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2001-06-18 Using the Chariot TCL API to create a Chariot test
This application note is intended to demonstrate how easy it is to create a Chariot test using the Chariot TCL API (Tool Command Language Application Programming Interface) and to begin the process of fully automating the testing tasks.
2001-06-18 Three rules to follow for successful Chariot testing
This application note discusses three fundamental rules that will ensure that the user is well on his way to creating valid, meaningful Chariot tests
2001-06-18 Running Chariot tests longer than 99 hours
This application note explains how Chariot's Run Option ("Run for Fixed Duration") allows the user to easily create tests that last for up to 99 hours or longer
2001-06-18 Using Chariot for switch and router performance testing
This application note describes scenarios for testing various features of routers and switches with real world traffic by using NetIQ's Chariot application software
2001-06-18 The synergy of Chariot and protocol analyzers
This application note illustrates how Chariot and protocol analyzers can synergistically reduce the time it takes to isolate network performance problems
2001-06-18 Evaluating Chariot
This application note will walk the user through the process of getting started with the Chariot software. It covers installation, registration and setting up some simple tests, in this case, to test Exchange performance.
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