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2015-11-23 What makes hardware emulation so compelling
Here is a quick assessment of the evolution of hardware emulators over the past two decades, comparing where things stood in the 90s to where they are today.
2002-07-01 Universal controller ties fate to emulation
SoC design service providers are tapping the flexibility of emulation techniques to enhance chip verification and test.
2008-05-05 TI code composer tool offers embedded emulation
TI has released the Code Composer Essentials v3 for MSP430 that provides major upgrades designed to enhance performance, emulation and ease-of-use, all at a very low cost
2007-07-23 Telecom timing chip enables 1G, 10G SyncE
Maxim's DS3104 chip is said to be the industry's first to provide full carrier-class clock synchronization for new Synchronous Ethernet line cards and mixed SONET/SDH/SyncE line cards
2006-05-26 Solution is designed for TDM circuit emulation
TranSwitch Corp. announced the PacketTrunk-4 Plus, a single-chip solution for implementing standards-compliant circuit emulation service (CES) interfaces and systems.
2007-07-16 ROM emulation tool for voice-guidance ICs debuts
Epson has developed a ROM emulation tool compatible with its S1V30300 series of voice-guidance ICs for embedded applications
2006-12-01 Renesas offers emulator for its MCU on-chip flash
Renesas is readying its E8a emulator, an ultrasmall tool for debugging embedded systems and programming Renesas MCUs' on-chip flash memory
2004-11-30 Recommendations for real-time debugging using Bondout chip in Super10 applications
This app note discusses how to design a system-on-chip (SOC) based on the Super10 microcontroller to ease its real-time emulation using the corresponding Bondout chip.
2009-04-23 On-chip MCUs fit portable medical apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has developed the MSP430FG47x ultralow power microcontroller series designed for low-cost medical devices.
2012-11-08 NFC booster chip to fit into SIM form factor
The PicoPulse NFC RF front-end booster chip will enable manufactures to fit all components of an NFC card emulation and peer-to-peer mode solution into a standard SIM form factor.
2015-12-30 Minimising risk through hardware emulation
Hardware emulation can speed time-to-market by delivering thoroughly verified RTL and gate-level designs to the backend design flow, along with validated embedded software ahead of silicon availability
2005-04-14 MCU family touts signal-chain-on-chip functionality
In the latest MCU product launch from Texas Instruments, the company focuses on the "signal-chain-on-chip functionality" of its new MSP430F42x0 family of 16bit MCUs
2010-01-21 MCU dev't kit packs on-chip LCD driver
NEC Electronics Europe is offering the 78K0R development kit designed for the evaluation of the company's 16bit 78K0R/Lx3 microcontroller.
2002-06-18 Keynoter says chip value is in its intellectual property
Silicon complexity and rapidly changing architectures are making embedded software development much more difficult, said Jerry Fiddler, founder and chairman of Wind River Systems Inc.
2010-02-12 IEEE releases 1149.7 on-chip test standard
IEEE 1149.7 test and debug standard offers a flexible, dynamic solution for designers and engineers contending with shifting design paradigms.
2015-09-21 Hybrid emulation: A practical solution
In this article, we show how the hybrid combination of virtual platform and FPGA hardware offers a best-of-both-worlds approach.
2004-09-29 HP drops workstations based on Intel's Itanium chip
Citing poor demand in the market, Hewlett-Packard Co. has ceased selling workstations based on Intel Corp.'s 64bit Itanium 2 microprocessors, according to industry reports on Friday (Sept. 24).
2015-02-09 Hardware emulation: The most versatile of them all
Nowadays, one of the most popular verification tools is hardware emulation and it might remain so in the next few years. Here is a look at the reasons behind its eminent success
2015-11-03 Hardware emulation for complex networking chips
To overcome network congestion and outages, project teams designing complex switches and routers have turned to hardware emulation as the foundation for their verification strategy
2014-03-26 Hardware emulation faces weak growth outlook
The hardware emulation market, despite being critical to verification strategies, is believed by most to stop growing at $300 million
2014-04-16 Generic timer module I2C bus emulation
Know how to emulate I2C bus Serial Data and Serial Clock output signals.
2007-07-16 FPGA-based coprocessors ease ASIC emulation
Today, designers are using FPGA-based coprocessors to eliminate issues associated with conventional ASIC emulation and hence, deliver more accurate designs quickly and with less effort
2008-06-11 ESL methods for optimizing a multimedia phone chip
The trend towards high-quality multimedia content and higher communication bandwidth drastically increases the complexity of the underlying SoC architecture.
2007-01-15 Emulation tool rolls for Microchip MCUs, DSCs
Microchip Technology has announced the MPLAB REAL ICE emulation system for the development of applications employing the company's PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs
2014-04-09 Emulation tech charts path to mainstream adoption
Now faster, easier, and cost-effective, the hardware emulation market's prospects look positivewith annual revenues estimated to climb $1 billion by 2017
2006-11-03 Emulation system supports Microchip's PIC MCUs, DSCs
Microchip Technology Inc. has begun offering its MPLAB Real ICE emulation system for the development of applications employing its PICmicrocontrollers and dsPIC DSCs
2001-04-15 Emulation or prototyping for silicon success
With the high-stakes financial and time-to-market risks involved in designing ICs, which verification method is necessary for first-pass silicon success?
2004-06-04 Emulation adapter supports Atmel DataFlash devices
Emulation Technology' new adapter supports Atmel DataFlash devices packaged in the new CBGA packages for both programming and prototyping apps
2012-07-12 Employ emulation to debug software and hardware at the same time
Here's a guide to using an emulator to ensure the system is truly ready to be committed to silicon.
2009-03-03 EEPROM emulation in STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx microcontrollers
This application note explains the differences between external EEPROM and embedded flash memory, and it describes a software method for emulating EEPROM using the on-chip flash memory of the STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx devices
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