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2003-10-16 RF "sleep modes" can improve battery life in cellphones
It is through techniques collectively known as "power management" that we have attained such talk and standby times in today's products.
2003-09-29 Renesas liquid crystal panel driver suits cellphones
Suitable for use in cellphones, the HD66784 amorphous TFT color liquid crystal panel driver from Renesas Technology Corp. has a 260,000-color display capability, and enables simultaneous drive of a 176 W 224-pixel QCIF size main screen and a 176 W 96-pixel sub screen with a single chip.
2004-11-01 Power management trends in 3G cellphones
Manufacturers are now adopting switching regulators over the simpler, but less efficient, linear low-dropout regulators in 3G cellphones.
2008-10-14 Photo reflector handles auto focus function in cellphones
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has launched the NJL5904R chip on board package photo reflector for auto focus function in camera phones.
2006-10-18 NTT DoCoMo-HP collaboration bridges cellphones, sensor networks
NTT DoCoMo and Hewlett-Packard have been conducting a joint research on developing a new application platform to interconnect cellular telephone systems and sensor networks as well as developing a prototype of a new middleware platform.
2005-12-30 NJR LNA IC targets W-CDMA cellphones
New Japan Radio's NJG1122 device is a dual band LNA IC designed for W-CDMA cellphones of 2.1GHz and 800MHz band.
2005-10-03 Next-gen cellphones cry for more power
Handset designers must consider several factors to effectively conserve power and extend battery life
2007-02-09 NEC, Telegent develop mobile TV solution for cellphones
NEC Electronics Corp. and Telegent Systems Inc. announced that the companies will be showing a Mobile TV over-the-air technology demonstration at 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain.
2006-03-02 NAND flash MCP designed for multimedia cellphones
STMicroelectronics announced a new multi-chip package memory portfolio that aims to meet the needs of multimedia applications in 3G and CDMA cellphones.
2005-06-28 Murata's SAW filter claims industry's smallest size for cellphones
Murata Electronics introduced the industry's smallest single band (SAFEB) and dual-band (SAWEP) SAW filters for the cellphone market, which increasingly demands smaller packaging.
2003-10-03 Murata isolators target cellphones
Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd has announced the availability of the CES30 series of isolators that are designed for cellphones.
2006-02-16 Multimedia CPU has ISP features for cellphones
Zoran announced its family of Approach mobile multimedia processors, which incorporates digital camera ISP capabilities along with other multimedia features for the cellphone market.
2006-07-14 Multimedia chip brings digital video to cellphones
Renesas' new SH-MobileL3V multimedia processor has been designed to bring terrestrial digital broadcast capabilities to mobile phones.
2007-04-25 Motion sensor-equipped cellphones elevate gaming to next level
NTT DoCoMo Inc. adds a new twist to its handset offerings with the introduction of cellphones with motion sensors.
2003-11-19 Mitsumi regulator IC suits cellphones, A/V equipment
Mitsumi Electric has released its MM308 series of ultra-compact CMOS regulator ICs that are suitable for use in cellphones and portable apps.
2008-12-18 Miniature filter improve noise reduction in cellphones
STMicroelectronics has developed a miniature filter that will help handset designers improve noise reduction in phones with MP3 capability.
2007-07-05 microSDHC card for cellphones offers 4Gbytes
Toshiba Corp. and Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC) has expanded its line of small-format, high-speed, high-capacity memory cards with the launch of a 4Gbyte microSDHC card
2004-05-27 Micron rolls out image sensor for cellphones, PDAs
Micron announced its MT9M111 DigitalClarity SoC 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor, designed for use in camera-equipped cellphones and PDAs.
2006-03-16 Memory packages eye cellphones
Micron has developed a family of multichip-packaged memories for smart phones.
2003-06-05 Matsushita touchscreen panel eyes cellphones, PDAs
Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd has released the EMU601 series of touchscreen panels with a narrow frame that are suitable for use in mobile apps.
2006-05-19 Live TV over cellphones launched in HK
PCCW is preempting the arrival of terrestrial-based broadcast services by deploying an early, simplified version of a specification designed to deliver live TV services over cellular networks.
2007-04-10 Linux-enabled cellphones to reach 203M by 2012, ABI says
A new study from ABI Research predicted that by 2012, more than 127 million devices will be enabled with a commercial Linux OS, up from 8.1 million in 2007.
2006-06-20 Linux platform for cellphones coming
Motorola, NEC Corp., NTT Docomo Inc., Panasonic Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics and Vodafone Group announced a collaboration to establish an open Linux-based software platform for mobile phones.
2006-09-18 LG.Philips unrolls 'first' TFT-LCD for next-gen cellphones
LG.Philips LCD recently announced it has developed the industry's first TFT-LCD panel for next-generation mobile phones.
2006-07-19 LG taps Infineon platform for EDGE cellphones
Infineon Technologies announced that LG Electronics has chosen Infineon's MP-E platform for its new EDGE cellphones.
2007-07-05 LG cellphones to feature YouTube service
LG and YouTube have agreed to provide YouTube services on LG handsets, allowing users to view videos and easily upload them directly to
2004-03-24 Kyocera launches smallest Bluetooth radio for cellphones
Kyocera claims to hold the world's smallest class-size Bluetooth radio RF module for CDMA mobile phones.
2003-12-05 Koyo Electronics buzzers eye cellphones, PDAs
The AD-8054 series of SMD type of electromagnetic buzzers from Koyo Electronics Co. Ltd is designed to suit cellphones, PDAs and pagers.
2003-10-02 JAE connectors target cellphones
The SC1 series of connectors for miniSD Cards from Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Ltd has been standardized by the SD Card Association.
2008-11-27 ISSCC to unravel next-gen cellphones
The International Solid State Circuits Conference slated on February 2009 is expected to demonstrate future concepts of cellphones such as ones with 32Gbit of flash capable of playing high-definition video ranging across networks from the oldest GSM to the latest 3G.
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