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2003-10-21 TDK multilayer chip bead comes in 0402 size
TDK Corp. has developed what it claims is the industry's smallest multi-layered chip bead, the MMZ0402.
2004-03-29 TDK chip beads provide enhanced noise reduction effects
TDK has developed a series of 0603 type multilayer chip beads that achieves higher impedance and enhanced noise reduction effects than its MMZ0603 series
2003-01-03 Nanjing No.11 bead inductors eye household appliances
Designed for household appliances, the BGCF series of chip bead inductors provides high impedance and EMI suppression over a wide frequency range. It is available in 1608, 2012, and 3216 case sizes.
2003-08-05 Lipers chip beads have 1-kiloohm rated impedance
Lipers Enterprise has released the LBA series of array-type chip beads with an impedance rating running to 1 kiloohms
2005-01-13 Lipers chip bead inductors rated at 6A
Lipers announced the general availability of its new series of chip bead inductors that are rated at 0.2A to 6A.
2003-08-15 Lipers chip bead inductors capable to 6A
The LB series of standard type chip bead inductors from Lipers Enterprise have a current rating of 200mA to 6A.
2003-11-04 Aoba Technology bead inductors rated to 6A
Aoba Technology Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its FBM P series of ferrite chip bead inductors that features rated current of 1A to 6A, dc resistance of 0.01- to 0.18 ohms, and impedance of 11 ohms to 1.2 kiloohms.
2005-01-13 AOBA chip bead inductors operate to -45C
AOBA Technology announced the release of its new FBM S series of chip bead inductors that are available in footprints of 1005 (0402), 1608 (0603) or 2012 (0805).
2003-10-23 Aoba bead inductors minimize crosstalk
The FBM N series (0603, 0805, 1206 ) of ferrite chip bead inductors from Aoba Technology features a closed circuit formed by internal silver printed layers.
2005-01-05 North Star bead arrays rated at 50mA
The new series of chip ferrite bead arrays from North Star are suitable for noise elimination in the four I/O lines of notebook PCs, and digital TVs and VTRs.
2005-08-15 Murata ferrite bead minimizes attenuation in high speed signals
Murata Electronics introduced an enhanced 0201 surface mount ferrite bead that is designed to meet Federal Communications Commission EMI regulations and minimize attenuation in high speed signals
2005-09-23 Ferrite bead chip inductors tackle high-current, high-speed signals
Stackpole Electronics has introduced a broad line of multi-layer ferrite bead chip inductors for high-current and high-speed signal applications
2005-04-22 Chip ferrite beads eye digital apps
Murata disclosed that they have started to mass produce its BLM18S series of chip ferrite beads that feature excellent power line noise suppression characteristics
2004-07-29 Cypress NSE IC gets a bead on IPv6 problems
Cypress' latest family of NSE chips address the larger lookup and classification requirements of emerging IPv6-enabled networking designs.
2009-02-11 RF chips find big market in medical apps
Radio frequency CMOS is being applied to a growing but fragmented set of medical applications ranging from imaging and DNA testing to networking in and around the body.
2003-05-12 Murata ferrite beads suppress noise in GHz range
The BLM18GG series of chip ferrite beads from Murata Mfg Co. Ltd features a stray capacitance less than a tenth of similar products
2008-08-29 Ferrite beads tout small size, wide attenuation range
Murata Electronics North America has introduced the BLM02 series of ferrite beads, touted as the industry's smallest, measuring 0.4mm x 0.2mm x 0.2mm.
2004-01-15 Transmeta, Via take embedded tack
Markets outside of the late-adopting U.S. for personal appliances, media appliances and non-PC computing devices are growing this year.
2011-01-24 Sn whisker mitigation process ups reliability
AEM Inc. introduces a hirel-qualified tin/lead conversion process for mitigating the formation of tin whiskers in surface-mount passive components.
2007-09-27 Moto Fone packs a punch of simple, elegant features
Quietly launched in rural India initially, the F3 Fone is aimed mostly at first-time cell users in markets offering low-cost prepaid or monthly service.
2009-04-01 Design 101: Class D amplifiers
Class D audio amplification is fast becoming the solution of choice in consumer audio because of its ability to extend long battery life and compact dimensions.
2007-03-05 Components take floor at 12th IIC-China
With more than 200 exhibitors spreading an array of leading-edge technologies in over 900 booths, the 12th International IC China Conference and Exhibition (IIC-China) is clearly China's largest IC event.
2012-01-10 Capacitive sensing for specific apps (Part 3)
Here's a look at layout issues and noise sources.
2013-03-05 Adding class D audio to embedded systems
Learn about the various implementations of class D amplifiers.
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