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What is cell library?
A cell library is a repository of all of the components in a collection of gate-array macrocells.
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2003-02-12 Silicon Metrics, Hitachi to produce SI standard cell libraries
Silicon Metrics Corp. has formed a partnership agreement with the Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits unit of Hitachi Ltd, for the development of characterization and modeling tools.
2002-10-21 Numerical products aid in STMicro library development
STMicrolectronics has utilized Numerical Technologies Inc.'s Cadabra products to accelerate the automated development of cell libraries for its 90nm process technology platform
2013-02-19 NanGate, Sagantec to automate standard cell library creation
NanGate will OEM Sagantec's patented 2D dynamic compaction technology and integrate it within NanGate Library Creator platform for cell library creation at 14-22nm.
2001-03-01 Library generators employ optical correction at cell level
This technology article discusses the enhancement of cell-based designs with the evolution of EDA
2003-09-01 Improve the library, not the tools, to achieve timing closure
Combining the library approach with physical synthesis is an effective solution to extend the life and usage of older tools
2005-06-10 Cadence's Encounter supporting Virage Logic's IPrima cell library
Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Virage Logic Corp. announced that Cadence's Encounter low-power digital IC design flow now supports power saving features of Virage's IPrima mobile semiconductor intellectual property (IP) platform's low-power standard cell library
2008-08-22 Breaking the gigahertz speed barrier with an automated flow using commercial standard cell libraries and memories
This paper highlights how the collaborative efforts of MIPS Technologies and Synopsys resulted in an automated RTL-to-GDSII flow.
2002-05-28 Artisan, 1st Silicon collaborate on standard cell library
Artisan Components Inc., a provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP), will deliver its library products on 1st Silicon Sdn. Bhd 's 0.185m CMOS process
2003-10-13 1st Silicon selects Artisan for 0.15?m library
Wafer foundry 1st Silicon (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd and Artisan Components Inc. have signed an agreement in which Artisan will develop and deliver its library products for 1st Silicon's 0.15?m CMOS process
2004-04-01 Toshiba unveils serial link cell agreement with Rambus
Toshiba Corp. has signed an agreement with Rambus Inc. to incorporate the RaSer serial link cell technology from Rambus into the Toshiba 90nm process technology library.
2003-06-02 Tool analyzes power dynamically, at cell level
Apache launched its 2nd product designed for power analysis, the RedHawk-SDL.
2002-10-04 TI India develops ASIC cell design methodology
Engineers at Texas Instruments India have developed a new specification method for driving cell design flow, overcoming the current lack of a set process for specification capture in ASIC cell design methodology
2002-05-02 Startup promises automated cell optimization
Electronic design automation startup Zenasis Technologies Inc. wants to bring the precision of full-custom design to ASIC and system-on-chip design with a cell-optimization technology it plans to release sometime next year
2004-07-01 Startup automates library creation
Zenasis Technologies has developed a library design cockpit called ZenCell Factory that assists in creating standard-cell libraries.
2001-10-01 Reducing power, area in cell-based designs
This technical design article describes Prolific Inc.'s automated library generating tool that reduces power consumption and area for cell-based designs in the deep-submicron range.
2002-07-01 Rambus rolls 6.4Gbps backplane serial link cell
Rambus Inc. has announced the availability of a 6.4Gbps version of its RaSer V Serial Link cell, enabling networking, server, and storage system manufacturers to double system switching capacity at the same number of traces on the backplane
2004-10-12 PDF Solutions, Virage to add DFM to cell libraries
PDF Solutions Inc., a vendor of yield optimization software, is partnering with Virage Logic Corp. to create process-aware extensions to Virage's standard cell IP libraries, PDF said Wednesday (Oct. 6
2002-02-14 OLA speakers explain new library approach
Tracing the Open Library API initiative back to "a heritage at IBM in which it's unacceptable to fail," IBM Microelectronics vice president Bruce Beers opened the first OLA Conference with an explanation of OLA's roots and its aspirations
2007-01-25 NEC rolls CB-55L platform for cell-based ICs
NEC Electronics announced that it has started offering its CB-55L platform for cell-based ICs developed on its UX7LS 55nm process technology
2012-06-07 MSP430 MCU interface to LMP91000 code library
Learn how to use the LMP91000 library either for demonstration purposes or implementation into a project
2007-06-01 Library Compiler supports CCS models
Seeking to drive wider adoption of its Composite Current Source models, Synopsys Inc. updated Library Compiler, a library modeling tool used by virtually every Synopsys user
2000-12-01 Let us give library development its due
Tighter integration with design implementation flow can boost productivity.
2008-05-15 IBM moves Cell processor to 65nm
IBM has announced PowerXCell, the next-generation version of its Cell processor that uses 65nm process technology and specifically geared for computer servers
2002-04-05 Fujitsu cell-based ASICs suit high-speed networking
Manufactured using the company's 0.115m CMOS process, the CS91 Standard Cell series from Fujitsu Microelectronics America supplies I/O options ranging from 622Mbps to 3.125Gbps, while operating at 0.8V to 3.6V voltage interface levels
2007-01-16 Cell processors rev OPC in nm designs
Nanometer chip design is becoming so compute-intensive that it needs supercomputer-like capability, according to Mentor Graphics Corp. and Mercury Computer Systems Inc.
2006-12-05 Cell BE platform accelerates optical proximity correction
Mentor Graphics and Mercury Computer Systems are bringing out what they say is the first Cell BE-based acceleration platform for the EDA market
2005-05-11 Cadence, Faraday Technology to collaborate on library views
Faraday Technology Corp. has joined Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s OpenChoice intellectual property (IP) program.
2005-06-01 Big speedup promised in library characterization
Library characterization has long been an arcane art, but startup Z Circuit Automation aims to change this
2004-04-06 Artisan rolls out library support for Magma line
Artisan and Magma have announced a library support of 0.13?m, 90nm and smaller processes for Magma's Blast Create, Blast Plan and Blast Fusion products
2006-07-11 Altos Design unveils automated library characterizer
Altos Design has announced its first product, Liberate, a high-speed, fully-automated library characterizer for standard cells and I/Os
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