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What is car navigation?
Car navigation is generally a satellite navigation system that typically uses a GPS navigation device to acquire position data and locate it in the device's map database. The system can then can give directions to other locations along roads also in its database.
Dead reckoning using distance data from sensors attached to the drive-train, a gyroscope and an accelerometer can be used to increase reliability when there is loss of GPS signal and/or multi-path in urban canyons, tunnels and underground parking lots. Most sensors used for this are usually already present in high-end cars for other purposes like anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, etc.
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2007-08-22 Car sensor operates in day and night vision modes
OmniVision's new car CMOS image sensors can operate in dual mode, allowing them to function equally well in both day and night vision applications.
2010-11-11 Car sensor chips improve safety
Freescale's low-g MEMS accelerometers reduce the space and cost of implementing advanced electronic stability control systems that meet or exceed the requirements of emerging new safety standards.
2008-01-16 Car safety systems and the chips that serve
Databeans Inc. estimates that the safety systems segment in automotive electronics is set to have an average annual growth rate of 9 percent, three times the growth rate of new vehicle production.
2007-11-28 Car safety electronics go for system-level approach
A promising market awaits those chip and EDA companies that help carmakers meet the demand for safety, comfort and infotainment using fewer MCUs by way of a system-level, whole-vehicle approach to design and electronics integration.
2005-07-18 Car radio DSP drives automotive audio
Manufacturers have begun to incorporate digital media processing technologies into automobiles, enabling drivers and their passengers to access entertainment and information on the road
2013-09-13 Car proximity, gesture recognition systems in full throttle
IHS predicted that the market for automotive proximity and gesture recognition systems aimed at infotainment systems will grow to more than 38 million units in 2023, up from about 700,000 in 2013.
2011-10-27 Car projects derailed by MeeGo's death
Intel's decision to stop support for its MeeGo OS has affected several auto projects that were working on the OS.
2007-11-27 Car networking node market to grow to $1B
Marker research firm Strategy Analytics forecasts that the automotive networking nodes market will grow 14 percent annually to reach almost $1 billion.
2005-09-16 Car network systems hinge on LIN 2.0
LIN 2.0 specification is a low-cost serial communication protocol that complements existing automotive multiplex networks
2006-07-25 Car navigation SoC offers 'first' image recognition feature
Renesas' new SoC for high-performance in-vehicle information terminals is said to be the first to offer an image recognition processing function.
2009-06-11 Car navigation SoC handles higher-speed graphics
Renesas Technology America Inc. has released the second in a series of SoCs that targets the car navigation and infotainment sectors.
2007-10-22 Car navigation processor features embedded GPS
STMicroelectronics has introduced its new automotive-grade application processor with embedded GPS for navigation and telematics.
2010-01-26 Car mobile TV shipments to reach 17M by 2015
Future services will be shaped by new mobile TV broadcast standards, rather than cell-broadcast, IP-based video.
2012-03-27 Car MEMS may face safety hurdles
Despite the expected benefits of using sensors in automobiles such as in self-parking, a recent standardISO26262could derail the anticipated MEMS market growth.
2010-11-26 Car MEMS market rebounds
Market watcher iSupplie says that shipments of automotive MEMS sensors will reach 662.3 million units in 2010, up 32.1 percent from 501.2 million units in 2009.
2010-08-17 Car MCUs tip 300MHz clock frequencies
Infineon's new AUDO MAX 32b MCUs supports the design of Euro 5 and 6 emission standards-compliant engine management systems for combustion vehicles.
2008-02-01 Car MCUs tailored for new emission standards
To meet the performance requirements of next-generation emission standards, Infineon Technologies has launched what it claims is the industry's highest-performing and most integrated MCU family for automotive powertrain and chassis applications.
2010-11-12 Car MCUs leverage Power Architecture
Freescale's Qorivva microcontroller families will be built on 55nm NVM process for performance, safety and energy efficiency applications in smart vehicles.
2008-05-26 Car MCUs integrate emissions control technology
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a family of 32bit automotive MCUs with integrated emissions control technology.
2013-05-15 Car market drives MEMS chipset inertial sensors
IHS forecasted that global revenue in 2013 for chipset inertial sensors used in motor vehicles will reach $163 million, up a notable 77 per cent from $92 million last year.
2010-02-22 Car makers address HEV battery issues
Car makers at the Euroforum conference discussed issues in electric and HEV designs particularly on how to engineer and use the battery.
2008-02-06 Car LCD controller LSI rolls with video decoder
Oki Electric Industry has developed LCD controller LSIs for small- and mid-size LCD monitors that include video decoders compatible with the three major video standards and video adjustment functions.
2012-08-24 Car infotainment shipments to reach 50M in 5 years
ABI Research revealed that automotive infotainment system shipments are expected to grow from 5.7 million in 2012 to 50.9 million in 2017.
2013-07-03 Car HUD market to rise to 9.1M units in 2020
IHS revealed that head-up displays are finding their way into family cars, with navigation and driver-assist functions helping drive the market to expand by more than a factor of seven from 2012-20.
2011-10-28 Car GPS maker buys Indonesian JV partner
TomTom has strengthened its position in automotive navigation technologies with its recent acquisition.
2012-12-19 Car electronics propels design centres in emerging markets
Strategy Analytics reports that advancements in automotive electronics is driving the rise of design centres in emerging markets and the increasing role of Silicon Valley in automotive development.

2010-08-13 Car drives 40MPG with sensitive morphing grill
The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco is equipped with an automatic air shutter system that allows the car to change shape and cut through the air more smoothly to save gasoline.
2009-03-19 Car displays remain in the fast lane of growth
While automobile sales have fallen dramatically due to the recession, the automotive display market remains one of the fastest-growing segments for small/medium displays in terms of both shipments and revenue.
2007-12-26 Car contact monitors, level shifters draw miniscule power
Maxim has introduced the MAX13037/MAX13038 automotive contact monitors and level shifters that consuming 28?A (typ) supply current.
2009-11-04 Car camera market keeps on rolling
The supplier landscape for automotive camera modules has become more complex over the last two years says IMS Research.
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