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2008-03-25 Authentication ICs secure cellphone batteries
Intersil has introduced advanced and flexible battery authentication ICs for cellphones, featuring the company's FlexiHash technology.
2014-10-14 Radical polymers bring novel benefits to PV cells, batteries
Purdue University researchers developed an emerging class of electrically conductive plastics that promise transparent solar cells and ultrathin antistatic coatings for consumer electronics and aircraft.
2007-08-17 Nokia warns of overheating Matsushita batteries
Nokia issued a warning that Nokia-branded BL-5C batteries manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial could potentially experience overheating
2007-08-14 Is Sanyo letting go of its cellphone business
Reports came out last week regarding Sanyo Electric's alleged moves to sell its cellphone business, which the Japanese company countered saying it has made no official decision on the matter
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (two-cells in series): Monolithic IC MM1292, 1302
This application note discusses the MM1292, which is targeted for Li-ion battery protection during excessive overcharging and overcurrent conditions.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (one-cell): Monolithic IC MM1301
This application note discusses the MM1301, which is targeted for high-precision Li-ion battery protection against excessive overcharging and overcurrent.
2003-06-12 Protection of Li-ion batteries (one cell): Monolithic IC MM1291
This application note discusses the MM1291, which is targeted for Li-ion battery protection during excessive overcharging and overcurrent conditions.
2007-08-03 Multimedia adds bling to cellphone accessories growth
The market for handset accessories is expected to reap more than $32 billion in revenue for 2007, thanks to the popularity of mobile phones with music and video capabilities.
2012-01-05 Mobile tech: Good for batteries, good for Asia
The mobile consumer market will add $309 billion to the semiconductor market by 2015, and much of this growth will be spurred by innovations within the power management sector.
2008-01-15 Micro fuel cell platform doubles cellphone talk time
Angstrom Power's micro fuel cell platform could be implemented inside mobile devices instead of Li-ion batteries, offering twice the talk-time and fast recharge times of about 10mins
2006-09-15 Catalyst LED driver extends cellphone battery life
Designed with the company's own Quad-Mode switching architecture, Catalyst's CAT3636 adaptive fractional charge pump is capable of driving up to six white/color LEDs typically used in most of today's high-end cellphones.
2007-04-13 Sanyo posts $17M loss due to battery recall
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. disclosed that it is set to book a loss of $17 million in its earnings for the year ended March 31, to cover part of the cost to recall mobile phone batteries
2006-09-11 Mobile OEMs aim to set battery standard
A group of about nine systems makers will meet this week (Sept. 13) to take the first step toward setting a quality standard for Li-ion batteries
2006-12-01 Industry unites to prevent battery recall repeat
OEM companies in the United States are coordinating four efforts to attack the battery recall problem, while a government-led plan in Japan is addressing the issue with local vendors.
2004-01-26 AESP to license cellular battery technology
AESP Inc. has signed a multi-year license agreement to remanufacture and distribute cellphone batteries, based on the new battery refurbishment technology developed by a company affiliated with ERS of Erie, Pennsylvania.
2015-06-15 Taking apart the iPhone 6 Plus battery
TechInsights looked into the iPhone 6 Plus battery, weighing in at 43g, which initially is not standing out from the trend line and does not seem to be special, but being Apple it is nonetheless interesting.
2005-01-17 Sorting out smart trash
It's a term for giving our waste stream enough intelligence to identify itself, assist in its own sorting and recycling process, and prevent the wrong stuff from ending up somewhere it can do harm.
2005-07-15 Infineon joins the 'sub-$20' mobile handset crowd
Infineon Technologies has joined the rush of cellphone chip designers readying devices and platforms for what are becoming known as 'ultra low cost' handsets targeted mainly at users in developing countries
2007-07-02 ICs tap alternative energy sources
TI has introduced a step-up converter designed to help designers cost-effectively use the non-standard voltages from alternative power sources to recharge the core Li-ion battery in a portable electronic device.
2005-06-17 GaAs still beats CMOS for RF amps
RF CMOS may not be ready for prime timeat least not for cellphone power amplifiersbut gallium arsenide will continue to dominate in that slot, according to a panel of the experts at the Microwave Technology and Techniques Symposium (MTT-S) here
2009-01-15 Coming soon: HD projector cellphones
Are you ready for cellphones that could generate, play and even project high-definition (HD) video?
2005-05-25 Taming power inductors for SoC integration
How can we discard power inductors from our designs?
2007-06-07 iPhone hype heats up as launch nears
Speculation on whether Apple's iPhone can live up to its much-trumpeted features have gone on overdrive as the multimedia handset's release date nears.
2007-12-03 Here come supercapacitors
Supercapacitors bridge the power gap between batteries and conventional capacitors, delivering higher power bursts than batteries and storing more energy than capacitors
2006-09-26 Charger accessory provides over 95Wh of continuous run-time
MTI MicroFuel Cells announced the development of a charger accessory prototype for portable applications that exceeds energy density of average Li-ion batteries with its Mobion-1 product platform
2005-08-16 Cellular phone displays go hi-res
Global adoption of cellphones has prompted the development of high-resolution color displays to handle the devices' stringent audiovisual needs.
2008-04-29 Automatic Charge Reduction (CHR) function solves issues with Li-ion battery charging from USB ports
Using a USB port as a charging power source allows a user to simultaneously download or update files and recharge the battery for their portable product.
2007-03-28 Sugar-powered fuel cells, anyone?
Researchers at Saint Louis University in Missouri, U.S.A. have invented a fuel cell battery that runs on sugar and can operate up to four times longer on a single charge than conventional Li-ion batteries
2008-06-05 ST, CEA concoct tiny fuel cell for wireless phones
Tapping miniaturized energy sources, the French Atomic Energy Agency and STMicroelectronics NV created a hydrogen fuel cell for mobile phones that is expected to reduce the use of electrical power supplies to recharge batteries
2008-01-18 Low-power spec to mark Bluetooth's 10th birthday
The low-power spec will allow Bluetooth devices to run off button batteries and enable applications such as watches that can be used to control music players
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