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2014-11-20 Zytronic outs EMI-resilient capacitive touch controller
The ZXY110 boasts improvements in the speed, accuracy and EMI stability of self-service touchscreens, and supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux OS.
2009-09-10 Water-resistant capacitive sensing
This application note describes a new hardware sensing method that is resilient to water drops appearing on the surface of the touch sensing area.
2009-03-09 Using the capacitive sensing module on the PIC16F72X
This application note describes the use of the capacitive sensing module present on all PIC16F72X devices.
2003-05-26 Unlimited Capacitive Load Drive Op Amp Takes Guess Work out of design
This application note presents a lab method to measure amplifier stability under closed loop conditions.
2010-03-26 Understanding key specs in reliable capacitive touchscreens
This article explores key touchscreen performance parameters, critical touchscreen design features, significant design trade-offs and key issues product designers must consider when choosing their touchscreen.
2006-07-17 The art of capacitive touch sensing
Touch sensors have been around for years. But recent advances in mixed-signal programmable devices are making capacitance-based touch sensors a practical and value-added alternative to mechanical switches in many consumer products.
2007-07-02 Tap capacitive sensor UI in next-gen CE devices
A more efficient and reliable alternative to resistive touchscreens is a thin, transparent, capacitive sensor touchscreen that embedded users can place over any viewable surface for input and navigation.
2002-03-20 Synaptics, Zytronic develop capacitive touchscreen system
Claimed to be resistant to moisture, heat, and vandalism, the TouchScreen capacitive touchscreen sensor system is designed for use in ATMs, Web phones, gaming machines, ticket dispensers, medical displays, industrial displays, and gas pump displays.
2007-01-18 Synaptics capacitive sensing kit offers configurability
Synaptics Inc. unveiled OneTouch, a configurable solution that enables customers to develop custom interface designs for capacitive buttons and scrolling applications.
2007-07-09 ST touch sensors use ATLabs capacitive technology
STMicroelectronics unveils a new family of ultralow-power touch-sensor chips, following the signing of a technology-licensing agreement with the Korea's ATLab Inc.
2007-07-05 ST fields capacitive sensor to simplify user interfaces
Making room for itself in the already maturing capacitive sensing market, STMicroelectronics launched the QST108, its first device under its QST portfolio of touch sensors.
2007-08-10 Software handling for capacitive sensing
This application note describes various ways of detecting button presses using capacitive sensing.
2011-05-18 Single-layer sensor delivers lower-cost capacitive touchscreens
Cypress has created proprietary algorithms that interface with a true single-layer sensor without bridges to deliver two-layer performance, enabling mobile device makers to save 30 percent on sensor costs.
2011-03-02 Signal conditioner ups capacitive sensor accuracy
ZMD AG's ZSSC3122 cLite device delivers 14-bit resolution and 0.25 percent full-scale-output accuracy, making it suitable for low-power battery applications in industrial and rugged environments.
2011-11-03 Sensor tech to simplify capacitive displays
Reduction in sensor substrate layers will enable simpler, thinner and lighter touch panels.
2002-11-29 Schurter capacitive switch avoids wear and tear
The company's CSE15 uG offering is a capacitive momentary/latching device with no mechanical parts.
2014-11-12 Safety platform aimed at capacitive touch home appliances
The QTouch platform is based on the Atmel | SMART SAM D20 integrating an on-chip PTC to deliver excellent EMC robustness and combines self- and mutual capacitance sensors for up to 256 channels.
2007-09-20 Renesas, Quantum partner on capacitive touch sensing
Renesas Technology and Quantum Research Group have announced they are collaborating on capacitive touch sensing solutions.
2011-08-12 RemoTI capacitive touch sensing
Find out how to use CC253x's hardware capability in the RemoTI software environment as well as other user-selected designs.
2010-03-25 Principles of capacitive touch and proximity sensing technology
This application note aims to present the principles of capacitive sensing and charge transfer used in STMicroelectronics STM8T and STM8TS capacitive sensors.
2013-09-24 Passive stylus for large capacitive touchscreens
Know the challenges for passive stylus developers to meet the performance requirements for using capacitive sensing technology on larger touchscreens.
2009-05-28 Operational amplifier stability compensation methods for capacitive loading applied to TS507
This application note simplifies the task of designing an application that includes the TS507. It spares you the time-consuming effort of trying numerous combinations on bench, and it is also much more accurate than using Spice models which are not designed to study system stability, even though they can give a general trend.
2005-06-29 New capacitive touch sensor interface
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. introduced CapSense technology, a new capacitive touch sensor interface based on its Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) mixed-signal arrays.
2009-05-25 mTouch capacitive sensing using period method
This application note focuses on how to use either an SR latch enabled part or the new family of parts with a dedicated Cap Sense Module (CSM) to measure changes in capacitance using a period measurement instead of frequency measurement.
2008-08-27 MSP430 capacitive single-touch sensor design guide
This TI application note discusses the design of RC-type capacitive single-touch sensors using the MSP430 MCU.
2013-04-12 Molex debuts customisable projected capacitive touch screen
Molex's Projected Capacitive Touch Screens feature an etched conductive layer that enables touches to be sensed through the protective layers, providing long use life of up to 200 million actuations.
2007-07-09 Mobile handset taps capacitive-touch sensing
While the capacitive sensor can be viewed as a drop-in replacement for handset buttons, this technology has more to offer than just being a stand-in for dome switches.
2009-02-10 Microchip CTMU for capacitive touch applications
The purpose of this application note is to inform prospective users of the CTMU for capacitive touch on general usage guidelines, CTMU setup and software algorithms, hardware and layout considerations, and advanced capacitive touch applications, such as matrix keys, sliders and multiple press keys.
2011-04-26 MCU boast lowest power capacitive touch
Texas Instruments Inc. has released the MSP430 16bit microcontroller capacitive touch portfolio that offers hardware and free software solutions for microcontroller-based capacitive touch applications.
2009-12-23 Low-power MCUs integrate capacitive touch-sensing
The MCUs provide a pin-compatible migration path for legacy 18-pin PIC MCUs still used in many designs.
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