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2005-03-25 IR device adds remote control to cellphones
Agilent said it has developed the smallest, lowest-power IR transceiver that enables mobile phones and PDAs to function as universal IR remote controls.
2006-03-09 Interface IC supports next-gen video in cellphones
Texas Instruments introduced a new family of interface ICs for true-color, high-resolution video content in handheld electronics.
2004-04-26 Intel rolls out MEMS modules for cellphones
Intel is offering to a select handful of customers its first microelectromechanical systems product, a semi-custom cellphone RF front-end module.
2003-07-16 Intel PXA800F for today's cellphones
The PXA800F cellular processor is Intel's solution for today's GSM/GPRS mobile phones. This processor features Intel XScale microarchitecture and Micro Signal Architecture (MSA).
2003-08-08 Intel delivers kits for cellphones, PDAs
The company has announced the availability of optimization kits that will help developers improve the power and performance of cellphones and PDAs.
2006-02-16 Infineon's baseband processor suits 3.5G cellphones
Infineon announced sample availability of its latest baseband processor for 3.5G multimedia cellphones as well as its second generation platform for ultra-low-cost handsets.
2007-07-30 Infineon extends ARM license deal to cellphones
Infineon has extended its license deal with ARM to enable low-cost, high-performance ARM processors to be used in next-generation cellphones.
2005-10-03 Improve ESD protection in cellphones
Dual clamping claims to bring better electrostatic discharge immunity compared to current single ESD-protection diodes
2005-01-05 Imaging quality: The next step in cellphones
The main opportunity in 2005 and beyond for cellphones in Asia and the rest of the world will be in the evolution of the camera function of the mobile phone.
2006-02-06 Imageon processors designed for cellphones
ATI Technologies introduced the Imageon 2380 and the Imageon 2388 graphics processors for cellphones.
2006-08-17 Image sensor enables better images, thinner cellphones
Avago Technologies claimed its new 1/5-inch optical format, 1.3Mpixel image sensor is smaller and offers better image quality than other 1.3Mpixel sensors in the industry.
2011-05-18 IHS pegs NFC growth in cellphones at 62% CAGR
The move by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to work with Visa and MasterCard on the Isis mobile commerce initiative has prompted iSuppli to raise its forecast for global shipments of NFC-equipped cellphones.
2003-10-13 Hosiden multi-direction switch suits cellphones, PDAs
Hosiden Corp. has developed a thin multi-direction switch that features improved strength and durability for cellphones and PDAs.
2004-03-03 High-end cellphones enjoy limelight in IIC-China
High-end cellphone solutions are attracting many engineers at this year's IIC-China meet.
2003-07-01 Hi-Sincerity BRT eyes DSC, cellphones
Hi-Sincerity Microelectronics has introduced its HUN51XXSN series of pnp transistors that have monolithic bias resistor networks in an SOD-323 package.
2007-02-05 Hard drive wirelessly connects to cellphones
Seagate announced a new portable hard drive on Wednesday that connects wirelessly to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
2004-01-27 GLT light guides target 3G cellphones
A family of MicroLens molded white LED light guides from Global Lighting Technologies Inc. provides one of the brightest backlighting solution available for 3G cellphones.
2002-12-17 Fumin miniature vibration motor fits pagers, cellphones
Shanghai Fumin Micromachine Fty's coreless, miniature vibration motor measures 4(?)-by-14mm and operates from a supply of 1V to 2V.
2008-04-03 Full-length movies soon on cellphones
Thanks to Sony Pictures Television, 'Karate Kid' and 'Ghostbusters' may soon be viewed on the cellphone by U.S. users.
2007-08-29 Fujitsu unrolls transmitter modules for W-CDMA cellphones
Fujitsu Media Devices has developed the T0311QZ1950 (Band I), T0311QZ0836 (Band V), and T0312QZ1880 (Band II) compact, high-performance transmitter modules for W-CDMA cellphones.
2006-09-14 Fujitsu develops transmitter module for CDMA cellphones
Fujitsu Media Devices has announced the development of the T0212AZ0836, a small and high-performance transmitter module for CDMA mobile phones.
2007-10-05 Flash LED driver suits cellphones with video recording
AnalogicTech has announced a new LED driver designed for use with high-current/high-brightness flash LEDs in mobile phones with video recording.
2006-12-28 Femtocells to challenge Wi-Fi cellphones
Low-cost femtocells will emerge as an attractive alternative to VoIP-over-Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) in future homes, according to Strategy Analytics.
2003-10-10 FDK develops actuator for camera-equipped cellphones
FDK Corp. has developed what it claims is the world's smallest compact actuator unit for auto focus functioning in 1M pixels class camera-equipped cellphones.
2006-03-13 Fairchild ?SerDes in LG cellphones
Fairchild Semiconductor announced that its FIN24AC 5SerDes has been selected for use in LG Electronics' new "Chocolate" phones.
2009-07-13 ESD-protection chip ideal for cellphones
STMicroelectronics has introduced EMIF04-EAR02M8, an ESD-protection IC that suits portable music players and feature phones.
2006-11-16 Entry-level cellphones dance to MP3 beat
Agere Systems Inc. introduces a chipset that aims to bring the features of an MP3 player to the entry-level cellphones.
2006-10-11 EMI filters target cellphones supporting terrestrial DTV
TDK said its new multilayer chip EMI filter arrays are the industry's smallest and lightest noise countermeasure components intended for mobile terminals that are compatible with terrestrial digital television broadcasts.
2006-10-09 EMI filter for cellphones has ESD countermeasure
Designed for cellphones, TDK's MEA2010LV series devices combine the noise countermeasure functions of earlier EMI filter arrays with features that protect circuits from static electricity.
2008-04-07 EMI filter arrays with ESD protection target cellphones
OnChip Devices has introduced a family of EMI filter arrays with onboard ESD protection specifically designed for high-speed data interfaces in mobile phones.
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