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2013-08-26 Mentor Graphics licenses Thine's V-by-OneHS technology
V-by-OneHS has been developed to make internal interface smarter and less expensive for various markets such as flat panel displays, document processing systems and automotive infotainments.
2009-09-17 Mentor CEO: IC industry is recovering
Mentor Graphics Mentor CEO Walden Rhines said optimism in the IC industry is spreading to the EDA sector, though most design companies are still limiting new spending.
2009-08-14 MCUs tout best HID multimedia features
Cypress grows its line of USB and MCUs with full-speed USB and low-voltage wireless controllers.
2009-01-14 MCU solution boasts energy, cost savings
Texas Instruments Inc. has released the MSP430FE42x2 microcontroller that reduces electronic bill of materials (EBOM) to the $1 range in high volumes for single-phase electricity metering (e-metering) applications.
2009-02-24 LTE: Up for a test
Long Term Evolution is the next big thing in mobile wireless broadband, but design engineers working on LTE, as well as the more mature WiMAX, have their work cut out for them in testing devices and infrastructure.
2010-01-25 Low-power 16bit DSPs ease system level dev't
TI's latest TMS320C55x DSPs provide a 20 percent performance increase, up to 120MHz, with higher integration to ease system level development.
2003-10-16 Let's step outside the EDA box
Burgun suggests that the electronics industry think outside the box to find creative, alternative ways to grow sustainable businesses in this time of slow recovery.
2013-10-25 Lattice offers ultra-low density FPGAs for mobile devices
The iCE40LM FPGAs claim to allow customers to integrate more functions into a smaller footprint, and reduce board space and system complexity for context-aware, ultra-low power mobile devices.
2006-07-01 Large NFC trial under way in Seoul
Philips Semiconductors and SK Telecom, Korea's leading telecom service provider, have agreed to cooperate on a large-scale, six-month field trial for near-field communication in Seoul, Korea.
2013-10-08 Kozio unveils versatile hardware verification solution
Kozio has developed a special verification and test OS called VTOS that has a small memory footprint and boasts fast load times.
2003-04-22 iStor unveils ASIC for iSCSI storage arrays
The company has released an ASIC-based adapter card that could handle 10Gb iSCSI traffic for storage arrays.
2014-12-16 Is there a need for new trace sources?
Signal trace not only represents an interesting enhancement of debug functionality for many automotive applications, but also for industrial ones. However, the increased effort comes at a price.
2009-03-13 Improved memory, cache boost DSP performance
Texas Instruments has released the TMS320C6457 DSP at speeds of 1.2GHz and 1GHz, delivering up to 30 percent more performance at one-third less the cost of current single core DSPs.
2014-11-24 Improve software through memory-oriented code optimisation
In this instalment, we will explore different software code and compiler optimisation techniques that can be used to boost memory performance in embedded systems.
2007-11-16 Improve systems' real-time performance
To drive a new era of system performance that bridges both legacy requirements and emerging technologies, designers of industrial applications need a high degree of real-time performance and implementation flexibility from their embedded-processor choices.
2011-09-21 How virtual platform boosts product devt
Virtual hardware platforms can be leveraged to achieve considerable project and product planning improvements in terms of development time, time-to-market, and development process risk.
2002-08-29 Hitachi RISC MPU consumes 200mW
Hitachi Ltd has announced the availability of the SH7705 32-bit SuperH RISC microprocessor that consumes 200mW at 133MHz - half that of the company's previous product.
2002-06-18 Hitachi microcontroller features 32KB of Flash
The H8/38024F microcontroller from Hitachi Ltd offers 32KB of programmable Flash memory that enables onboard modification of control programs and system-adjustment data.
2006-08-23 GiQuila adopts Mentor's hardware verification system
GiQuila has adopted Mentor Graphics' VStation hardware verification system to verify its family of graphics and multimedia ICs for handheld devices.
2005-09-01 Functional test targets Intel silicon
ASSET InterTech and International Test Technologies are jointly developing support for Intel Interconnect Built-In Self Test (IBIST) embedded test technology.
2006-09-29 Freescale adds more choices to DSC products
Freescale Semiconductor has beefed-up its 16-bit 56F8000 DSC line with the launching of four new members.
2006-02-02 Freescale adds 5V capable family of 8-bit HCS08 MCUs
Freescale Semiconductor has launched what it touts as the first HCS08 core-based microcontrollers that support 5V industrial and automotive applications.
2008-03-18 FPGA boosts parallel computing research
The work is nearly done on an FPGA-based computer to help researchers find a parallel programming model for the next-generation multicore processors.
2004-12-16 FPGA array touts reconfigurability, high density
M2000 has released details of its embedded FPGA architecture, but certain trade-offs need to be addressed.
2011-05-23 Four transactors expand verification family
EVE introduces four vertical solutions, further expanding its ZeBu hardware-assisted verification family into computer/peripherals, embedded processors, networking and video markets.
2004-09-22 Flash MCU line touts power consumption reduction
Atmel's newest MegaAVR flash MCUs have been designed to decrease power consumption and enable battery-powered apps.
2006-01-24 Flash MCU at less than $3
Atmel has launched what it claims to be the world's first family of ARM7-based Flash microcontrollers with prices starting at less than $3, targeted at 8bit applications.
2012-10-17 Exploring split-gate thin-film storage
Based on nanocrystals, SG-TFS is touted to provide fast, efficient read/write operation in a reliable, economical and scalable technology.
2009-02-12 Expanded Confirma prototyping platform introduced
Synopsys Inc. introduced its expanded Confirma rapid prototyping platform. It allows users to begin hardware-assisted system validation and embedded software development sooner than using other Synopsys products.
2005-01-17 Embedded test speeds system verification
Reusing embedded test speeds up system verification and provides an additional return on the silicon investment.
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