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2004-11-16 Zoran rolls out co-processor for feature-rich cellphones
Zoran rolled out last week a new co-processor for feature-rich cellphones.
2003-11-13 Zarlink transceiver chip suits TDMA cellphones
Zarlink Semiconductor has announced that its ZL20200 single-chip radio transceiver is now shipping in volume into South American markets.
2006-02-22 WLAN device tailored for cellphones
STMicroelectronics announced the volume production of its STLC4370 mobile WLAN solution. The STLC4370 is the first of a family of single-chip WLAN devices specifically designed for cellphones.
2008-05-16 WiMAX delivers TV to cellphones
Executives believe that WiMAX could deliver the last mile of wireless broadband service as an alternative to cable and DSL, beginning with network deployment in 2009.
2011-05-31 WiFi cellphones shipped 247M units in 2010
A recent research from In-Stat has revealed that WiFi cellular handsets continue to grow as shipments of these devices reached 247 million units in 2010.
2003-09-15 Walta connectors designed for Korean cellphones
The A11-5501812 and D13-550-1801 18-pin telecom connector series from Walta Electronic Co. Ltd is designed to fit Korean cellphones.
2003-12-29 Visionox latest OLED display suits cellphones
Beijing Visionox Technology Co. Ltd has launched a 96-by-3-by-64mm high definition full color OLED display that is designed to suit cellphones.
2006-01-24 Video filter/driver brings video from cellphones to TVs
Fairchild introduced what it claims to be the smallest video filter/driver on the market for driving video images from cellphones to TVs, computer monitors or other larger display products.
2004-06-16 Using APs for next-gen cellphones
The AP architecture is the simplest way for the manufacturers to extend existing handset designs to high-end phones.
2006-02-06 Toko switch ICs tailored for clamshell type cellphones
The TK60011CS8G0L and the TK60015CS8G0L magnetic sensing switch ICs from Toko promise to deliver excellent reliability under repeated operations and severe use conditions.
2003-09-30 TI audio amplifier targets cellphones, PDAs
Texas Instruments has introduced what it claims is the highest output power mono Class-AB audio amplifier in the market today.
2005-03-31 THE memory card for cellphones
Samsung disclosed that it has started mass-production of what it claims as the smallest memory card available for mobile phones.
2008-01-02 Swedish startups ring up cellphones
A tour around Stockholm, Sweden reveals a hotbed of cellphone developments--some of it disruptive, some of it in the category of technology searching for a solution.
2008-05-06 Survey: South Korean kids want cellphones
A Korean-language Yahoo Website survey found that mobile phones have topped the list of gifts South Korean children most want, according to Agence France-Presse report.
2008-03-11 Survey: Americans find cellphones hardest to give up
A survey by Pew Internet Project shows that Americans find cellphones hardest to give up, followed by the Internet, TV and landline phones.
2003-07-01 STMicro memory chip suits cellphones, GPS receivers
STMicro has expanded its M29 family of industry standard 3V Flash memories with the release of a 64Mb device.
2004-01-30 Sony TFT-LCDs target cellphones
Sony Corp. has developed 2.3- and 2.9-inch low-temperature polysilicon TFT-LCD panels designed for use in cellphones.
2008-11-04 Smart card processors promise high security in cellphones
STMicroelectronics has launched two new product families for cellphone SIM cards that allow mobile network operators to enhance differentiation and expand revenue growth by delivering richer services to subscribers.
2008-02-25 Skyworks FEMs enable LG cellphones
Front-end solutions from Skyworks Solutions Inc. are enabling cellphones from LG Electronics. Cellphone models touting Skyworks design wins include the LG-KF700, LG-KF600, LG-KF610 and LG-KF510.
2004-02-11 Sheng Yih connectors target Panasonic cellphones
Sheng Yih Steel Mold has released four precision cellphone connectors for use with Panasonic models.
2006-03-13 SAW filters aimed at GSM, CDMA cellphones
TriQuint Semiconductor introduced a family of GSM and CDMA cellphone SAW filters measuring 1.4-by-1.2-by-0.5mm3 for next-generation cellphone designs.
2002-12-18 Samsung TFT-LCD driver targets multimedia cellphones
Samsung Electronics has announced the development of a TFT-LCD driver that features a small form factor suitable for wireless multimedia apps.
2004-09-02 Samsung readies Philips' near-field comms for cellphones
Philips Electronics and Samsung Electronics have entered into a deal that will enable Samsung to deploy cellular devices using Philips' near-field communications chip and technology.
2002-01-17 Samsung develops ultra-thin Li-ion batteries for cellphones
Claimed to be the world's thinnest Li-ion battery, the company's 58-by-34-by-2.8mm battery pack can store up to 355Wh and is primarily intended for use in cellphones.
2006-04-24 Samsung claims first 2Gbyte MMC for cellphones
Samsung announced that it has developed a 2Gbyte MultiMediaCard that combines four 4Gbit NAND flash devices.
2006-05-29 RTLinux-powered cellphones may be in production soon, says FSMLabs
RTLinux-powered 2.5G and 3G cellphones may be in production soon, said FSMLabs.
2003-08-08 Rohm sound generator LSI chips suit cellphones
The company has developed the BU8709KN, a PCM sound generator LSI capable of generating polyphonic hi-fi sounds at CD quality in cellphone modules.
2003-08-15 ROHM LSI chip suits cellphones
ROHM has developed the BU8709KN chip, a PCM sound generator LSI capable of generating polyphonic hi-fi sounds at CD quality for multifunctional cellphones.
2005-04-08 Richtek's new solutions target cellphones, PMP apps
Richtek exhibited several power management solutions designed for mobile phones and PMP applications at the IIC-China 2005.
2012-01-12 RF MEMS in cellphones to pick up steam
IHS forecasts that the global sales of RF MEMS will rise to $150 million in 2015, up from just $720,000 last year.
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