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2005-04-28 Cheapest solution for RF links?
Chipcon's CC1100 multi-channel RF transceiver and CC1150 multi-channel RF transmitter operate in the 315-, 433-, 868- and 915MHz license-free ISM bands.
2010-05-12 Data whitening and random TX mode
This document gives an overview of the data whitening and random data transmission circuitry in the CC430, CC1100, CC1100E, CC1101, CC1110, CC1111, CC1150, CC2500, CC2510, CC2511 and CC2550 devices.
2011-04-01 Using serial synchronous mode in CC110x and CC2500
Learn about the register settings to configure the radio in serial synchronous mode and the considerations to minimize the packet error rate for continuous data streaming applications.
2010-03-18 FEC decoding
The application note aims to describe how one can implement the same FEC decoding in SW.
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