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2004-07-14 Xinqiao chip LEDs feature 120 viewing angle
Jiangmen Xinqiao Optoelectronic Equipment recently released its XQ-SF04SC chip LEDs that feature red (640nm), green (570nm) and blue (470nm) colors
2011-08-29 Weak LED backlight demand slumps revenue
With revenue falling by 20.5 percent, Taiwan LED makers are looking into lighting applications for a much-needed boost
2002-08-05 Traco chip LEDs have 40mcd luminosity
Traco (Shanghai) Electronic Co. Ltd's 190 series of blue chip LED has a peak emission wavelength of 470nm and features a 40mcd luminosity.
2008-07-09 Touch controller adds LED, GPIO functions
Atmel Corp. has announced the AT42QT2160, a touch controller IC combining touch key and touch slider functions in a single device.
2006-04-26 Taiwan LED companies post strong growth last month
Taiwan LED makers posted robust sales last month, with South Epitaxy leading the line with an almost 300 percent year-on-year growth
2005-03-25 ST expands LED driver IC portfolio
ST introduced a set of single-chip LED driver ICs that integrates the functions needed to drive LEDs at a constant current, set by an external resistor.
2003-02-04 Sharp chip LED exhibits 30lx at 50cm distance
The GM5WA06270A RGB chip LED from Sharp Corp. measures 6-by-5-by-2.4mm and achieves an intensity of 30lx at a distance of 50cm.
2003-05-14 Refond chip LEDs provide 140 viewing angle
The S175 series of 08085 chip LEDs from Shenzhen Refond Electronics Co. Ltd emits a red and green color with a luminosity of 52mcd
2013-08-16 Multi-chip LED boasts luminous flux of 500lm at 200mA
The Duris S 8 achieves very good colour consistency by using closely grouped LEDs and can be used in directional and omnidirectional retrofits, as well as in LED spots in indoor lighting
2013-02-08 Luminus big chip LED comes in CBT-90 form factor
The CBT-90-UV LEDs come in a high-performance form factor at 405 nm and are designed to help accelerate the conversion to solid state UV light sources in industrial markets.
2003-05-15 Lucky Light red chip LED exhibits 110mcd luminosity
The LL-R3528WC SiGaN chip LED from Lucky Light Electronics Co. Ltd has a peak wavelength of 480nm.
2007-12-14 Industry's thinnest, brightest chip LED rolls
Seoul Semiconductor claims to offer the industry's thinnest chip LED, which is also capable of producing more than two times the brightness of existing chip LEDs.
2002-03-26 Harvatek chip LEDs offer 130 viewing angle
Housed in a 1-by-0.5-by-0.4mm package, the HSMx-C280 series of miniature chip LEDs feature a viewing angle of 130, and are suitable for use in LCDs, push buttons, front panel indictors, symbols, and keypads
2011-09-20 Favorable LED pricing seen for 2012
Production cutbacks and suspension of MOCVD installations by LED makers in mainland China are expected to boost the industry next year
2012-10-17 Fault management IC promises smarter, safer LED lighting
STMicroelectronics' LBP01 bypasses failed LEDs so that the lamp can continue producing near-maximum illumination, offering improved performance and safety.
2003-03-06 ELCOS chip LEDs provide 110 viewing angle
The EOC-20 series of chip LEDs from ELCOS AG provides a luminosity between 125mcd and 1.5cd with a viewing angle of up to 110&deg
2014-08-07 Develop failsafe multi-chip LED module driver
The purpose of designing this driver is to come up with an efficient and fault tolerant workhorse. It uses a technique that allows the LED strings to work within a specified regulated current range
2005-06-24 Cree LED chips mix high brightness, low power consumption
Cree announced the availability of its two new LED chipsthe MegaBright 290 Gen 2 and the RazerThin 230
2002-02-13 Cree LED boasts 10 times more brightness
The XBright 900 Power Chip LED offers 10 times more brightness compared to previous products and is targeted for applications such as white LEDs, automotive lighting, crosswalk signaling, backlighting and general lighting.
2006-05-23 Arima, Nanya Photonics ink LED alliance
Arima Optoelectronics and Nanya Photonics have formed a strategic alliance, entailing a share in production of blue chip LEDs and chip AlGaInP LEDs
2012-12-24 XLamp MK-R breaks 200 lumen LED barrier
Cree's latest product line leverages the the SC3 Technology next-generation LED platform to deliver up to 200 lumens-per-watt (at 1 W, 25C) LEDs
2002-12-03 Worldwide chip sales see continued growth
The Semiconductor Industry Association's Global Sales Report reveals that global semiconductor sales reached $12.5 billion in October 2002, a 1.8 percent sequential increase from September 2002 and a 20 percent increase from October 2001.
2010-09-22 World's first two-terminal silicon-only memory chip created
Scientists strip out carbon to create world's first two-terminal silicon-only memory chip
2002-06-04 World needs fewer chip suppliers, analyst says
As if a lousy business climate weren't bad enough, there's more to worry about for semiconductor manufacturers.
2005-06-30 White-LED driver touts innovative brightness control
Micrel points to its MIC2297, a PWM boost regulator that's optimized for driving 10 white LEDs in series, for its innovative brightness control circuitry, which in addition to conserving power also helps to cut noise and EMI.
2006-04-17 White-LED chips lit for efficiency race
Nichia has developed a white-LED chip with 100lumen/watt efficiency, with volume production expected this year.
2014-09-01 White-chip scale packages offer up to 80% cost reduction
Rated for input power up to 3W, the the ReadyMount Enhanced CSP from SemiLEDs is a fully packaged white emitter SMD component, ready for surface mounting on any board level module or COB application.
2006-08-16 White LED drivers enable independent brightness control
National's new highly integrated, charge-pump-based, constant-current white LED drivers are suited for single- or multidisplay backlighting in portable consumer products and handsets
2006-03-08 White LED driver integrates Schottky diode
Linear Technology announced the LT3491, a constant current white LED driver, which features an integrated Schottky diode on-chip.
2007-06-19 White LED driver integrates Class AB audio amplifier
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX8678, the industry's only white LED (WLED) driver to combine a highly efficient negative charge pump with a fully differential, bridged audio amplifier
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