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2005-11-16 Maximizing signal-path performance
In the ADC signal path, making good design choices in buffering a sensing device, charging the switch-capacitive input of an ADC and minimizing noise sources will maximize performance.
2013-07-31 Maintaining good touchscreen user experience
As capacitive touchscreens become bigger in size, developers must consider multiple design choices affecting power consumption.
2011-06-07 Low-current power supply for 71M65XX metering ICs
Here's an improved design for the capacitive power supply.
2008-05-16 Leadis launches PureTouch low-power controllers
Leadis Technology has launched its PureTouch family of programmable low-power touch controllers designed for capacitive touch applications.
2014-04-02 Issues in embedding components within PCB substrates
Embedding components within a PCB substrate provides a host of benefits, but this alternative approach demands support from the entire supply chain.
2007-07-17 Isolators deliver higher magnetic immunity, longer life
Using its capacitive isolation technology, TI has introduced a new family of dual-channel digital isolators, featuring faster data transmission, higher magnetic immunity and longer life expectancy than competitive devices.
2007-06-28 Input module offers mouse-like pointing solution
Avago Technologies introduces an input device module that combines a navigation pad module with a motion sense and interface IC to provide a mouse-like pointing solution for use in handheld apps.
2016-02-10 Implementing proximity gesture for automotive HMI
This article looks at the use of capacitive proximity sensors in automotive applications, particularly in media players and navigation systems.
2012-02-13 Implement multitouch sensing in automotive apps
Understand the fundamentals of capacitive sensing and the evolution of touch sensing technology in automotive environments.
2006-10-30 Humidity sensor suits windshield anti-fogging apps
Sensata Technologies announced that its capacitive-based humidity sensors with integrated temperature function responds five times faster with twice the initial accuracy of traditional resistive-sensor technologies.
2007-09-19 Freescale tips low-power tire pressure monitor
Freescale Semiconductor says it has introduced the industry's first tire pressure monitoring system containing a capacitive pressure sensor for ultralow power consumption and precise sensing.
2007-11-30 Freescale banks on touch sensing technology
From Freescale Semiconductor comes a pair of next-generation capacitive sensor controllers and a proximity sensing software solution that works with hundreds of its MCUs.
2014-10-07 Flexing into future: Optimising touch sensing tech for broader markets
Popular consumer products that use multi-touch are fueling the demand for touch sensing solutions. The challenge is that applications have different requirements, but not all of them can afford the hardware, software and power budget associated with the current designs.
2014-08-18 Expansion board eases multi-touch design for Linux devices
The Arbor 43C from Gumstix is compatible with Newhaven Display displays, providing a capacitive touchscreen replacement for the resistive touchscreen Chestnut 43 expansion board.
2014-01-22 Develop sense electrodes for 3D touchpad surfaces
Know the most important design choices that need to be made when designing a touchpad for a 3D surface.
2011-11-18 Dealing with internal noise in touchscreens
Learn about the impact of charger and display noise on touchscreens, and what can be done about it.
2008-05-21 Cypress, UICO bring user-interface solutions to medical market
Cypress Semiconductor has entered a joint marketing agreement with UICO LLC to deliver innovative electronic user-interface solutions to the appliance, medical, and industrial markets.
2014-04-30 Cypress outfits entry-level SoCs with scalable architecture
The PSoC 4000 devices facilitates effortless upgrades of legacy 8bit and 16bit MCUs with value added features including a capacitive sensing technology, programmable digital and analogue peripherals, and reduced footprint (QFN package).
2006-06-12 Cypress names new Korea country manager
Cypress Semiconductor announced the appointment of Bruce Sohn as the company's country manager for Korea.
2015-08-05 Could Apple propel NextInput to fame?
NextInput, a MEMS sensor company, has started shipping its "ForceTouch" sensor and Apple's iPhone 6s or will it be iPhone 7 is expected to debut in September with a feature called Force Touch.
2011-02-14 ClearPad provides thinner, multitouch experience to mobile users
ClearPad Series 4 combines the ClearPad multitouch technology and the display driver into a single-chip solution for advanced display noise management and excellent capacitive sensing performance.
2012-12-04 Challenges of display integrated with touch
Know the opportunities and challenges that still exist with this technology, as well as the response of the discrete sensor vendors.
2015-04-06 Carbon nanobud films offer haze-free reading on touch screens
Canatu is offering reflection and haze-free viewing with its new ultra-thin Carbon NanoBud conductive film. The CNB film is flexible and durable enough for use with touch sensors.
2010-09-01 Auto-tuning touch controller does away with firmware
Cypress' Capsense Express features auto-tuning algorithm, ultra-low-power requirement and high sensing ability
2011-02-10 Atmel launches single-chip touch-screen controllers
Atmel's newly released single-chip capacitive touch-screen controllers are the first in the industry to allow consumers to use a 2mm passive conductive stylus while supporting multitouch.
2008-09-09 AD Semi enables three-point touchscreen sensing
As touchscreen panels continue to grow in adoption in handhelds, smart phones and even home appliances, the touchscreen segment is expected to reach 12 million units by 2011. Eyeing to get a slice of this market, AD Semiconductor has released a multi-point touchscreen device of the resistive type.
2011-08-17 A guide on layout and placement of touch sensing ICs
Here's a set of guidelines that will aid in the design of touch sensing solutions using Freescale Semiconductors capacitive technology.
2009-03-10 8bit MCUs include RTCC, other peripherals
Microchip Technology Inc. has announced the PIC18F87J90 8bit direct LCD-drive MCUs with nanoWatt Technology, the first 8bit MCUs to include Real-Time Clock & Calendar (RTCC) and Charge Time Measurement Unit peripherals, enabling capacitive touch-sensitive applications or precise time measurement.
2015-03-05 8bit MCUs aimed at low-power IoT apps
The EFM8 devices from Silicon Labs are highly integrated, peripheral-rich MCUs geared for exceptional price/performance value, ultra-low-power capacitive touch control and USB connectivity.
2008-04-22 16bit USB MCU adds OTG functionality
Microchip Technology claims the PIC24FJ256GB1 is the only 16bit MCU line with integrated USB 2.0 device, embedded-host, dual-role and On-the-Go (OTG) functionality.
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