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2003-06-28 Using the DS2770 as a 3-Cell NiMH Charger
This application note discusses several key considerations when using the DS2770 to charge a NiMH battery pack
2012-02-22 USB charger detectors boast universal usability
Maxim's MAX14578E and MAX14578AE operate from -40?C to 85?C and have an on-chip LDO that provides 5.3V output to power a USB transceiver.
2009-04-24 TSM102: A dual Li-ion battery charger using an ST silicon triplet
This application note explains how to use the VIPER20, the ST62 ?Controller and the TSM102A in an
2014-03-04 SoC-DC wall charger technology cuts recharge times by half
The Pump Express from MediaTek gradually pumps up the charging current, minimising charging time while keeping the battery within its thermal limits
2009-03-05 Simplified Lithium-ion (Li+) battery-charger testing
This application note presents a simple circuit for simulating the behavior of a Li+ battery, thus providing a more convenient method for testing Li+ battery chargers than using real batteries
2003-04-21 Maxim battery charger IC provides 4A current
The MAX1908 multi-chemistry battery charger IC from Maxim Integrated Products is capable of extending battery capacity and minimize charging time.
2010-04-19 Managing high-current transient loads in battery-powered handhelds
Combining supercapacitors with suitable charger and driver technologies provides a route to delivering the short duration high currents demanded in modern mobile products without compromising battery and system performance.
2005-03-01 Linear Tech Li-ion battery charger prolongs battery life
Linear Tech unveiled a new compact standalone linear 1-cell 4.375V Li-ion battery charger that promises to improve charging safety and simplify charge termination.
2003-03-13 Linear Tech battery charger IC provides 800mA current
The LTC4054 single-cell linear Li-ion battery charger IC from Linear Technology delivers up to 800mA of charge current without an external transistor.
2003-08-13 Linear Li-ion battery charger operates from any adapter
Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4002, a standalone switch-mode Li-ion battery charger with an operating supply up to 24V.
2009-02-27 Integrated battery charger supplies 2A charge current
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has introduced what it claims is the industry's first fully integrated single-cell Li-ion battery charger capable of supplying up to 2A charge current in a 3mm x 3mm TDFN package.
2007-04-23 Improving accuracy of the MAX1737 Li-ion battery charger
Improving accuracy of the MAX1737 Lithium-ion battery charger
2011-09-14 Fundamentals of MC13892 charger operation
Know the basics of the charger operation of MC13892 (PMIC for i.MX series). This document provides a checklist for charger troubleshooting that can be used during the design stage
2008-08-07 Charger enables faster connection in portable devices
Microchip has released the MCP73871 charge-management controllera Li-ion/Li-polymer charger with an intelligent charge management feature that enables simultaneous AC/DC adapter or USB port charging and powering of devices
2003-06-28 Charge Efficiency and Cell Aging Effects of the DS2770 Li+ Pulse Charger vs. Linear Chargers
This application note presents a comparison between a linear charger and the DS2770 Battery Monitor and Pulse Charger, focusing on the effect of each with respect to charge time, charge capacity, and cell aging.
2014-11-14 Battery-charging concerns for high-power portables
This application note explores single-cell battery-charger solutions and includes a detailed discussion about the performance and constraints of chargers for compact highpower applications.
2006-11-15 Battery chargers sense USB, wall adapter inputs
Linear Tech's new battery standalone battery chargers feature programmable charge current up to 1.2A from a wall adapter supply or up to 1A from a USB supply while automatically sensing the presence of voltage at each input
2005-03-28 Battery charger with SmartStart
This new compact standalone linear single 1-cell Li-ion battery charger offers advanced features for charging safely, increased charge termination flexibility, improved status reporting, and prolonged battery life.
2009-04-27 A battery charger using TSM101
This application note shows how to use the TSM101 IC with a switching mode power supply (SMPS) to realize a battery charger. A 12V Nickel-Cadmium battery charger is given as an example.
2000-06-19 25W off-line autoranging battery charger with L4990
This application note describes an off-line autoranging (85Vac to 264Vac) battery charger with the L4990 designed to operate in three different functional modes: constant voltage, constant current and constant power.
2014-05-27 Wireless tech lends power to battery-run electronics
element14 Community's Wireless Power Challenge has yielded projects exploring wireless technology to serve as wireless power base to charge battery-operated devices and other electronic appliances
2008-05-28 Voltage charger provides superior overvoltage protection
Intersil Corp. has released the ISL9301, a high-input voltage battery charger can safely handle input voltages up to 28V.
2008-02-04 Using the MCP1631 family to develop low-cost battery chargers
In this application note, a mixed signal multi-chemistry battery charger design technique will be discussed that can accommodate the changing portable power management world.
2009-07-22 USB/AC battery chargers ensure fast, safe charging
Summit Microelectronics has launched two more members of its third-generation programmable battery charger IC family.
2007-08-02 USB/AC battery charger ICs leave compact footprint
AnalogicTech's new line of USB/AC battery charger ICs integrate various features into a highly compact footprint and require just a single external component.
2008-05-26 USB-powered battery charger for NiCd/NiMH batteries
The charger described in this application note by Svyatoslav Paliy, application engineer with Cypress Semiconductor, can easily be incorporated into computer peripherals
2008-07-07 USB power manager stretches battery life
Linear has launched the latest in a family of compact next-generation, multifunction power management products for Li-ion/polymer battery applications
2003-02-14 USB power manager IC reduces battery charge time
Linear Tech's LTC4410 USB power manager IC enables simultaneous battery charging and system operation of a Li-ion-powered USB peripheral from a USB host
2007-04-23 USB port-powered Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charging
Microchip's MCP73853/55 and MCP73861 advanced, fully-integrated, single-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer charge-management devices allow these peripherals to utilize the full power of the USB port.
2007-06-13 USB battery charger withstands up to 60V input
Linear Tech's LTC4090 autonomous linear PowerPath manager offers a switching front-end topology to accommodate various inputs, including high-voltage power sources up to 38V.
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