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2004-03-31 Honing a career in RF, antenna research
Peng Hongli's story hopes to shed some light on how to grow in the engineering industry through research.
2003-05-08 Career Technology starts production at Suzhou plant
Career Technology (MFG) Co. Ltd has announced that its Suzhou, mainland China factory commenced mass production.
2004-03-23 Career Tech chief predicts price increase for flexible PCBs
Career Technology (MFG) Co. Ltd Chairman C. Y. Tsai says prices for Taiwan-made flexible PCBs have increased by 5 to 10 percent during the first quarter of this year.
2002-11-28 Achieving professional manager career with entrepreneurship
Terry Cheng, president of Texas Instruments Asia, divulges his humble beginnings and the attitude that brought him to the top.
2004-09-01 A wiser evaluation of career prospects
Scrutinize your potential employer as carefully as it scrutinizes you.
2005-09-01 Yes, there are times to go back
Reunions are fun and it makes you remember the good 'ol days in college and other goofy stuff you do when you were young.
2005-07-01 Whine the days away or jump ship
Having fun while earning a living often requires jumping ship while you still have options and timeand luck.
2004-09-30 The way to true venture is technology
Sanview's director summarizes management in two points: a technology company should boast of technology and technology is same as art.
2004-03-16 The vital ingredient
The management lesson to be learned is that deliberate introduction of excitement into the working day is a vital ingredient in producing exceptional performance.
2004-08-13 The recipe for Asian engineer's success
For Philip's Jack Shih, Asian engineering expertise can be served hot in the electronics design industry.
2003-03-14 Taking a different road to the same destination
Professor Shin Dong-Wook of Hanyang University changed his career to teaching so that he can do more creative research into optical communication.
2005-03-01 Take MBA courses or not?
Aspiring employees would want to make sure that their credentials are founded by MBAs and other additional academic degrees, but is it worth it?
2003-02-14 Stan Shih to drive Taiwan's industry by cultivating talents
Acer Foundation has announced a strategic alliance in Taiwan to cultivate world-class talents in analog and mixed-signal circuit designs, with an emphasis on SoC designs.
2004-01-16 Running job-security scared
With the rapid outsourcing to China, some would argue that the U.S. middle class is shrinking and running job-security scared.
2004-04-15 Prices of Taiwan-made flexible PCBs on the rise
Prices of Taiwan-made flexible PCBs increased by 5 to 10 percent in the first quarter of the year, according to C. Y. Tsai, chairman of Career Technology (Mfg) Co. Ltd.
2005-01-02 Philippines' future engineers dream of conquests
Engineering students from the Philippines voice out their aspirations to go abroad to earn more and learn more technical skills
2003-05-02 Philippines' future engineers dream of conquests
Engineering students from the Philippines voice out their aspirations to go abroad to earn more and learn more technical skills.
2003-02-26 Peter Zou: An executive grown under pressure
Peter Zou, Cirrus Logic's director of marketing, believed that overseas life and study has played an important role in his career, although he did not have a clear target when he went abroad.
2007-03-26 New policy offers lifetime support for Korean scientists, engineers
The central government of South Korea announced plans to support scientists and engineers to discover their capabilities, find appropriate employment, continue career development and contribute to society even after retirement.
2004-06-01 Managing staff turnover
The cause of, and therefore the solution to, staff turnover is one of the most complex personnel issues any company seeks to unravel.
2003-09-16 Leveraging local advantages, braving int'l big names
Only when the founder of a company keeps an open mind and breaks through the existing mindset can he take the company to greater heights, says Calvin Xiao.
2006-01-16 Know thyself and others
In stressful situations, a natural human process of self-deception clouds personal judgment of contribution and performance.
2005-05-02 Inspire kids to become tech creators
Help young minds become future technology creators with products that will affect everyone on planet earth.
2005-05-16 HR management at the sharp end
An appraisal is a tool for managers to use and from which they will benefit. If there is no benefit, then where does the problem lie?
2004-08-16 Getting back to 'Let's do lunch'
Dan spent a bunch of years as a PR type at Texas Instruments and then Fairchild, so he's more than familiar with the first line in the PR manual.
2005-06-01 Following the beat of a different drum
Decisions make or break people. If you were to choose between a fruitful career over a loving family, which would you choose?
2004-11-25 Flexible PCBs demand on the rise; rigid-flex PCBs in steady growth pace
With portable handsets expanding in application features, demand for flexible PCBs is also on the rise.
2002-12-13 Finding true love in tech business
Ravi Agarwal, IDT's new VP for Japan and APAC sales, shares his life inside Intel and transition to IDT.
2005-08-01 Exploring leadership development
Leadership is available to a few and unsuited to many. Do you have what it takes to lead?
2004-07-01 Essential concinnity
Concinnity means the harmony of logic and parts, which together create an elegant whole.
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