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2005-06-09 SIA projects record chip sales in 2005
Citing stronger than expected chip sales, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) on Wednesday (June 8) revised its annual forecast for global IC sales to a record $226 billion in 2005
2006-05-03 Q1 semiconductor sales up 7.3%, says SIA
Worldwide sales of semiconductors of $59.1 billion in Q1 of 2006 were 7.3 percent higher than Q1 of 2005, the Semiconductor Industry Association reported
2008-02-05 SIA: Chip sales hit new record with $255.6B in 2007
Global sales of semiconductors grew for the sixth-consecutive year, reaching a record $255.6 billion in 2007, up 3.2 percent from the $247.7 billion reported in 2006, according to SIA
2012-10-09 Power tip: Improving cellphone charger design
Know how to transform the lowly cellphone charger from a clunky wall wart to a device not much larger than a wall plug
2007-10-12 NXP solution powers first solar cellphone
China's Hi-Tech Wealth has selected NXP's Nexperia Cellular System Solution 5110 for its solar-powered mobile phone, claimed to be the first of its kind to be commercialized.
2005-08-24 Motorola to expand R&D, cellphone thrust in India
Motorola Inc. said it plans to add 1,000 more employees to its R&D efforts in India and vowed to become a more aggressive player in the cellphone market
2014-12-08 Mobile phone chips lead IC market sales
This year, mobile phones are expected to account for 18 per cent of global electronic systems sales ($265.2 billion) versus standard PCs being 13 per cent ($196 billion) of the total, stated IC Insights
2007-03-07 January dip in chip sales due to seasonal decline
Semiconductor sales in January hit $21.47 billion, up 9.2 percent from a year-ago periodhowever, this represents a seasonal decline of 1.2 percent from the $21.74 billion reported in December, says SIA
2007-01-31 iSuppli: Nokia rules but Sony Ericsson 'wows' cellphone market
Nokia Corp. reigned last year's mobile handset market but Sony Ericsson made the strongest impact, reports iSuppli Corp.
2007-08-14 Is Sanyo letting go of its cellphone business
Reports came out last week regarding Sanyo Electric's alleged moves to sell its cellphone business, which the Japanese company countered saying it has made no official decision on the matter
2007-07-16 India, China cellphone markets go head-to-head
Big multinational cellphone makers have piled onto India, chasing trendsetters and first-time buyers in remote villages. Expansion in India now rivals China, the world's largest cellular market
2012-04-30 Handsets, tablets to drive slight increase in IC sales
IHS stated that global semiconductor revenue is expected to reach an estimated $324.6 billion this year, up 4.3 percent from $311.4 billion last year.
2010-11-03 Global chip sales set at $26.5B
The three-month average of global chip sales for September is expected to be a 27 percent increase over last year, driven by cellphone and memory chips for smart phones, according to the Carnegie Group.
2007-02-06 Global chip sales posts strong growth in 2006
Global sales of semiconductors hit $247.7 billion in 2006, up 8.9 percent from $227.5 billion in 2005, reports the Semiconductor Industry Association
2002-10-07 Chip sales experience increase in August '02
Global chip sales totaled $11.9 billion in August 2002, a 2.2 percent sequential increase over the $11.7 billion level in July, said SIA
2007-09-17 Cellphone makers shuffle in green ranking
Greenpeace International has updated its ranking of cellphone makers according to their environmental policies, and the pressure seems to have worked
2007-01-12 Cellphone battery market steadies
The mobile phone battery market will remain sustainable for 2007-2010, according to Research and Markets, and will reach a CAGR of production scale of 9.85 percent and a CAGR of sales revenue of 5.85 percent
2010-11-02 Asia Pacific accounts for 38% of 2010 cellphone shipments
Asia Pacific sales will account for 38 percent of 1.34 billion cellphonw handset this year, according to ABI Research
2008-08-13 Analysis: iPhone opens door for cellphone revolution
Now that Apple has crystallized the concept of the Web-ready phone, the question is how this mobile platform will evolve in today's hypercompetitive environment.
2012-04-17 2011 fabless IC sales up 4%, Spreadtrum shine in rankings
The top 25 fabless chip companies supplied 80 percent of the $64.9 billion market for fabless IC sales in 2011
2005-06-02 SIA confirms April semiconductor sales stall
The three-month average of worldwide sales of semiconductors came in at $18.22 billion in April according to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association reported Tuesday (May 31
2006-09-16 Reducing the cost of cellphone testing
As phones increase in complexity, requiring more tests, manufacturers must find strategies that will keep rising test costs down.
2006-01-04 November chip sales beat forecast
Monthly chip sales are expected to improve to a three-month average of $20.4 billion in November, up from $20.05 billion in October, according to Handelsbanken Capital Markets
2006-07-24 Nokia's profits, sales pushed by Asian phone sales
Second quarter profits at Nokia jumped to $1.4 billion, mainly on the back of significantly better sales in emerging markets such as China and India
2007-08-03 Multimedia adds bling to cellphone accessories growth
The market for handset accessories is expected to reap more than $32 billion in revenue for 2007, thanks to the popularity of mobile phones with music and video capabilities.
2005-10-24 Missing out on the ultra low cost cellphone market
Some of the top tier makers of cellphones and semiconductors are missing out on a great opportunity in Ultra Low Cost (ULC) handsets, according to the recent
2010-06-21 Fujitsu, Toshiba merge cellphone biz ops
Fujitsu Ltd and Toshiba Corp. have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to merge their mobile phone businesses.
2005-04-07 February chip sales beat expectations
The three-month average of worldwide sales of semiconductors was $18.05B in February 2005 according to the SIA, beating previous analyst expectations of $17.7B
2007-08-27 Dull cellphone designs bog down Motorola
Observers say Motorola has not implemented an institutionalized system for regularly turning out products that are compelling in design as well as rich in features.
2005-06-13 Cellphone sound chip from Yamaha includes class-D amplifier
Yamaha recently started shipping its AudioEngine mobile phone sound chip that features the company's proprietary hybrid synthesizer, a high-quality sound processor, and an energy-saving Class-D amplifier
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