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2005-06-24 Toshiba MIPS-based microprocessor supports Cannon
The 64bit MIPS-based TX99/H4 RISC microprocessor from Toshiba Corp. has been utilized as the controller for Canon Inc.'s latest multi-function digital copiers, including the Color imageRUNNER iR C3170F.
2004-05-14 ITT, Cannon roll out panel-mount rocker switches
The single pole and double pole series of panel-mount power rocker switches from ITT Ind., Cannon are available in a wide range of modern actuator designs.
2004-08-12 ITT, Cannon roll out new version of Universal Contact offering
ITT Ind., Cannon disclosed that the new two way version of its surface-mount Universal Contact delivers even greater benefits.
2003-06-12 ITT Cannon key switches feature >1M switching cycles
The company's K6/K12 series of key switches provides high degrees of vibration resistance and switching.
2007-05-29 Cannon, Toshiba postpone SED TV launch again
Canon Inc. has again postponed the launch of SED TV, which it had scheduled for rollout Q4 2007 with then joint venture partner Toshiba Corp.
2004-05-19 Cannon rolls out panel-mount rocker switches
Featuring new electrical functionality, the single pole (CM) and double pole (CN) series of panel mount power rocker switches from ITT Industries, Cannon.
2004-10-12 Cannon circular DIN72585 connectors save space
Cannon has added 37 and 51 way versions to its APD series of circular DIN72585 connectors.
2006-04-03 ZIF connectors increase reliability, decrease crosstalk
ITT Cannon's DLP series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors are said to provide greater contact reliability and reduced signal crosstalk.
2005-03-24 Rocker switches suit off-road apps
The new analog rocker switches from ITT Ind, Electronics Components feature a contactless sensing design that provides an accurate, proportional output.
2004-10-14 RJ45 Ethernet connectors prepared for harsh environment apps
Cannon launched a full range of highly rugged RJ45 Ethernet connectors, patch cords, covers and sealed boxes targeted for diverse harsh environment apps.
2005-03-09 Power connectors provide high reliability
ITT Ind., Cannon offers a new Bayonet-style Powerlock connector series for field-installable power distribution systems.
2004-03-19 ITT switch provides excellent tactile feedback
The QSA series of switches from ITT Ind., Cannon were developed as a convenient control switch for products with low current demands of 1mA to 50mA.
2003-12-17 ITT rocker switches suit small-scale apps
The CG and CL series of panel mount power rocker switches from ITT Industries, Cannon are designed to suit small appliances, instrument panels, industrial controls, floor care products, and computers and peripherals.
2002-09-03 ITT rocker switch suits simultaneous switching
The C&K 7000 6-pole rocker switch from ITT Ind., Cannon is suitable for use in applications that require the simultaneous switching of multiple circuits.
2003-12-30 ITT releases miniature Trackball switch
ITT Ind., Cannon has launched what it claims as the industry?s first miniature Trackball 360 scanning and select switch.
2003-10-30 ITT Industries connectors combine two to four coax ports
ITT Industries has introduced a range of 75-ohm surface-mountable coaxial connectors that are designed for switching and transmission apps.
2003-01-30 ITT Ind. ships smallest tact switch
The KMR series of miniature tact switches from ITT Ind., Cannon measures 4.6-by-2.8-by-1.9mm and is targeted for in-car navigation apps.
2002-02-27 ITT Ind. offers sealed keyboards for harsh environment apps
The company has unveiled two types of C and K sealed keyboards for use in harsh environment conditions.
2003-12-22 ITT Ind. connectors with 20 milliohms contact resistance
ITT Ind., Cannon has announced an addition to its range of ZD series D-subminiature connectors for cost-sensitive markets.
2004-09-08 ITT expands DIN72585 connector family
ITT Ind., Cannon announced that they have added 37 and 51 way versions to the APD series of circular DIN72585 connectors.
2004-11-25 ITT connectors suit non-harsh environment apps
ITT Ind., Cannon launched a range of SMA connectors targeted at diverse markets, including medical electronics, industrial controls and cellular radio base stations.
2006-03-08 Filter connector withstands thermal shock, vibration
ITT Industries, Electronics Components said its Cannon Chip on Flex filter connector technology virtually eliminates all stress from thermal shock and vibration while protecting sensitive electronics in a lighter weight package.
2005-11-08 D-sub connectors tolerate harsh conditions
ITT Electronic Components offers Cannon Grommet D range of D-subminiature connectors.
2002-04-12 ITT offers normally-closed tactile switch
The KSR-NC normally-closed tactile switch from ITT Ind. Cannon allows designers to integrate the reverse function into products using a simple switch, instead of using electronics or software.
2002-08-21 ITT Ind. switch requires 0.7N actuation force
The KSU SMT switch from ITT Ind., Cannon features a light actuation force of 0.7N without tactile effect and is protected against overload.
2008-04-01 Fiber-optic connector suits harsh environs
ITT Interconnect Solutions' Cannon PHD SuperLC fiber-optic connector features a small form factor and maintains the same high optical performance characteristics of a standard LC product while operating in severe environments.
2008-05-09 Stainless steel D-sub connectors resist corrosion
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a corrosion resistant version of its D-subminiature connectors.
2014-09-01 Photonic circuit pushes boundaries of quantum tech
Scientists at the Niels Bohr Institute have succeeded in creating a steady stream of photons emitted one at a time and in a particular direction.
2002-12-24 ITT to acquire Northrop Grumman unit
ITT Ind. Inc. has signed an agreement with Northrop Grumman Corp. to acquire the VEAM/TEC division of Northrop's Component Technologies sector.
2007-11-01 Filter connectors endure repeated shock, vibration
ITT Electronic Components has tested its Chip on Flex filter connector technology to 1,000 cycles of thermal shock from -55C to 125C per MIL-STD-1344.
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