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2002-10-16 Flexible timing key to CCD design
CCD's performance depend on timing generator, which produces a variety of clock pulses to determine how image is acquired and reconstructed
2008-07-22 TI shatters design costs in portable displays with new offering
Texas Instruments Inc. offers its lowest-cost digital media processor to date, the MS320DM335, for applications driven by advanced image capture and display requirements.
2005-06-10 Prosilica rolls out 'smallest and fastest' digital CCD camera
Extending Prosilica's line of IEEE 1394-based industrial cameras, the EC1380 digital CCD camera comes with Firewire interface (IEEE-1394) and is available in monochrome or color models
2013-08-06 Printed electronics enables flexible sensor design
Discover how printed electronics is opening up large flexible sensor design opportunities
2003-01-29 Fuji Film broadens dynamic range of CCD sensor
The company's new pixel structure design captures images four times that of the dynamic range of its 3G predecessor
2003-12-03 CMOS image sensors claim CCD luminance
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd plans to use its process expertise to become the world's leading supplier of CMOS image sensors by 2007.
2003-12-04 CMOS image sensors claim CCD luminance
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd plans to use its process expertise to become the world's leading supplier of CMOS image sensors by 2007.
2005-08-15 Charge pump regulator enables the design of ultra-thin solutions
Advanced Analogic Technologies released a triple-output charge pump regulator that can generate three regulated output voltages for turn-on gate drive bias (Vpos), turn-off gate voltage bias (Vneg) and logic voltage.
2007-11-12 CCD sensor ups performance of imaging apps
Eastman Kodak has introduced a new advancement in charge coupled device image sensor technology that is said to significantly improve performance for applied imaging applications.
2002-05-17 ADI CCD signal processor can speed digital camera design
Analog Devices Inc. says that its latest CCD signal processor allows designers of CCD-based digital still cameras to reduce camera size, lower parts costs and offer a variety of image resolutions
2000-09-27 Digital PC camera design with IEEE1394a connection
With the booming demand for high performance, good quality video imaging, the need for a high-speed, high-bandwidth interface has become a focal point for the next generation of digital PC cameras. The IEEE1394a serial bus is ideally suited for this task, not only because of its 400Mbps- transmission capability, but also because of the emerging need for various applications that can reach 350 pixels.
2000-03-20 Digital PC camera design with IEEE1394 connection
This paper introduces the advantages of an IEEE1394a connection within a digital PC camera. It also gives a brief introduction of general system architecture. A sample design with a currently available 1394a PC camera is also covered
2000-05-03 Digital PC camera design with IEEE1394 connection
This paper presents the advantages of an IEEE1394a connection within a digital PC camera and gives a brief introduction of general system architecture.
2005-08-16 Design PC-based line-scan imaging systems
Line-scan imaging systems rely on motion to capture an area image, which is completely different from the simple exposure method
2000-03-20 Design considerations for a digital still camera
This paper describes the design considerations for digital still cameras
2003-02-21 3Mpixel CMOS sensor touts CCD quality
IC Media Corp. is sampling a single-chip 3Mpixel CMOS image sensor for use in mainstream digital still and video camera designs.
2007-04-04 TI brings D-SLR-like performance to $99 digicams
TI's DaVinci-based DSC reference design brings the type of burst capture performance found only in D-SLR cameras to low-cost, point-and-shoot digital cameras
2004-11-26 Solomon Systech introduces single-chip TFT-LCD driver IC
Hong Kong-based Solomon Systech Ltd recently announced that it has released its first single-chip TFT-LCD driver IC -- SSD1278 -- suitable for smart phone systems.
2010-01-04 Signal processors improve image acquisition
ADI's two newest image signal processors enable high-resolution, high-speed sampling of signals from advanced image sensors.
2004-05-17 Scanner front end does 40MS/s conversion
Flatbed scanners and multifunction peripherals appear to be settling out a bit on spatial and density resolution. But page-scanning speed is still a competitive issue in the end market, as is price.
2007-12-11 Pixelplus, Sharp co-develop SoC image sensors
Pixelplus and Sharp have partnered to co-develop SoC image sensors to address the increasing demand for ultracompact camera modules embedded in mobile devices.
2004-12-13 Panasonic LK-RS300U previews free-form imaging
Handheld USB scanner Panasonic LK-RS300U combines processor, sensor technologies to deliver digital rubbings.
2014-04-04 ON Semi to buy Truesense to boost industrial presence
ON Semi has agreed to acquire Truesense Imaging, which produces interline transfer CCD, full frame CCD, linear CCD, and CMOS image sensors that target several industrial end-markets
2008-05-29 OmniVision tips backside illumination for CMOS imager
OmniVision touts it has found the answer to shrinking pixel size in CMOS image sensors without degrading performance and image quality through adopting backside illumination (BSI) technology.
2007-01-15 Nano imaging sensor discards flash in digicams
Planet82 says its new sensor's use of nanotechnology eliminates the need for energy-intensive flash in digital cameras, mobile phones and vehicles.
2003-03-05 Micron breaks mega-pixel barrier with CMOS image sensor
Micron Technology Inc. launched its most significant salvo yet against the charged coupled device (CCD) camp, introducing its first mega-pixel CMOS image sensor
2005-01-17 Micron bets big on CMOS image sensor market
For Micron, it's never too late to pursue a big business opportunity--and CMOS may be the break they need.
2008-03-13 Image sensor head has 54mm reading width
Rohm has developed the IA2002-CE10A image sensor head with a reading width of 54mm for card scanning applications.
2002-02-13 Color image sensor does away with filters
Startup Foveon has designed an image sensor for digital cameras that does away with the color filters normally needed by CMOS and CCD sensors
2009-04-30 Board-to-board connector flaunts ultraslim form
AVX Corp. has launched the 5802 series, claimed to be the smallest 0.4mm pitch board-to-board connector series featuring an ultraslim form factor of 0.8mm stacking height and 3.2mm width, including tails.
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