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2004-02-03 Olympus lens suit cellphone camera devices
Olympus Corp. has developed a free-shaped prism type lens unit for use in camera-equipped cellphones.
2007-05-30 Oki phone advocates safer roads
Oki Electric Industry has produced a wireless module for embedding in cellphones geared towards improving pedestrian safety.
2002-09-19 Obo telephone receivers feature 108dB sensitivity
The OBO-MR13008-01 telephone receiver from Obo Pro-2 Inc. includes a receiver and a speaker, making the device suitable for use in cellphones and PDA phones.
2002-09-12 Obo ships three-in-one telephone receiver
The OBO-MR24008-1 three-in-one telephone receiver integrates a speaker, a receiver, and a buzzer inside a 24(x)-by-2.85mm package that weighs 1.5g, making it suitable for use in cellphones and PDAs.
2007-08-30 NXP equips BenQ handsets with NFC features
NXP Semiconductors has announced that its secure smart card and NFC chip solutions have been selected by BenQ for its first commercially available NFC cellphones.
2007-09-18 NXP allots $58.3M for mobile speaker facility in Austria
NXP will invest $58.3 million in its Sound Solutions innovation and manufacturing activities in Austria to expand the automated mass production of its rectangular speaker generation for cellphones.
2003-11-24 NSC cellphone audio subsystem offers 3D sound
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a Boomer audio subsystem for cellphones that integrates amps, volume and mixing controls and 3D sound in a miniature micro SMD package.
2006-12-18 No-frills phones gain ground in China
The vision of a billion people equipped with cellphones is creeping toward reality in China, as the market for ultralow-cost handsets begins to build unexpected momentum.
2006-01-23 New charge pumps for cellphone LED displays
Linear Tech released low noise, high efficiency 1x/1.5x/2x multimode charge pumps for driving main, camera and auxiliary LED displays in cellphones.
2007-08-02 NEC, Solomon team on MIPI DSI spec testing
NEC Electronics and Solomon Systech have partnered to test the interoperability of LCD driver ICs and bridge ICs for cellphones based on the MIPI DSI specification.
2003-02-05 National, Validity partner on fingerprint security solution
National Semiconductor Corp. and Validity Inc. have partnered to develop a unique fingerprint imaging security solution for smart cards, remote controls, notebook computers, cellphones, PDAs, key fobs, and other devices.
2004-11-16 National LED IC drivers suit handheld apps
National announced a new family of LED IC drivers designed for portable handheld devices such as cellphones, smart phones, GPS and PDAs.
2002-04-05 National headphone amplifiers eliminate output capacitors
National Semiconductor Corp. has released two Boomer stereo headphone amplifiers that eliminate output coupling capacitors needed for headphone applications, thereby making the amplifiers suited for use in portable devices such as cellphones, PDAs, and MP3 players.
2004-05-17 Multimedia needs multiprocessor SoCs
Cellphones are becoming handheld entertainment centers that simultaneously operate as sophisticated wide-pipe wireless telephones.
2007-08-02 Multifunction touchscreen controller rolls for handhelds
Asahi Kasei has introduced a multifunctional touchscreen controller for consumer handheld devices such as cellphones, electronic dictionaries and smart phones.
2008-04-08 Motorola shuts down handset production in Singapore
Troubled Motorola Inc. announced it would stop making cellphones in Singapore by the end of the year, resulting in 700 layoffs, according to a Reuters report.
2008-03-04 More bandwidth at less power with new IBM optical tech
Researchers at IBM have unveiled a prototype optical technology that could bring massive amounts of bandwidth in an energy-efficient way to all kinds of machinesfrom supercomputers to cellphones.
2007-01-16 More apps to spur semiconductor growth
Consumer products, such as cellphones, portable media players, digital cameras, DTVs and digital STBs, are driving the growth of electronics in China and the rest of the world.
2002-04-12 Molex FPC connectors measure 3.4-by-1.2mm
Molex's FPC connectors measure 3.4-by-1.2mm with a 0.5mm pitch, making them suitable for compact and mobile applications such as cellphones, digital cameras, PDAs, and notebook PCs.
2003-04-16 Mobile-WLAN combo faces power conundrum
Telecom dream weavers work on technology that would enable WANs and Bluetooth to work seamlessly with WiFi; before we get there, design engineers need to answer issues like leakage current to solve the power conundrum that is hindering the integration of cellphones and PDAs into WiFi paradise.
2008-09-01 Mobile video tackles HD challenge
For the mobile video market to move beyond the early adopter phase, device manufacturers must push the limits of today's technology and embrace the future of high-definition (HD) mobile multimedia. This vision includes cellphones that can record and playback HD videos.
2005-10-24 Missing out on the ultra low cost cellphone market
Some of the top tier makers of cellphones and semiconductors are missing out on a great opportunity in Ultra Low Cost (ULC) handsets, according to the recent
2002-05-27 Microsoft to port Smartphone OS to ARM-10
Microsoft Corp. is porting its Smartphone 2002 operating system for cellular phones to the ARM-10 processor architecture and is working with ARM-10 licensees to offer it in high-end cellphones based on the processor.
2011-03-11 Microsoft pays $1 billion to Nokia to get support
Microsoft is reportedly paying Nokia $1 billion to promote and develop cellphones running the Windows OS. The five-year deal is expected to benefit Nokia in terms of savings on software R&D.
2004-09-16 Micron bets big on pseudostatic RAM, NAND flash
The company has developed 128Mb pseudostatic RAM to boost its memory chip sales going into cellphones and flash memory cards.
2003-10-03 Micrel LDO regulator suits portable systems
A micropower, LDO regulator for apps in portable systems such as PDAs, pocket PCs, cellphones and portable computers was announced by Micrel Semiconductor.
2003-10-27 Micrel IC reduces input ripple, noise
Designed for driving white LEDs in cellphones, PDAs, digital still cameras and camcorder apps, Micrel's dc-dc converters implement 1.2MHz PWM control.
2003-07-31 Mengtor portable LCD module suits Nokia 7650
Mengtor International Co. Ltd has released the T-LCD-NO-339 series of graphics LCD modules for Nokia 7650 cellphones.
2003-07-22 Mengtor LCD module features protective frame
Mengtor International Co. Ltd has released the T-LCD-NO-323 series of graphics LCD modules for Nokia 5210 cellphones.
2003-07-04 Mengtor graphics LCD module targets Samsung N500
Mengtor International Co. Ltd has released the T-LCD-SA-222 series of graphics LCD modules for Samsung's N500 cellphones.
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