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2003-09-03 Skymos thermistors have high solderability
Suitable for use in cellphones, PCs, and LCDs, the CT full range of thermistors from Skymos Microelectronics feature a reliable multilayer/monolithic structure.
2003-07-02 Sipex transceiver targets portable apps
Sipex Corp. has introduced the SP3281EB RS232 transceiver that is designed for use in cellphones, PDAs, and notebooks.
2003-06-13 Sipex buck regulator reduces layout area by 40 percent
Sipex has announced the release of SP6655 buck regulator that is suitable for PDAs, MP3 players, cellphones, and other portable applications.
2009-11-27 Sine-wave clock buffer replaces three TCXOs
The sine-wave clock-buffers are suited for UMTS/WCDMA/GSM cellphones and smart phones, MIDs, UMPCs, PNDs and GPS.
2007-07-19 Silicon tuner device is extra small
MaxLinear Inc.'s new silicon tuner IC, the MxL7001 is said to be the world's smallest silicon tuner produced to date for mobile TV applications such as digital TV on cellphones.
2004-03-19 SiGe power amp seeks socket in CDMA handsets
SiGe Semiconductor Inc. has introduced a line of silicon germanium power amplifiers that it believes will break gallium arsenide devices' lock on CDMA cellphones.
2007-05-01 Serdes targets multimegapixel image sensors
Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a ?Serdes device designed for serializing high-speed signals in multimegapixel-resolution CMOS and CCD image sensors, commonly found in portable products including cellphones with built-in cameras.
2007-02-13 Serdes cuts number of interconnect leads
Fairchild's Serdes devices support 12bit and 24bit operation, and reduce the 12 or 24 LVCMOS signals in most cellphones to high-speed, differential signals, cutting the number of interconnect leads by as much as 6:1.
2008-09-09 SemIndia-Jurong JV preps for tech collaboration
SemIndia has entered into a joint venture with Jurong to manufacture modules for cellphones, STBs and broadband devices and equipment.
2009-01-20 SemiBuzz: Samsung undergoes reorganization
Samsung Electronics has reportedly restructured its businesses into two groupsDevice Solution unit, including semiconductors and LCDs, and a Digital Media and Communications unit that will include consumer products such as cellphones and TVs.
2008-04-04 SanDisk eyes mobile, CE markets in India
SanDisk plans to increase market presence and diversify product offerings in India, addressing the country's growing demand for flash memory cards used in cellphones, digital cameras and music players.
2004-01-16 Sand Video crafts core for mobile TV
Sand Video has launched a licensable H.264 core designed specifically for mobile TV and other video applications on cellphones, PDAs and automobile navigation systems.
2011-03-21 Samsung licenses Tessera imaging solution
Tessera's image enhancement solution will enable camera modules to provide high-quality zoom functionality to cellphones, portable video recorders and other camera-equipped mobile devices.
2005-08-18 ROHS-compliant TFT display from OSD suits handheld devices
One Stop Displays targets cellphones, PDAs and high information content handheld instrument applications with its new RoHS-compliant 3.5-inch portrait mode QVGA transflective thin-film-transister display.
2003-08-13 ROHM LSI includes camera interface, signal filtering
ROHM Co. Ltd has developed the BU1594GS, a multimedia image processor LSI that is suitable for double-folding cellphones.
2004-02-16 Revisiting smart phone promise
Cellphones are getting smarter one chip at a time, and it's only matter of time when we'll actually start calling them smart phones.
2011-03-02 Researcher pegs inertial sensor market growth at 20.3%
Intense competition is brewing in the inertial sensor market as CE devices such as cellphones, laptops, media tablets and gaming devices increasingly use accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers.
2008-04-30 Report: Software gap threatens NFC takeoff
While NFC is expected to take off as early as 2010 for mobile payment systems using cellphones, significant pieces of the software infrastructure for this market are missing and silicon opportunities in the technology may be limited.
2006-03-01 Reference platform puts GPS in mobile devices
NeoMagic, NordNav and SiGe Semiconductor have unveiled a reference platform that aims to assist manufacturers in designing GPS-enabled multimedia cellphones and personal navigation devices.
2004-11-18 Raychem chip fuses suit portable electronics
Raychem released a new series of electronic chip fuses for laptops, multimedia devices, cellphones and other portable electronics.
2009-07-28 Protection IC monitors voltage from charger
ST's STBP120 protects the charging-control circuitry inside cellphones and other battery-powered portable equipment in case the external charger applies an excessive voltage.
2009-12-10 Preamplifier chips target miniature microphones
The rapid growth of cellphones, PCs, cameras and camcorders has grown annual microphone shipments to over 3 billion units.
2008-06-20 Power amplifier upgrades GSM/EDGE cellphone capacity
Amalfi launched what it claims as the industry's first CMOS-based power amplifier for GSM/EDGE cellphones, which will enable manufacturers to deliver phones with greater than 20 percent improvement in usage time, thinner designs and additional functionality.
2006-03-21 PMP needs to merge with cellphone, says Smartwork exec
Smartwork Technology, a distributor of digital home appliances, multimedia and cellphone applications, commented that portable media players need to merge with cellphones to be successful.
2006-04-14 Platform integrates WLAN, Bluetooth, FM audio
Texas Instruments announced the WiLink 5.0 solution that integrates mobile WLAN, Bluetooth and FM stereo audio in a platform for cellphones.
2008-01-22 Plant shutdown sparks anti-Nokia move in Germany
Nokia's announcement of closing down its Bochum site in Germany has ignited anti-Nokia anger in the country, with politicians publicly ditching the firm's cellphones and joining calls for a national boycott.
2003-10-09 Philips LED dimmers, blinkers eye comms apps
Royal Philips Electronics has announced two series of I?C General Purpose I/O expanders that are designed for cellphones and servers.
2006-03-08 Philips implements SoC in 65nm CMOS
Philips announced that it has implemented a right-first-time 65nm SoC with the design complexity required in next-generation mobile multimedia and home entertainment products such as 3G cellphones and LCD TVs.
2002-07-09 Palm Tech LCD has 153-by-115.7mm viewing area
Designed for use in Internet-enabled cellphones and e-book modules, the PMG6648B-FBF graphics LCD module from Palm Technology Co. Ltd measures 197-by-145-by-11mm and offers a viewing area of 153-by-115.7mm.
2008-01-22 Output capacitor selection for the AAT115X series buck converter
Regardless of the applicationfrom cellphones to WLAN cardsheight, size and efficiency are important features for components used with AAT115X converters. With this in mind, the recommended output capacitor for the AAT115X family of buck converters is presented in this Application Note. The design procedure for determining the capacitor value and calculating stresses is also examined.
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