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2012-05-04 Wireless gateway targets CompactRIO chassis
The NI 9795 C Series Gateway aggregates measurement data from distributed WSN nodes, making data available within deployed LabVIEW Real-Time applications running on CompactRIO.
2006-10-23 VME industrial chassis suits hostile environments
Thales has introduced a full set of COTS 19-inch rack mount VME industrial chassis that enables the deployment of industrial-grade hardware in hostile environments.
2006-02-28 VITA 46 chassis prototype is available
Elma Electronic offers a prototype chassis based on the upcoming VITA 46 and VITA 48 standards.
2004-11-30 TV chassis hardware design rules for ST92X195 microcontrollers
This app note presents different rules required to obtain the optimum performance from any of the ST92x195 microcontroller devices when designing a TV chassis.
2004-04-19 Service routers get chassis, QoS spin
Alcatel aims to reduce the size and expand the functionality of carrier networks with additions to its service edge routing product family.
2004-04-16 Serial ATA nets need solid chassis design
As serial ATA-based storage networks arrive on the scene, engineers must address system-level reliability.
2005-06-21 SBS Technologies rolls out its first AdvancedMC chassis
Developed for building computer systems based on AdvancedMC modules, SBS Technologies' first AdvancedMC standalone 2U 19-inch rackmount chassis is compliant with AMC.0 and AMC.1, Revision 1.
2002-12-10 SBS chassis suits avionics apps
SBS Technologies Inc.'s RCOM05-ATR-6V is a 1/2 ATR short aluminum chassis that meets the strict requirements of avionics apps.
2008-06-05 Ruggedized MicroTCA chassis targets military aviation
Elma Electronic Inc. has released a ruggedized ATR chassis for MicroTCA that passes military testing for shock/vibration and EMI requirements.
2013-01-11 Recessed chassis for EMCs provide added protection
Pixus Technologies' new enclosure allows the subrack and boards to be completely protected inside the enclosure frame, preventing damage to the modules and reducing its susceptibility to EMI/RFI.
2006-04-21 PXI chassis, controllers increase bandwidth to 1GBps per slot
National Instruments announced what it claims to be the first PXI chassis and controllers based on PCI Express signaling.
2002-09-04 PXI chassis, controller line offers I/O options
A family of preconfigured PXI system chassis and controller cards from MEN Micro Inc. supports M-Module and PC-MIP mezzanine cards, providing a wide range of I/O options.
2005-04-06 PXI chassis offers flexible format
Elma Electronic's new PXI chassis for instrumentation systems offers a portable and flexible format for easy prototyping and development.
2009-03-25 PXI chassis offer high cooling capacity
Pickering Interfaces has introduced the 40-922 and 40-923, 8- and 19-slot PXI chassis with high cooling capacity and advanced user features.
2007-05-25 Portable PXI chassis has 14 slots
Adlink Technology Inc. releases the PXIS-2690P, claimed to be the world's first 14-slot, 3U portable PXI chassis fully compliant with the PXI specification, rev. 2.2.
2006-03-02 Pentium-M chassis to underscore software productivity
IBM and Thales Computers are jointly readying a product called the PowerMP6.
2006-12-04 NI rolls out low-cost PXI chassis with remote controller
Lowering the entry cost for a high-performance SPXI system, National Instruments is rolling out its PXI-1033 chassis with integrated MXI-Express remote controller.
2003-11-03 NI PXI chassis suits high channel-count test apps
Engineers can use National Instruments' software-configurable 18-slot PXI chassis to programmatically configure timing and synchronization signals between modular instruments.
2006-08-15 New NI chassis lowers entry cost for PXI systems
NI announced that engineers can now create a new PXI system at a significant cost savings using the company's new PXI-1033 chassis with an integrated MXI-Express remote controller.
2008-09-23 MicroTCA chassis guards panels from shock, vibration
Elma Electronic has introduced ruggedized MicroTCA enclosures in a 19-inch rack-mount format.
2004-03-08 Matsushita LSI has one chassis design for all markets
The system LSI from Matsushita Electric will enable television manufacturers to improve both cost and performance competitiveness of their products.
2008-11-11 LXI chassis deliver high cooling capacity
Pickering Interfaces has expanded its range of LXI solutions with two new modular LXI chassis.
2005-05-17 LSI Logic SATA 300-8X adapter in AIC chassis solutions
Advanced Industrial Computer announced that its chassis solutions now feature the LSI Logic MegaRAID SATA 300-8X adapter.
2013-05-21 Geotest-Marvin broadens PXI chassis offering
Geotest-Marvin recently rolled out the GX7200, a 21-slot PXI Express chassis and GX7800, an 8-slot, low cost PXI chassis.
2006-12-07 Elma expands chassis line with 2U CompactPCI enclosures
Elma Electronic expands its Type 39c HA chassis line with the Type 39 2U EasyPlug CompactPCI enclosures.
2003-11-11 ELMA chassis suits CompactPCI system
Elma Electronic Inc. has announced an 8-slot CompactPCI portable tower, with PICMG 2.16 backplane options.
2006-11-28 Development chassis eases MicroTCA design
Molex has developed a MicroTCA backplane and development chassis to allow developers to build and debug MicroTCA designs before going to production.
2005-05-03 COTS chassis available in 7U height
Elma Electronic expanded its 12R1 commercial off-the-shelf chassis series with a new low-weight, rugged 7U version.
2006-07-31 Chassis targets apps requiring multiple PXI/cPCI modules
Adlink has released a compact 3U chassis with 14 PXI/Compact PCI slots pitched for PXI-based applications requiring multiple PXI/cPCI modules in an instrument chassis.
2006-05-04 Chassis switch scales to 528 1/2/4Gbps ports
EMC announced the new EMC Connectrix MDS 9513 Director, which can scale up to 528 ports to enable consolidation and tiering of storage area networks
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