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What is Y capacitor?
A "Y" capacitor is used in line-bypass applications. Typically between the hot line and ground or neutral and ground in North American applications and between L-1 or L-2 and ground in European and other power-line applications. The definition for "Y" capacitor application is: "where damage to the capacitor may involve the danger of electrical shock." The "Y" classification is divided into four sub-classifications, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 as defined by EN132400.
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2003-04-16 Zhenfu super capacitors boast high energy density
The CSC-4 series of super capacitors from Daqing Zhenfu Scientific and Technological Information Co. Ltd have an energy density 30 times more than aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
2003-04-11 Yuchang capacitors improve power factor
The P series of dry type power capacitors from Yuchang Electric Co. Ltd is designed to improve the power factor of supplies.
2002-12-06 Xinte mica capacitors operate to 85C
The CYG series of mica capacitors from Tianjin Xinte Radio Component Fty have a dissipation factor <0.001 and operate up to 85C.
2002-11-28 Xinte mica capacitors operate to 85C
Designed for broadcasting and telecommunications applications, the CYG series of mica capacitors have a dissipation factor <0.001 and are screened for operation over the -55C to 85C temperature range.
2002-09-05 Xingri tantalum capacitors operate up to 1250C
The CAK series of tantalum electrolytic capacitors is rated for operation over the -550C to 1250C temperature range and is suitable for use in military electronic equipment that require high reliability.
2005-02-17 Xin Qing aluminum electrolytic capacitors rated at 450V
Ningbo Xin Qing Capacitor announced its CD296 aluminum electrolytic capacitors that suited to filtering circuit applications in TV receivers and PCs.
2007-10-05 X2Y capacitors offer low inductance
Samsung Electro-Mechanics and X2Y Attenuators LLC have teamed up to develop capacitors that incorporate the patented X2Y technology.
2007-07-31 Wet tantalum capacitors withstand hazardous setups
Vishay's new wet tantalum high-energy capacitor, which it says offers the highest capacitance of any similar device on the market, is made to withstand high stress and hazardous environments.
2009-04-27 Wet tantalum capacitors offer high ripple current
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has introduced two wet tantalum capacitors claimed to be the first of such devices to be offered in a true surface-mountable molded package.
2013-05-07 Wet tantalum capacitors boast added vibration capability
Vishay's wet tantalum capacitors provide the advantages of their SuperTan series devices while offering reverse voltage of 1.5V at 85C, thermal shock of 300 cycles, and high vibration capability.
2002-12-04 Wanming ceramic capacitors withstand 2.5x rated voltage
The company has released a line of low-frequency ceramic capacitors that are able to withstand up to 2.5 times their voltage rating.
2003-03-05 Wanming ceramic capacitors have 4mm profile
Xiamen Wanming Ceramic Co. Ltd's line of ceramic capacitors is available with Y5V or Y5P dielectric material.
2004-01-06 Wanlian capacitors rated to 100V
Ningbo Wanlian Electronics Co. Ltd has announced the release of its CDSS, CDST, and CDSN no lead-wires aluminum electrolytic capacitor that features a rated voltage of 4V to 100V, nominal capacitance range between 0.1?F and 1,500?F, and capacitor tolerance of 20 percent at 120Hz, 20C.
2012-03-26 Vishay's tantalum capacitors tout 0.005CV DC leakage
The TANTAMOUNT surface-mount molded capacitors offer capacitance range from 0.1-470?F over voltage ratings from 4-63VDC.
2008-08-06 Vishay updates portfolio of aluminum capacitors
To meet the demands for performance and reliability in automotive and industrial systems, Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has extended the capabilities of its 140 CRH series of surface-mount aluminum capacitors to offer very high capacitance values and ripple currents.
2016-02-10 Vishay unveils low-ESR SMT polymer tantalum chip capacitors
The T55 series supports voltage ratings from 16V to 25V and is optimised for power management, battery decoupling and energy storage in computer, telecom and industrial applications.
2002-12-30 Vishay tantalum capacitors have 13-milliohms ESR
The IS24C128 128Kb, 2-wire serial EEPROM features noise suppression, low power consumption, and cascadable address lines to provide up to 512Kb of memory space.
2002-12-18 Vishay tantalum capacitors have 13-milliohm ESR
The Vishay Sprague 597D solid tantalum chip capacitors feature ESR values from 13 milliohms to 35 milliohms.
2002-02-27 Vishay tantalum capacitors feature 2mm, 2.5mm height profiles
Designed for noise suppression and capacitive decoupling applications, the company's 592D Sprague tantalum capacitors are offered in X and Y case sizes that are 2mm and 2.5mm high, respectively.
2011-03-22 Vishay Ta capacitors target military apps
Vishay Intertechnology's T86 series of surface-mount Hi-Rel COTS solid tantalum chip capacitors combine Weibull grading and surge-current test options with built-in fuses.
2006-08-03 Vishay Ta capacitors operate at 150C
Vishay recently released new TH3 molded solid tantalum chip capacitors with high reliability with high-temperature capabilities.
2002-11-29 Vishay PPF capacitors fit high-voltage, HF apps
Vishay Intertechnology has released the MKP1841-M series of metallized, PPF capacitors that are available with 25 capacitance options.
2002-05-27 Vishay PFC capacitors have 265mm profile
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced the release of a series of single-phase and 3-phase PFC capacitors in tubular aluminum casings 20 percent shorter than traditional models.
2002-07-01 Vishay chip capacitors are pad-compatible with MIL-PRF-55365/4
The CC/EC series of solid tantalum chip capacitors from Vishay Intertechnolgy Inc. measure 2.54-by-1.27-by-1.27mm, and are pad-compatible with the MIL-PRF-55365/4 standard (CWR06/CWR09) standard.
2004-01-14 Vishay capacitors reduce board size by 45 percent
Vishay Intertechnology has released what it claims is the industry's first silicon-based RF capacitor that reduces the board space required for circuitry in cellphones and other wireless comms systems.
2002-07-30 Vishay capacitors rated up to 1kVdc
The MKT1820 series of metallized polyester film capacitors is available with voltage ratings of 63, 100, 250, 400, 630Vdc, and 1kVdc.
2003-11-18 Vishay capacitors offer 1.8A ripple
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced that it has made available conformal-coated, solid, tantalum chip capacitors and infrared receiver modules.
2004-04-30 Vishay capacitors improve wireless comm performance
Vishay's RF capacitors in the 0201 footprint will help designers reduce the size and improve the performance of wireless communications products.
2002-02-14 Vishay capacitors boast very high rms current rating
By using an advanced metallized-film on the polypropylene dielectric, the GLI power capacitors are claimed to have the industry's highest RMS current rating.
2002-10-23 Vishay 0402 capacitors have 0.18mm profile
The HPC0402B capacitor from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. comes in 0402 casings and features a 0.18mm profile, making it suitable for use in smart card apps.
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