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2004-05-18 Xenon strobe flash empowers next-gen camera phones
Aiming for a more practical approach to generate high-quality pictures from cellphones, Linear Technology Corp. has enabled the use of high-quality Xenon strobe flash in camera phones to replace the limited illumination of LEDs, and improve the requirement of cameras to be closer to the subject for clearer pictures
2010-07-22 White LED flash driver improves camera phone picture quality
ADI introduces the ADP1650, a 500-mA LED flash driver sharpens picture quality in camera-enabled cell phones
2007-03-12 UXGA camera module has macro function option
SMK has announced the development of small and low-profile UXGA camera modules that offer with or without macro function options
2005-01-21 TI imaging processor adopted in Samsung's new camera phone
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced that Samsung Electronics has selected TI's imaging processor technology for what they claim as the first camera phone with a hard disk drive for storing images and video.
2007-02-12 ST unveils 2Mpixel camera subsystem
ST has announced a 2Mpixel camera subsystem intended for the high-volume mainstream camera-phone market.
2003-08-18 Smart phone: Imaging is new kid on the block
The smart phone will continue to evolve in the near future - with new functions and capabilities, the integration of a camera on phones would only be the start of making multimedia an essential part of smart phones.
2003-07-09 Sharp, TI partner on camera phone platform
Sharp Corp. and Texas Instruments have agreed to collaborate and combine their expertise in developing a reference design for GSM/GPRS camera phones
2007-04-23 Sensor cuts image blurring in camera phones
Micron has unveiled a 1/4-inch, 3Mpixel camera SoC sensor with an anti-shake feature that reduces image blurring often found in camera phone pictures.
2004-09-20 Samsung uses SanDisk memory cards for camera phones
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has integrated 32MB miniSD cards from SanDisk Corp. to be sold with its digital camera phone.
2005-03-14 Samsung to unveil 7-Mpixel camera phone
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has demonstrated a 7-megapixel camera phone and a smartphone with a 3MB hard drive aimed at playing music at Cebit's technology trade show in Germany.
2004-02-16 Revisiting smart phone promise
Cellphones are getting smarter one chip at a time, and it's only matter of time when we'll actually start calling them smart phones.
2004-06-16 Renesas adds phone cams for lower end
Renesas gives lower-end mobile phone designers add camera capabilities with the release of a slimmed-down version of its SH-Mobile application processor.
2003-03-21 Phone cameras seen outselling digital still cameras
Digital cameras attached to cellular phones are likely to outsell standalone digital still cameras this year, with 50 million or more camera phones shipping in 2003, according to a report by Future Image Inc
2004-11-04 Philips, Nokia join forces on NFC-enabled phone
Philips Semiconductor, Nokia and their partners rolled out a new handset on Tuesday (Nov. 2) based on Philips' near-field communications technology.
2003-02-21 Philips display module integrates video camera
The company has unveiled a display module that integrates a video camera to satisfy OEM demands for still-camera functionalities
2004-07-12 Nokia, STMicro launch camera-module standard
Nokia and STMicroelectronics are releasing a comprehensive specification for camera modules, aimed at standardizing this increasingly important component in mobile devices
2007-08-01 New techs raise bar for camera size, sensitivity
Technology developments announced by Tessera Inc. and Eastman Kodak Co. promise to satisfy consumers' insatiable appetite for smaller-form-factor and higher-performance cameras.
2005-07-08 New image sensor from Cypress aims for digital camera quality
Cypress has developed its first image sensor targeting mobile devices with the introduction of its low-cost 3.0-megapixel CMOS image sensor with a 1/3-inch optical format, analog binning and a 12bit ADC.
2005-09-26 Mobile phone users demand decent batteries
Forget 3G, mobile TV, GPS and MP3 capability. What users really want in their mobile phones and PDAs is two days' worth of battery life for active use.
2005-01-21 Mobile phone shipments to top 1B by 2008, says IC Insights
Sales of cellular handsets rose 29 percent from 520 million in 2003 to 670 million last year and are projected to reach 1.1 billion by 2008, according to market research firm IC Insights Inc.
2006-04-03 Mobile phone chip interface gets real
MIPI Alliance unveils plans to release interfaces for displays, PHY, audio and power management, and other peripherals in the next two years.
2006-02-10 Micron rolls 2MP image sensor for camera phones
Micron's new 2MP image sensor was developed using the company's 2.2?m pixel technology.
2004-04-22 Mega pixel camera for mobile phone
This paper addresses the design challenges of mega pixel camera phone design, the engineering tradeoffs of various development approaches and the current trends in mega pixel camera phone design.
2005-12-26 MagnaChip targets camera phone apps with new sensor
MagnaChip Semiconductor announced the launch of MC532MA, a high-performance 3.2Megapixel CMOS image sensor for the camera phone application market.
2005-09-16 Integrated video amp saves space, cost in camera phones
Mobile camera phones pose challenging technical requirements that can be eased by an integrated video amplifier
2004-08-02 Innovation powers the camera phone
Take a look at standalone DSC and how one can integrate this function into the phone
2003-10-16 Innovation powers the 'camera phone'
A trend happening right now combines two successful ultraportable devices, DSCs and color cellphones, into a single portable device, the camera phone.
2006-06-01 Implement LED flash in camera phones
The most daunting task facing camera phone makers today is the addition of a small light source that won�t rapidly drain handset battery life.
2005-02-11 Experts chime in on future of camera phones
While mobile phone cameras represent the largest and fastest growing market for solid-state image sensors, the continued success of mobile camera phones may not be assured.
2005-04-18 Enhance picture quality using advanced camera system
See what's inside Micron's 2Mpixel CMOS image sensor with an integrated camera system
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