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2004-08-05 Tripath to power Changhong LCD, plasma TVs
Tripath Technology Inc. has announced that it's Class-T TA2024 digital audio amplifier, producing 10W of stereo sound, will power Changhong Electric Co. Ltd's new line of LCD and plasma TV receivers.
2006-10-18 Teco, Changhong, Potevio sign MOU for OLED plant
Teco Group and mainland China-based Changhong Electric Co. Ltd and Potevio Corp. recently signed a memorandum of understanding to build a new OLED plant on the mainland.
2006-09-22 IRICO, Changhong Electric begin construction of PDP facility in Sichuan
IRICO and Changhong Electric have begun the construction of a PDP facility in the Mianyang Economic and Technological Development Zone in Sichuan, mainland China.
2010-10-01 Fairchild, Changhong expand product development partnership
Fairchild Semiconductor signs product development agreement with long-time partner Sichuan Changong
2004-07-13 Fairchild, Changhong establish technology lab in China
Fairchild Semiconductor has announced the opening of a joint product development laboratory with Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd, a manufacturer of consumer devices in China.
2004-07-16 Changhong Electric to set up joint lab with Fairchild
Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd and U.S.-based Fairchild Semiconductor Int. will set up a joint technology development lab that will enable both companies to collaborate on product development.
2007-01-01 China gears up for more innovative design
Although there is still a lot of work to be done in mainland China's R&D sector, there has been remarkable progress especially in the communication and consumer electronics front.
2010-04-21 OLEDs want a slice of TV market
In the long term, TV is poised to be a key application for OLED. While it is not likely to be as large a market as mobile phones, the value of OLED panels for TV could reach $1.7 billion by 2016.
2015-04-06 MediaTek aims at cross-device sharing
In a demonstration in its headquarters, MediaTek shows off CrossMount, a wireless technology to unify Internet of Things devices, and says it will be offering it to third-party software developers.
2004-05-31 Mainland makers to expand overseas
Mainland China makers of CRT and plasma TV receivers are expanding production overseas to fight off the threat of economic loss from the recent U.S. ruling on anti-dumping.
2011-09-05 Global TV firms support full HD 3D glasses initiative
Philips, Sharp, TCL and Toshiba are backing up activities toward a new technology standard for 3D active shutter glasses.
2006-08-01 China writes its own DTV standard
After years of rivalry and numerous delays, China is poised to roll out a long-awaited standard for terrestrial DTV. The standard signals the beginning of the end for small Chinese trials of Europe's DVB-T standard, and it adds another rival to the mix for mobile-TV services in China.
2006-06-28 China comes up with own DTV standard
China's terrestrial DTV standard is finally coming out, and it will cover fixed and mobile terminals, eventually serving half of the country's TV viewers.
2008-08-18 Chengdu: back to business after quake
While the May 12 Wenchuan 8 earthquake in Sichuan province caused innumerable injuries and deaths as well as enormous loss of property, Chengduthe capital city of Sichuan province and the center of the electronics industry in western Chinaremained unscathed.
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