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2007-02-16 Ultrasmall camera flash LED driver loads 700mA
austriamicrosystems has launched an ultrasmall, fully integrated 700mA charge-pump-based flash LED driver.
2006-04-07 SMK camera module only 3mm high
SMK announced the development and commencement of sample shipment of a low-profile camera module that is targeted for use in mobile phones
2006-04-06 SMK announces VGA camera module socket
SMK announced the development of a low-profile VGA camera module socket for 6mm2 camera modules
2008-06-30 Smart camera fits multiple industrial apps
Vision Components recently extended its VC BoardCam family of intelligent cameras without housing with the introduction of the VCSBC4012 camera, targeting industrial applications.
2006-04-06 Sharp unveils new 110,000-pixel CMOS camera module
Sharp has developed a 110,000-pixel CMOS camera module with an optical system that measures 1/11-inch in size
2003-09-02 Sharp CCD camera measures 13.5-by-11-by-9.7mm
The company's IC Group has developed the LZ0P3721 CCD camera module that is capable of incorporating mega-pixel-class cameras into mobile phones
2014-05-08 Powering image sensors in automotive camera apps
Find out how to power the Aptina image sensor with an efficient, quiet, small form factor power solution.
2002-07-18 OVT CMOS digital camera IC hits 2.1 megapixels
Following up the 1.3 megapixel Camera-Chip it launched last fall, OmniVision Technologies Inc. has begun sampling a 2.1 megapixel CMOS device for digital still cameras
2003-05-21 Magellan camera captures large components in single FOV
Universal Instruments' Magellan camera is a high-resolution imaging device that captures most of the largest components in a single FOV to accelerate throughput.
2011-05-11 In-Stat: Mirrorless camera 2015 revenue to reach $825M
As the middle ground between expensive DSLRs and more affordable DSCs, mirrorless digital still camera revenue will reach $825 million in 2015, according to In-Stat
2005-10-03 Higher resolution 3.2MP image sensor targets camera phones
Toshiba America Electronic Components expanded its Dynastron CMOS image sensor product line with the addition of a new 3.2-Megapixel CMOS image sensor chip, aimed at high-end camera-enabled mobile handsets.
2014-01-03 Global camera module market to post $43B in 2019
Transparency Market Research said the market is primarily driven by increasing application of camera modules in smartphones and tablets, and automotive sector
2008-10-01 Fujifilm bring 3D center stage with new camera
If you still think 3D video is just a gimmick, think again.
2006-11-07 Digital still camera runs on mixed-signal components
Far from what the product category name might imply, the digital still camera is loaded with mixed-signal design and components.
2004-09-17 Dialog Semi, Carl Zeiss partner on integrated VGA camera
Dialog Semi and Carl Zeiss have developed an integrated VGA camera with an image sensing processor, flex module and 20-pin connector
2007-10-04 Compact camera modules use Dynastron technology
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. is now sampling a new line of ultracompact camera modules featuring its Dynastron image sensor technology.
2006-10-04 CMOS image sensors enable smaller camera modules
With a pixel pitch of 2.2?m, Toshiba said its new 2Mpixel and 3.2Mpixel CMOS image sensors enable smaller, space-saving camera modules for cellular phones and other camera-enabled mobile devices
2009-11-04 Car camera market keeps on rolling
The supplier landscape for automotive camera modules has become more complex over the last two years says IMS Research
2007-02-19 Camera-phone flash LED driver promises improved visual experience
NXP's news camera-phone LED flash driver promises increased flash performance that enhances picture quality in poor lighting conditions, enabling an improved visual experience
2006-08-22 Camera-in-a-pill takes pictures of digestive tract
Given Imaging Ltd's PillCam is an ingestible diagnostic tool that provides images of the small intestine without invasive surgery or probes.
2004-11-18 Camera phone modules get clearer
Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd, the components arm of the South Korean electronics giant, is gearing up for the next wave in camera phone technology by increasing production of a 3-Mpixel CMOS image sensor that will form the heart of a hinge-mounted module in new-generation camera phones.
2009-10-22 Camera module switches simplify design
Switches are instrumental in minimizing redundant circuitry, eliminating connectors and simplifying design.
2010-03-18 Camera interface IC enables safe driving
Seiko Epson is shipping the S2D13P04 multi-camera analog interface IC that can combine images from multiple sides of the vehicle, helping to eliminate blind spots and enabling a safe driving
2010-02-25 Camera bridge ICs enable high-speed interface to mobiles
TAEC is offering three new bridge chips for handsets that provide high-speed serial interfaces between a phone's baseband or application processor and the display or integrated camera
2014-08-20 Burst-mode camera allows movie shooting at 1 trillion fps
A group of researchers claimed to have developed the world's fastest burst-mode camera that obtains continuous, single-shot, burst-type images without the need for repetitive measurements
2004-12-03 austriamicro unveils 'first smart 1A charge pump for flash LEDs in camera phones
The new charge pumps from austriamicro drive flash LEDs with up to 480mA and 1A output current.
2011-05-26 Adimec expands Quartz CMOSIS camera series
Adimec enhances its Camera Link-Based Systems by introducing its Qs-4A60 and Qs-2A120 cameras
2002-05-17 ADI CCD signal processor can speed digital camera design
Analog Devices Inc. says that its latest CCD signal processor allows designers of CCD-based digital still cameras to reduce camera size, lower parts costs and offer a variety of image resolutions
2009-02-11 3D camera solution simplifies handset design
OmniVision Technologies Inc. has unveiled the CameraCube technology, a 3D reflowable, total camera solution that combines the full functionality of a single-chip image sensor, embedded image processor and wafer-level optics in one compact, small-footprint package
2010-09-30 Photointerrupter highlights small footprint
Sharp will soon launch the GP1S396HCPSF subminiature photointerrupter, measuring 2.26 × 1.4 × 1.6 H mm.
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