iPhone
iPhone is one rotten apple, claims Greenpeace, after uncovering two kinds of hazardous substances in the much-hyped mobile phone.
2006-06-20 Automotive interface controllers deliver 50Mbps
SMSC has launched intelligent network interface controllers (INIC) that can deliver 50Mbps in automotive infotainment applications.
2009-02-10 Audio connectors handle harsh field use
ITT Interconnect Solutions has released a complete line of rugged audio connectors designed to withstand extreme field use.
2006-06-30 Atmel solution eases 802.15.4/ZigBee migration
Atmel has announced an 802.15.4/ZigBee solution that promises seamless migration to wireless networking for the more than 30,000 AVR-based designs.
2004-06-09 Atmel rolls out development kits for UHF ICs
Atmel's new family of development kits promises to enable customers to get started with the company's UHF ICs easily and quickly.
2002-01-18 Atmel rolls out comprehensive programmable SoC EDA tool suite
The System Designer 2.0 EDA tool suite is employed for the design of the FPSLIC family of programmable SoCs.
2006-07-26 Atmel releases low-cost USB OTG development platform
Atmel has released a complete USB solution for embedded systems consisting of the $30 AT90USBKey demonstration board and a new royalty-free USB software suite.
2011-09-15 Atmel releases IEC/EN 60730-certified touch controllers
MCU and touch solutions provider Atmel Corp. has released a family of IEC/EN 60730-certified QTouch capacitive touch controllers for the growing home appliance market.
2003-12-02 Atmel camera targets imaging apps
Atmel Corp. has announced the availability of the AT71XHD, called the AKYLA HD, which is a highly dynamic 12-bit camera.
2010-07-07 Atheros fuses Wi-Fi, powerline for smart grid
Atheros integrates powerline technology with its own products to build up a brand new networking backbone for digital home and further squeeze in on the smart grid craze.
2008-03-27 AT&T, NTT joins Trans-Pacific Consortium
The Trans-Pacific Express Consortium members working on an 18,000km fiber-optic submarine communications cable between the Asia-Pacific region and the United States have welcomed two new members: AT&T and NTT Communications.
2010-08-02 Asia Pacific Wire & Cable bags $18.4M in Thai contracts
Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corp.'s Thailand subsidiary has won about $18.4million worth of contracts from local companies and state-owned telecommunication companies.
2006-05-22 Asia gears up for fiber-based broadband tech
To meet the rapidly growing demand for triple play access, the broadband industry is looking at PON as the next logical step, and major industry player PMC-Sierra is taking the ballgame to Asia.
2010-10-05 Armored low-loss RF coax prevent flexion, compression failures
Crystek has made its LL142 low-loss RF cable assemblies more rugged by combining a spiraled stainless steel casing, as well as an extra fortification offered by a heavy-duty adhesive strain relief neoprene jacket.
2006-03-31 ARM-based MCU costs $1
Luminary Micro announced the first members of its Stellaris family of 32bit MCUs with an entry-level price of $1.
2004-07-16 Are we ready for a 42V automotive system?
Though unclear of the exact boom point for 42V, many are working on making their products 42V compatible in order not to be left out when the waves ride in.
2007-05-21 Apple TV: A work in progress
Apple TV will certainly appeal to Apple addicts, design enthusiasts and hackers. But the rest of us will be waiting to see what happens next before we plunk down our cash.
2011-03-01 Apple picks Thunderbolt I/O for new MacBook
Apple has opted to use Intel's Thunderbolt interface in its new MacBook Pro notebooks, claiming it is a revolutionary I/O technology that can support every important I/O standard.
2007-06-26 Anritsu fields handheld vector network analyzer
Anritsu Corp. introduces the VNA Master MS2034A and MS2036A that offer integrated vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and power meter capability in a single handheld, battery-operated, rugged instrument.
2009-04-23 Another UWB startup shuts down
UWB startup Radiospire Networks Inc. has announced it is closing its doors, leaving three remaining UWB startups committed to the technology despite a string of bad news over the last nine months.
2011-04-13 Analyzer measures group delay over long distance
Rohde & Schwarz claims their R&S ZVA-K10 software option accurately measures group delay and phase linearity on satellite links.
2009-09-24 Analysis: Bumpy ride to SuperSpeed USB
The Intel Developer Forum is expected to fire up the buzz around SuperSpeed USB, but the transition to the 5GHz interface may be slower and bumpier than many would hope due to cost, power and support issues.
2011-09-08 Analogix ignites MYDP vs. MHL battle
Analogix is hoping to tip the uncertain balance of what the best mobility interface is and has joined STMicroelectronics' efforts to push Mobility DisplayPort.
2009-08-07 Analog delay lines handle long transmission distance
Intersil Corp. has rolled out four new triple analog delay lines for video signals that provide sharp, clear images for KVM applications or any video carried over long distances of inexpensive twisted-pair cable.
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